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Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: Weirdo

Chapter 373 – Regardless of Everything Pt.2

Xiang Yun rolled his eyes and returned, "Nicole, why are you comparing your weakness to another's strength? If you let him set up the wire, then you obviously won't be his match. However, you can't forget that you're a thief. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you when to make your move."

Nicole paused in realization. "I understand. Thieves have to wait in the darkness and use Instant Kill at the most opportune moment. If I insist on making my move with that guy's wire in front of me, I'd be a complete idiot. As long as he hasn't set up the wire, I can easily kill him in a single move!"

Roger was still confused. With furrowed brows he asked, "Although your words make sense, I still can't figure out how I could possibly defeat the opponent no matter how strong I become. There's no way I too can just wait and hide in the darkness before launching a sneak attack. I'm not skilled at such things!"

Xiang Yun didn't know how to respond to Roger's complaints. Seeing this, Suo Jia lightly coughed and said, "Roger, I have to admit that if you encountered the maniacal killer in that forest, you would definitely lose. However…does that mean you'd lose in other environments as well?"

"Oh!" Roger's eyes lit up at this and he excitedly stated, "That's right, if we happen to be in the rocky valley, I can guarantee that before he comes close to me, I'd completely overpower him. My Sling Kick is quite powerful, and using the slopes and the walls of the ravine, he wouldn't even be able to think of finding my figure!"

"Haha," Xiang Yun nodded in agreement. "True. If I could perfect my family's Absolute Protection skill to the depths of its profoundness, I wouldn't be scared of some wire at all. My skills wouldn't be inferior to the opponent's!"

Suo Jia replied, "Indeed. The reason we were defeated is because the opponent's skills are clearly far above ours. In addition, the battlegrounds were the opponent's territory, the place best suited to his abilities. Us losing wasn't surprising whatsoever!"

He proudly puffed out his chest and declared, "If the battlegrounds were underwater, which of you could be my match? I wouldn't even fear millions of people!"

"That's…" Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger couldn't help but freeze at that. When they thought about it, encountering Suo Jia in the depths of the sea meant their best option would be to commit suicide. At least they'd die more painlessly that way! It could be said that Suo Jia in the water was much more powerful than the crazy killer in the forest. Suo Jia would truly be unrivaled!

After seeing their dumbstruck expressions, Suo Jia continued, "That's why you guys shouldn't undermine yourselves. Think about it. For the wires to work, there needs to be trees to tie them to. If we were in the plains, that guy wouldn't be able to put them to use. That's why he's known as the King of Forests. That's all there is to it. The difference between us isn't actually as big as it seems!"

"Whoa!" Roger cried out with excitement. "Does that mean I could easily defeat him on level footing? Is that what you're saying?"

"No!" Suo Jia firmly shook his head. "I'm telling you all not to become dispirited, but I don't want you guys to get arrogant either. Remember, even on level footing we're still not his match!" Suo Jia thought back to that blade piercing through his chest. The fierce pain still lingered in his body.

Suo Jia turned and give a hard look at Roger. "In the forest, the enemy can definitely go up against thousands of people alone. But even on flat ground, we still aren't his match in our current state, because the opponent's skills are far better than ours!"

Suo Jia slowly stood up and declared, "I hope that everyone will focus all their energy and concentration on training for a time. I don't ask that you be able to defeat that guy in the forest, because that's impossible, like how none of you can defeat me in the water. I only ask that you guys be able to contest him on flat land!"

Suo Jia started to walk towards the door, but stopped for a moment to add, "In the next half a year, we'll each find a place to train with our own methods. After half a year, we'll meet here again. Six months from now, we'll go and challenge that maniacal killer again. When that time comes, I will be in charge of clearing out the area and giving everyone a chance to fight on level ground. If we are still unable to defeat the killer, we'll just all die together there!" Suo Jia strode out.

The other three watched as Suo Jia disappeared outside, frozen for a long while. Eventually, Xiang Yun sighed, "It looks like our failure and flight this time was a huge blow to Boss's ego. However, I support his decision. We can't always run from the same enemy, or else our ambition will disappear!" With this, he stood up and left the room as well, without a single glance back.

"Phew…" Nicole's eyes flashed with determination as she murmured, "It seems that if I don't train with everything I have, I won't be able to help the young master. In fact, I'd become a burden on the whole team! Alright, either way, I've already offered my life to Young Master. Let's do this!" Nicole's figure flashed and she instantly disappeared from the room like a ghost.

As Roger watched Nicole leave, his face flushed red, then turned pale. Strictly speaking, this failure was on Roger. Out of the entire group, he'd been the only one who had suffered a fatal blow. Up until the moment the strike had landed on him, he had never figured out where the enemy had been.

Roger lowered his head to look at his body which had begun to shiver uncontrollably. As a warrior, he'd looked at his prey with pitying glances many times before. As long as he made a move, he'd be able to annihilate the opponent. In his eyes, those weak opponents were like ants. Even if he killed them, his heart wouldn't waver; n.o.body felt sad for stepping on an ant.

But now, he'd changed from the hunter to that pitiful ant. His opponent had used those pitying and contemptuous eyes to look at him as he was struck to the ground like a novice. He could do nothing without any idea where the enemy was!

"Bang!" Roger smashed the teacups with his fist. Since he'd first joined the group, Roger had always felt extremely depressed. He'd first lost to Xiang Yun in the martial arts compet.i.tion, and then he'd come in last in the group in mental training. Now he'd also become the greatest burden. The words Nicole had just said were actually a perfect description of him!

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