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Translated by: Taffy

Chapter 390 – Finally Pa.s.sing the Checkpoint Pt. 1

Everyone watched as blood began to blossom from right underneath Roger's throat, heart, and abdomen. Almost simultaneously, he bound over and fired three attacks in succession at the enemy: the first was an explosive kick at the homicidal maniac's st.u.r.dy green armor, the second kick shattering the opponent's thin blade, and the final kick targeting the enemy's now unprotected chest!

The crowds watched with their mouths agape. Would the crazy killer…be killed, just like that? That couldn't be! For some reason, everyone felt an uneasy sense of foreboding!

"Bzz!" Just as Roger's last kick landed on the homicidal maniac, a sharp buzz could be heard. Roger's foot suddenly froze in mid-air, only ten centimeters away from its target!

"It's a thread snare!" At that moment, Roger suddenly recalled his opponent's strange ability!

The crazy killer's eyes glinted provocatively at Roger before changing back to that pitying glance Roger knew all too well. The homicidal maniac's right hand reached behind the waist, immediately drawing out a green dagger…

In the current situation, there was no way Roger could dodge this attack. Based on the color of the dagger, it definitely carried some kind of deadly poison; a single cut would inflict unrecoverable damage, even if Suo Jia used Moisture Technique!

With this, everyone naturally a.s.sumed Roger would surely die at the crazy killer's hands. After all, so many–thousands even–of these instances had occurred to the point where such an end result was something they were all used to seeing now.

However, in the face of the crazy killer's provocative gaze that Roger hadn't seen in a while, a smirk briefly flickered on Roger's fac. His expression then hardened once more as he let out a frenzied cry!

In that same moment, the threads binding Roger's right foot emitted a series of snapping sounds. The homicidal maniac let out a short chuckle and while lunging at Roger with the green dagger drawn, he snorted in disdain, "My threads won't ever break, stop wasting your energy!"

As the dagger whizzed through the air, Roger laughed. His eyes flashed and with a burst of energy–in the instant the dagger was right about to pierce him–a wolf made of battle qi violently surged outwards!

"What!" The crazy killer cried out in shock as the golden head of the wolf instantly smashed into his chest…

"Bang! Bang! Bang…crash!" The force of the impact immediately sent the killer's body flying, breaking the trunks of three large trees before finally crashing into a giant tree and falling to the ground.

Blood spurted out uncontrollably from the homicidal maniac's mouth. He stared at Roger–who was now at least 30 meters away–in utter disbelief!

Roger proudly straightened his back, turned around, and used his left finger to point at the crazy killer while declaring, "I've finally repaid you for that blow you gave me last time! This move was created exclusively to defeat you, and what I've spent the past half a year painstakingly practicing!"

With much difficulty, the opposite party stood up from the ground and casually waved his hands, immediately dismembering a few dozen adventurers attempting to close in and attack him. He wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice, "That is a good move. What's it called?"

Roger loftily answered, "Since this move was created specifically to defeat you, its name is naturally related to you as well; its full name is Golden Wolf Killer Slayer!"

"Golden Wolf Killer Slayer?" The homicidal maniac murmured with a chuckle. "A nice name indeed. However, that move alone definitely isn't enough to destroy me. Let's see who will have the last laugh!" With a flick of his right hand, the crazy killer sliced another incoming group of adventurers into pieces. With a flash, he leapt up and arced through the air, evading the onslaught of long-ranged attacks, and disappearing among the tree leaves once more.

Roger arrogantly stayed where he stood and nonchalantly declared, "I, Roger, won't move from this spot. Come and try to kill me if you can. I'll take your life and show that my Golden Wolf Killer Slayer is true to its name!"

"Hmph…" The homicidal maniac's voice floated out from amidst the trees. "Roger, is it? Don't get too c.o.c.ky. I was careless just now and tried to fight you at a range you excel at, but now that I've decided you are a worthy opponent…I won't give you such chances anymore!"

"Tch…" Roger frowned and shouted back, "I'm just going to stand here and wait for you. Just come and give me all you've got!"

