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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull


Chapter 272 – Great Frost Wyrm Pt. 2

Nicole silently revealed herself from her concealed state as she stared blankly at the collapsed Golden Wind Lion King. She had absolutely no idea how Suo Jia had killed it. It looked more like this beast had suddenly suffered from some malfunction instead.

It couldn’t be said that the Golden Wind Lion King had been slow, but…by the time it had reached the 10 meter range from Suo Jia, its speed had already been greatly reduced. The moment it’d touched the 5 meter range, the Golden Wind Lion King had suddenly frozen in mid-air. At the same time, blood had poured out from all the wounds on its body, and finally…it couldn’t get even one centimeter closer to Suo Jia before it had fallen the ground, completely dead.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile at Nicole’s shocked expression. With this, his heart had finally settled down a bit. Although Nicole was formidable, Suo Jia had a trick that he was skilled at. Once he mastered it, even an immortal wouldn’t dare to approach within 5 meters of Suo Jia as long as they sported injuries.

So far, Suo Jia’s water manipulation skill was extremely high level, and he could already control the movements of an enemy within a ten meter radius. This served as either defense or offense. Once one entered this perimeter, Suo Jia would be able to take control of all the water inside their bodies and draw it out. When the enemy lost all of their blood, they’d naturally be unable to continue living.

“Snap…snap…” Suddenly, a crackling sound could be heard as a ton of cracks appeared all over the Great Frost Wyrm’s body. Afterwards…the 4 meter tall Diamond Dragon broke into chunks of ice that came thundering down onto the ground.

Amidst the messy pile of ice, a white figure quickly appeared in front of Suo Jia in a flash. It raised its head to look up at Suo Jia with a look of longing hunger, constantly flicking its tongue out to wet its lips.

Suo Jia stretched out a hand with a smile, rubbing the head of the Diamond Dragon whose head now reached his waist. Although the little pet couldn’t speak, and Suo Jia didn’t have a telepathic connection with it, Suo Jia knew what it wanted.

Suo Jia generously reached his hand into his pocket to fish out a set of potions, throwing them directly into the Diamond Dragon’s mouth. This ‘set’ contained one bottle of every type of potion.

After catching the potions that Suo Jia had tossed to it, the Diamond Dragon closed his eyes in bliss as it greedily gulped the potions down. After happily swallowing, the Diamond Dragon’s body suddenly began to emit a white mist.

Nicole looked at Suo Jia, then back at the small, dog-sized pet less than a meter tall. She felt that Suo Jia was incomparably mysterious; she was already unable to tell whether that Golden Wind Lion King had been killed by Suo Jia or the little pet. Moreover…what exactly was that little pet?

Nicole crouched down in front of the Diamond Dragon, carefully examining it. This little fellow seemed very similar to a Great Frost Wyrm in terms of outer appearance and characteristic features, but according to Nicole’s memory, the Great Frost Wyrm couldn’t possibly maintain such a delicate body structure while having such formidable might.

However, it would be wrong to say that it wasn’t a Great Frost Wyrm. Putting aside its outer appearance and judging from abilities alone, there was no way any other life form so similar to the Great Frost Wyrm existed.

After her inspection…it seemed that the little pet’s body was no longer transparent. The thin, white mist had begun to brew in its crystalline, see-through body, ama.s.sing together…

Perhaps others wouldn’t know what that thin white mist was, but Suo Jia obviously knew. With his understanding and comprehension of the ice elements, Suo Jia had quickly sensed that this mist was the condensation of cold air.

Suo Jia trembled as he watched the white mist appear within the Diamond Dragon. He knew that based on the previous battle alone, the Diamond Dragon had finally reached the ultimate realm of the adolescent stage, and managed to enter the long-term period.

It had been a mere eight years since Suo Jia had first received the little Frost Wyrm. Within this short period, the little Frost Wyrm had advanced leaps and bounds, immediately jumping over the newborn stage, adolescent stage, and entering the long-term stage. This also meant that the Diamond Dragon’s current level of strength had already reached somewhere between the middle-ranked and high-ranked magical beast’s.

