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The chapter that’s actually interesting.

For the record, I haven’t had an editor for CCM the past year now, and I’ve been getting lazier in editing my own work, so feel free to point out any mistakes.

Translated by: Taffy

Chapter 381 – Berserk Roger Pt.2

Although Suo Jia had never been injured to this extent before, he knew that pouring alcohol on injuries as bad as that must be unbearable painful. However, not disinfecting the wounds would result in greater problems later.

Suo Jia reached his hand out and confidently activated ten Moisture Techniques. The next moment, Roger started in surprise and looked at Suo Jia in disbelief.

In the past, healing injuries as bad as this would take over hundreds of Moisture Techniques to heal. But just now, with a wave of Suo Jia's hand, Roger could feel his wounds swiftly closing themselves. A feeling of indescribable relief spread through his body. With just ten Moisture Techniques, Suo Jia had managed to complete a task that should've taken hundreds of spells!

Roger put down his gla.s.s and praised, "Boss, it seems that from beginning to end, you'll always be my boss. I had originally thought that within this past half a year, I would've been the only one that had doubled my strength. However, it looks like I still haven't been able to surpa.s.s you!"

"What?!" This time, Suo Jia was the shocked one. He stood up and asked incredulously, "What did you say? In only half a year, you…?!"

Roger shook his head and was just about to reply. However, a burly warrior from the table next to them roared out, "Oi! Can you two **** shut up? Can't you see that the I'm talking right now?"

Suo Jia paused, and then calmly sat down. A single sentence like that wasn't enough to make Suo Jia act. After all, the other party's crime wasn't death-worthy; as soon as Suo Jia made a move, there was no way he'd let the other survive!

"Hehe…" Roger chuckled darkly and stood up to walk over to the warrior. Seeing this, the warrior also stood up in anger and reached out to grab the broadsword he'd placed against the nearby wall!

At this, Suo Jia immediately reached out to try to call Roger back. But the next instant, Suo Jia retracted his hand. Although he had already been promoted from the team's leader to its boss, Suo Jia had always respected the others' feelings. Although they were all part of one group, it had never been a burden. Rather, it did the exact opposite, the group was a natural harbor that each one of them could rely on!

With everyone watching, Roger arrogantly stopped next to the warrior's table and tilted his head as he spit out, "Oi! b.a.s.t.a.r.d…were you talking to us just now?"

The warrior was momentarily stunned before he yelled back, "Of course I was talking to you guys. Who else here was clamoring like…"

Before the warrior had even finished speaking, Roger's eyes flashed with murderous intent. The next instant, his left leg shot out, immediately crashing into the warrior's neck. It happened so indescribably fast that n.o.body had even seen Roger's leg move. Time seemed to have frozen as Roger's leg curved towards the warrior.

"Bang…crash!" Time seemed to move again, and the warrior was suddenly tossed through the air like a rag doll, his body smashing onto a table and then crashing into the wall behind him, causing the entire inn to shake!

Radiating a murderous aura, Roger bellowed, "Who here is with this guy? Get out here immediately. F**k…to think he'd dare to speak like that to me, he must've been tired of living."

There was only silence in response to Roger's burst of anger. For a moment, it was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. n.o.body even dared to breathe. Roger swept a defiant gaze around the room and then glared at the few people sitting at the same table the warrior had been sitting at. "What's your relationship with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Nothing…nothing at all! We don't know him, we just happened to sit together with him!" They couldn't help but tremble before Roger and his demon-like air.

Since they declared themselves unrelated, Roger couldn't really vent out his anger on them even if he tried to. After all…he wasn't an unreasonable person. Charging through and fighting them would be acting without any justification!

Just as Roger was about to turn back to his own table, a cold voice said in disdain, "Brat, although you're pretty decent, it's best you don't act too arrogant!"

Roger frozen and then turned back around with a sinister grin. He shouted out at the people in the inn, "Who said that just now? If you've got the guts, show yourself!"

The entire inn fell silent again. n.o.body dared to claim they had spoken. Thus, Roger turned to look at Suo Jia. He believed that with Suo Jia's spirit sense, he'd definitely know who had spoken.

As expected, Suo Jia did not disappoint. With a faint smile, he raised his gla.s.s and swirled the fine wine within it. The next instant…his right hand jerked to the side and the wine within the gla.s.s instantly froze to form a sharp Ice Arrow that shot out towards a corner of the room!

There was no way Roger wouldn't understand the meaning of this. With a burst of energy, his legs shot his body outwards to follow the arrow into the corner.

Everyone watched as Suo Jia's Ice Arrow flew across the air. However, it didn't land on a person. Rather…

"Thunk!" The Ice Arrow embedded itself into the wall. At this, the spectators couldn't help but break out into laughter. The arrow had missed. Moreover, it had missed so badly that it had struck an uninhabited corner!

While the inn was filling with howls of laughter, Suo Jia knit his brows together. His Ice Arrow had missed within a mere distance of ten meters! This had never happened before! In such a range, his Ice Arrows were so fast they couldn't possibly be evaded.

His expression darkened as he stared at the corner. Although he couldn't see them, Suo Jia could clearly sense there was someone there. The voice just now had definitely come from this direction!

Suo Jia ignored the jeers around him and coldly snorted. At the same time, the Ice Arrow embedded in the wall suddenly exploded into a blue mist that quickly pervaded the area!

A soft hissing sound rang out, and the next instant, everyone in the inn immediately shut their mouths. As the cold mist spread outwards, it clearly outlined an attractive silhouette leisurely sitting on a chair in that corner. It was then that everyone in the room realized that Suo Jia's arrow hadn't missed at all, there really was a person. However…she had managed to dodged Suo Jia's lightning fast arrow.

Upon noticing that everyone's gazes were now concentrated on her, the graceful silhouette froze for a moment below lowering her head to look down at her body. Suddenly, she let out a cry of alarm with her beautiful voice and the figure suddenly lunged to the side, disappearing once more.

"Hmph!" Suo Jia couldn't help but snort when he saw that the other party still wanted to run. He closed his right palm into a fist, instantly causing his wine gla.s.s to shatter. At the same time, a thick white mist quickly spread outwards, bringing with a bone-chilling air, immediately enshrouding the entire inn!

"Ugh…." Everyone in the inn unconsciously hugged themselves; the air was just too cold. In a mere instant, they all had frost covering their bodies as they began to shiver uncontrollably.

With the spread of the cold air, the slender silhouette was once again exposed, this time with white frost. Seeing this, Roger excitedly began to leap towards the phantom-like figure.

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