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"No, this task originally belongs to me and I will go. You still have to complete the task that I gave you."

Smrity said to Aragya, her eyes was cold and dark. There is not single expression on her face. Aragya was about to tell her she will do it by her own but looking at Smrity she could be able to find her words.

"Okay, then let's go together I will give you detail first let's finish the matters of OM Corporation first. There is still few months before going."

Aragya said, Smrity nodded it would be best. Smrity will never send Aragya in such dangerous mission on her behalf.

"What is the Mission about?"

Smrity asked to Aragya,

"This time we have to clear the hidden mafia boss and this must be clean. And in our organisation beside you no one is capable to do this task with leaving single clue."

Smrity pinched her eye brows in annoyance, she already leave organisation with an agreement yet they are giving her such low task.

"It seems organisation is about to doomed, what is the point to kept organisation when they don't even have good killer. Call Master and say open sc.r.a.p market it would suit them."

Aragya who is drinking water sprout out, she knew it Smrity will never miss to insult her master.

"You may be right but this time the matter is about the life of Master."

Aragya said with dim voice, her eyes filled with concerned.

"Hehe...." Smrity chuckled devilishly, her eyes narrowed dangerously before speaking about the matter.

"So much guts, who is the person wants to meet king Yama so desperately?"

"RB... we only know his names besides everything is unknown. Master said after getting information they will send it to you."

Smrity nodded in acknowledgement, RB this term is really familiar to her but she don't know who is this person. Why do it look like the person her master and she is looking for is the same person. If it was that would be great for her.

"It's going to be fun." Smrity mumbled, soon they reached home.


"Have you found the information that I told you find?"

Rishab asked to his secretary,

"No sir there is not single information I could get about that person, we don't even find out that person's gender." His voice gradually became soft when he report along, he felt this is the most embarra.s.sing moment in his entire life.

Rishab's dominating aura suddenly unleashed which turns the atmosphere of room extremely suffocating.

"Hehe... Even more interesting." With his low evil chuckle Rishab looked extremely evil, who is ready to play evil game.

"And what about Phoenix Bar have you find out?" Rishab suddenly changed the topic, his eyes filled with curiosity, he really want to know who is that person.

"Sir, this is the video of surveillance camera."

"Good, you may leave. Send more people to find out the information of that person this matter is really serious and dangerous. We have to make move as soon as possible." Rishab said and focus his attention to CC TV. He saw that 2 hours video has already been wiped out, not even his top hacker could be able retrieve.

"Where is the video of 2 hours?" Rishab asked to his subordinates angrily.

"Sir, our elite expert tried to get delete video but they couldn't do anything." This was really his darkest day in his career. All important task given by his master is failed. He lowered his head with shame, he knew today his master is going to punish him.

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