Suo Jia’s body trembled as he stared at the little Frost Wyrm. He silently speculated that most likely…it was because of the refined magic potions that the Diamond Dragon had entered the state of condensing energy early. That was why it had managed to break through to its long-term period.

Suo Jia’s body involuntarily shuddered as he stared in amazement at the little Frost Wyrm. According to records, the Great Frost Wyrm that had entered the long-term period would theoretically have a build of over 10 meters in height, and be as thick and solid as a small mountain. Once it activated its Glacial Armor, its body would become nearly 20-30 meters in height, and be beyond st.u.r.dy. On top of this base, it would condense more energy. This would allow it to finally become the peerless Thousand Year Dragon.

Theoretically speaking, wouldn’t it be this large forever? Suo Jia’s expression grew uglier and uglier as he stared at the milky white-colored Diamond Dragon currently running around in joyous circles around Suo Jia like a little dog.

Suo Jia knew that from now until the boundless future, the little pet would really be a little pet. Its body’s size would unfortunately never go past a meter in height. Once it activated its Glacial Armor, its size would be up to 5 meters. It would never be like a true Diamond Dragon, a large creature of over 20 meters in height.

During the following long months, the Diamond Dragon needed to constantly increase the amount of cold air inside its body, reducing its temperature. Once the Diamond Dragon’s body changed from its milky-white color back to its transparent color, it would become a true Diamond Dragon. A Glacial Armor near absolute zero would have extremely high hardness, a level that no typical person could ever imagine.

-273.15 degrees Celsius is deemed as “absolute zero”, the lowest possible temperature in the natural world. At absolute zero, all movements are ceased. Theoretically speaking, gas also has no volume. Thus, everyone understands why temperature cannot go any lower than this point, why in reality, this temperature can’t even be truly reached, only approached.

A genuine Thousand Year Dragon, putting aside discussion of combat, would be hard just to approach. It was basically asking for a violent death. Getting near the super temperature of absolute zero was something completely impossible. Aside from time, it seemed that almost everything could be sealed by absolute zero ice.

Although the Mage Saint could activate forbidden magics at absolute zero, this was really something only the Diamond Dragon King could do in this world. No other creature could truly release a magic at absolute zero. n.o.body had even witnessed what this temperature was like; anyone that had seen it had definitely been eternally sealed in its ice. It’s said that…the absolute zero ice that objects could get sealed in would never melt, even after thousands of years.

Suo Jia looked at the Diamond Dragon’s little head currently bobbing left and right as it was crawling along the ground with a pleased expression on its face. He couldn’t help but grow excited; in the near future, Suo Jia would be able to ride this fellow and soar up into the skies. Although its body was a bit on the smaller side, that was only relative to a true Diamond Dragon.

Once the Diamond Dragon summoned its Glacial Armor and entered its combat state, its size would exponentially increase to five meters in height, the same level as a two-story building. It would also be extremely thick and solid, so a single person riding it wouldn’t be an issue. Two people riding it however, gave rise to the concern that once the dragon flew too fast, someone would fall off.

Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly flashed. Although…the Diamond Dragon had already entered the long-term period…there were possibly still a thousand years until it actually became mature. Based on past examples, if the Diamond Dragon could complete an 100 year process in only eight years, then a thousand year process would require 80 years time.

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled darkly. He knew that his current state combined with his control over the water elements meant that he could live up to 200 years old. In other words, within his lifetime, he could definitely witness the little pet mature into a true Thousand Year Dragon, the world’s peerless king: the Great Frost Wyrm King.

Suo Jia threw his head up and laughed loudly. While doing so, Suo Jia continued to take large steps along the path through the plains, continuing his advance forwards. Hearing the sound of footsteps, the Diamond Dragon suddenly opened its eyes. When it saw Suo Jia’s figure gradually move further and further, it quickly climbed up, and chased after Suo Jia like a little dog.


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