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Chapter 2 – Kiss

Feng Xing Ying leaned at a corner to rest for a moment before walking out of the temple.

The cold moonlight brought with it a stream of tranquility. As she walked forward, Feng Xing Ying came across a creek flowing with clear water. Her atrocious and bloodied appearance was reflected in the rippling water.

Feng Xing Ying raised her head warily, her muscles tensing. She squint her eyes as she looked at the other side of the stream.

She was shocked by what she saw.

The stream had a man standing in it, his lower body immersed in water. His upper body revealed firm pectoral muscles. Though his skin shone like a crystal it was not too pale. Drops of water dripped from the bridge of his nose and slipped down his lips. The entire scene radiated sinful temptation.

Only, at this moment his eyes were scarlet red like a bloodthirsty beast, staring at Feng Xing Ying.

Her instincts screamed danger, Feng Xing Ying began to retreat.

However, it was too late.

The man reached his hand out and Feng Xing Ying was dragged to him by an invisible air flow. His manner was as if even G.o.ds won't be able to resist him should he command.

Feng Xing Ying wanted to struggle, but somehow she was not able to even make a small squeak.

She got closer and closer to him.

His burning gaze was focused on her body, and the flames that he had held back burst forth at this moment.


Before Feng Xing Ying could complete the sentence that she had spent all her will to get out, she felt her lips being attacked by something soft. The man captured her lips and played them aggressively, igniting her body with the same pa.s.sion that he felt.

The enlarged face before her was very handsome. From his brow, to his nose, till his lidded eyes, each line on his face was if he had been carved out of exquisite jade. His ruby lips were indifferent to her struggles as he continued with his erotic kiss.

His lips only felt softer and hotter to the touch by the moment. Feng Xing Ying felt her mind go blank as a spell of dizziness raked her brain.

His despotic kiss only felt more overbearing. She felt overwhelmed as if a storm was raging inside her chest.

Overbearing, strong, yet somehow gentle.

Feng Xing Ying became relaxed under the man's gentle ways. Grunting, his body weighed her down as they sank lower, until they were all the way in the water.

The ice cold water from the creek poured over Feng Xing Ying, washing away the hot fire that had lit inside her.

Snapping out of her stupor, Feng Xing Ying took note of the man's red eyes. She thought through some causes for his condition and came to the realization that he had been drugged.

Her eyes flashed coldly, in a swift motion she pulled out her silver hairpin from her mess hair and stabbed it into the man's waist.

The man was distracted for a moment, loosening the arm that had tightly bound around Feng Xing Ying. His eyes returned from their blood red state and became clear once again. His gaze became darker, its depth becoming bottomless.

His lips stretched taut, his beautiful face flashing helpless embarra.s.sment. With a swing, he flew out of the water.


Feng Xing Ying finally surfaced and took a deep breath.

She was in her right mind to ask "Who are you?"

But she only saw quiet surroundings. The place where the man once was only left a small whirlpool that was calming down.

It was as if she had seen a ghost. Could it be an illusion caused by her recent crossover?

No. The blood in the river was gradually beginning to dilute and her silver hairpin was swimming in the creek. All of this proved that what she had just experienced was not a dream.

She had met an extremely bewildering and despotic man, and even more importantly this man who had repeatedly taken…her down was still drugged.

“How am I so stupid?! When does a leftover woman like me get a chance like this? Why not just eat him? Aiya, my brain is really smoking these days…" Feng Xing Ying couldn't help but grumble to herself.

"If you insist, I actually don't mind."

The man so beautiful that he no longer looked human had appeared G.o.d knows when in front of Feng Xing Ying.

This time however, the man was dressed in beautiful neat and tidy robes. He stood quietly on the water, looking down at Feng Xing Ying with a trace of an evil smile.

This man, his speed had long breached the barrier that held humans back. This was the so called spiritualist?

Feng Xing Ying raised her eyebrows.

That haughty air around him as if he was looking down at the rest of the world irked Feng Xing Ying's arrogance.

How beautiful was he? How strong was he?

She was not uncommon.

She raised her eyes to meet his head on, silently competing with him.

The man wrinkled his brows, looking Feng Xing Ying up and down. The Feng Xing Ying at the moment really couldn't talk about beauty. Her hair was messy; her clothes were torn and blood-stained. Even her small face was covered in blood to the point where the only distinguishable features were those deep eyes of hers. Yet these eyes were so mystifying that anyone who looked into them couldn't help but want to fall into them, wanting to spend the rest of their life exploring what they hid.

Her eyes made him feel as if he was looking at a n.o.ble king.

He glanced at her once before he laughed.

She and him, they were the same kind of people!

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