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Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ ????!Twenty-eighth CNY chapter ??

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz


Chapter 244 – Powerful Magic Machine Pt. 2

Under the cover of the night, the thief army finally reached Dawn City’s walls. Seeing the imposing walls, the thieves all unconsciously stopped in their tracks and stared at them in shock.

How tall was 20 meters? Normal people probably find it difficult to imagine. If a one story building is 3 meters tall, then a height of 20 meters would be a 7 story building. That wasn’t a small amount! Unless there was a ladder, it was very difficult to climb on top of it.

What made the thieves feel most at loss was the fact that the walls no longer had a slope to speak of. It was as precipitous as a cliff, completely perpendicular at a 90 degree angle. Their dreams of charging along the walls were instantly shattered.

As long as there was an incline, even 75 degrees, the thief army was confident they could climb up. But…faced with a 90 degree wall, how were they supposed to get up? If they really wanted to try climbing it, it wouldn’t be a matter of getting a few steps up before falling, but more like directly crashing into the walls.

The thieves all surveyed their surroundings. The previously muddy ground before the walls were now paved neatly with level stones, forming a rectangular square that was 100 meters wide and 200 meters long. The square’s two sides were near the mountains, and had tall walls erected around them. This clearly wasn’t a battlefield, but a public square.

“Tch…” Cursing lowly, the Alliance leader waved his hand and shouted, “Get the grappling hooks out, and throw some ropes. Even if there isn’t any slope, we can use ropes to climb upwards!”

A few hundred soldiers quickly flew out at the Alliance leader’s command with long ropes in their hands, bounding towards the walls. As long as the hooks caught on the top of the city walls, they’d be able to climb up the ropes.

“Creak…creak…creak..” Just as the soldiers with the ropes ran onto the limestone paved square, a series of creaking sounds rang out from within the walls. The next instant…countless scarlet fireb.a.l.l.s shot out as fast as lightning from those black holes, instantly striking the hundred rope-holding soldiers.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Amidst the fierce booms, not even a single cry of misery could be heard. The hundreds of soldiers had been completely blasted into dust by the fierce explosions.

The thief army was completely stunned by the sight of the blazing square. What in the world was that? That a.s.sault just now had over a hundred attacks. Could it be that…Dawn’s support troops had arrived, and they were hundreds of fire mages?

Everyone knew that if the 100 meter walls had 100 fire mages defending them, it was pretty much invulnerable to attack. That was completely impossible to break through. n.o.body could possibly block over a hundred fireb.a.l.l.s shooting at them.

However…the situation was not absolute. So what if there were over a hundred mages? There was bound to be a point where their energy was exhausted. As long as they were willing to pay a price, the mages’ magic power would soon dry up, and they wouldn’t be any different from ordinary people.

The Alliance leader immediately ordered for the thief army to drive out, and push their slave soldiers towards the area of death. All the soldiers that entered the square were blasted by the violent fireb.a.l.l.s, leaving not even a single slag behind.

Just as the Alliance leader had antic.i.p.ated, after dispatching countless slave soldiers in succession…the slave soldiers that stepped past the boundary of the square were no longer attacked. Seeing this, the Alliance leader couldn’t help but smile victoriously. He knew that these mages magic powers had finally been used up!

With a wave of his hand, a large number of slave soldiers quickly charged at the city walls. Not a single fireball came shooting out along their way. Seeing this, the Alliance leader was finally rea.s.sured. He led the entire army to formally advance through the square.

Standing high atop the city walls, Suo Jia coldly watched the enemy’s large army gradually enter the public square. Everything that had happened just now had been planned by him. The last level of a hundred Magic Automatons had indeed been drained of energy. Currently…there were maintenance people changing their magic crystals. Soon, they’d recover their firepower.

Of course, while the first level’s magic power had been completely drained, the walls had a total of nine levels. The top level didn’t count, but there were still eight other levels that could fire. The reason they hadn’t activated was because Suo Jia didn’t want to waste firepower. Waiting until after the enemy entered the public square to attack would provide the most profitable outcome.

Soon, the battle began. Dawn’s archers all appeared on top of the city walls and rained down a spa.r.s.e amount of arrows at the enemy below. Seeing this, the enemy army immediately entered their battle state. They all knew that they had to take advantage of this period of time before the mages recovered their energy to attack and occupy the top of the city walls. Otherwise, letting them blast those fierce fireb.a.l.l.s down at them would force them into a disadvantageous position.

For a moment, the thief army were striving to rush into the public square. The thieves in the front tossed the grappling hooks in their hands. As long as the hooks securely fastened to the walls, the thief experts would be able to follow the ropes and quickly run up to the top. That way, even if they couldn’t seize Dawn City, they would at least manage to even the losses to 1:1, and Dawn City would be forced to surrender.

Suo Jia watched the fierce enemies below, and smiled mercilessly. “Alright, it’s about time. If we wait any longer and they manage to charge up the walls, we’ll end up suffering losses.”

Hearing this, General Jason nodded in praise. If they did indeed wait any longer, more of the enemy would be within the square, and Dawn’s side would end up with sacrifices. Suo Jia’s principle was that he’d rather kill less enemies than suffer personal losses. General Jason felt the same.

“Attack!” Following General Jason’s imposing command…a series of creaking sounds could be heard as the 900 holes on the wall opened fire all at once. 900 blazing, scarlet fireb.a.l.l.s whizzed out to descend towards the 100 meter wide and 200 meter long public square.


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