"Ok!" As the shout of reply rang through the air, the crazy killer's figure swung down from the left side as if on a trapeze, with both hands seemingly grasping empty air. Roger abruptly turned around to face the approaching enemy and adopted a battle stance.

"Hiyah!" As the gap between the two of them closed, the homicidal maniac suddenly let out a loud cry and a black thread instantly materialised behind Roger, pulling him down to the ground. In the same fluid movement, the black thread twisted and turned in several flashes before disappearing from sight once more.

"What? What was that?!" Cries of astonishment rang out from the crowd.

Roger, who was now lying on the ground, barely caught sight of the homicidal maniac rushing towards him like lightning, and was completely unable to react in time!

The killer looked at Roger's helpless position on the ground, a pitying expression in his gaze once more. But this time, he suddenly felt something was off about the situation. When he thought about it more, he realised that Roger didn't seem the slightest bit panicked! He was just leisurely lying on the ground, his right hand rubbing his chin with an expression of antic.i.p.ation on his face!

"Not good!" As soon as the killer realised this, a horrifying, demon-like aura suddenly flared out from the top of the giant tree behind Roger with crushing pressure!

With great difficulty, everyone looked up to see an extremely tall and robust figure raise a large blade into the air. The next instant, the figure seemed to split both the heaven and earth with a powerful downwards slash!

The movements of the homicidal maniac and the bladesman formed a parabolic trajectory; once the killer swung down above where Roger lay, he would crash straight into the moving bladesman…and the killer would have absolutely no time to attack!

The only weapon he held was a dagger, while the opposite party was holding a giant blade at least two meters long. Moreover, their professions were exact opposites, and the killer would surely die if he directly received the bladesman's heavy blow!

But the crazy killer wouldn't be eliminated so easily. With gritted teeth, he retracted his left hand and his body that had originally been rushing straight forwards suddenly shot backwards along the path he had come from!

The bladesman didn't attempt to pursue the retreating killer. He elegantly resheathed his blade in midair with relaxed aura, as if the battle had already ended.

The killer shot a glance at the swordsman with a feeling of loss for the first time. Without the help of his threads, it would've been impossible to move under the opponent's blade aura that had enveloped him just now!

"Hehe…I've been waiting for you for ages!" A charming voice suddenly rang out from across the killer. When he turned around to look, a bright glow blinded his eyes!

"Clang!" The killer hurriedly brandished his dagger and a loud sound of clashing metal rang through the air. His body fell to the ground with a thud as he felt a chilling air that seemed like it had risen from a frozen h.e.l.l…this was the Ice Prison!

Before the homicidal maniac had gotten a chance to crawl up from the ground, thick layers of ice quickly began to form over his entire body. The next instant, an agile, snake-like stream of ice came weaving down from the giant tree, instantly connecting itself with the Ice Prison.

From the treetop, Suo Jia extended his right hand lightly tapped the Ocean's Soul on the ice stream. Freezing Touch and Ice and Snow Pact were simultaneously activated in addition to the Ice Prison. With the boost of the Divine Artifact, there was no way anyone could even dream of escaping from Suo Jia's magic, even if their strength far surpa.s.sed his!

With the homicidal maniac finally caught, the surrounding adventurers all began to loudly charge over with their weapons in hand, determined to dismember his body into a million pieces!

"Halt!" Just as everyone was about to attack, a low shout of anger rang out. The ice stream that had been connected to the Ice Prison suddenly curled itself up. Everyone watched as the extremely thick, python-like ice stream descended from the treetop with Suo Jia standing on top.

Suo Jia looked down at the trapped maniac killer from where he stood atop the head of the ice stream. Although Suo Jia also wanted to just kill the maniac, he also knew that there was no way he could actually make such a move!

Of course, it wasn't like Suo Jia was a benevolent person; rather, he could clearly recall that the last time they were here, the homicidal maniac had spared their lives. Knowing that, how could Suo Jia kill the other party now?

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