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Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ ????!Twenty-fourth CNY chapter ??

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz


Chapter 240 – Awesome Might of the Ice Dragon Pt. 2

But soon, Suo Jia felt that something was off. An overflowing murderous aura suddenly came from the direction of the enemy camp. When Suo Jia turned to look around, he saw nearly 200 figures jumping up like pellets over the soldiers’ heads, and practically flying towards the little Frost Wyrm to surround it.

Suo Jia’s heart skipped a beat. Using telepathy, he hurriedly ordered the little Frost Wyrm that the enemy experts had arrived, and that it needed to be on guard. If the situation seemed disadvantageous, it was to immediately retreat. It could not take any risks!

As soon as Suo Jia finished speaking, a few dozen figures suddenly jumped up from the enemy ranks below, brandishing the weapons in their hands. They surrounded the dragon in midair, their weapons radiating a magnificent light. The little Frost Wyrm could tell that these were the experts its master had mentioned.

Faced against the enemy that was jumping up like c.o.c.kroaches, the little Frost Wyrm opened its mouth fearlessly and raised its head to spray another Ice Dragon Breath downwards. Seeing this scene, Suo Jia couldn’t help but hold his breath anxiously, waiting for the outcome.

The results were quickly revealed. Waving the weapons in their hands, the figures deflected the thick, chilly air, and frenzily charged towards the little dragon, still as imposing as before.

Even though he was far away, Suo Jia still paid close attention; those guys hadn’t been completely unaffected. Their movements had become much slower, and it was clear to see that they had been affected by the freezing effects. Their strength had greatly weakened. But…despite this, they were still able to successfully approach the little Frost Wyrm.

The little Diamond Dragon flapped its wings in midair, and…Diamond Charge was instantly activated. Spirals and lines of diamond-shaped icicles wildly shot out in all directions from the dragon.

Faced with the incoming attack from the Diamond Charge, the experts that were powerless in midair struggled to block, and could only helplessly fall to the ground. Although they hadn’t been harmed in any way, they had been forced to descend by the attack.

Despite this, they hadn’t lost hope. Their mission had been completed. Just as they landed, another dozen figures jumped up into the air and charged straight at the dragon, giving it absolutely no chance to use its breath.

The little Frost Wyrm was helpless against the second wave of enemies. It had just activated Diamond Charge, and couldn’t immediately activate any other magics. But did that mean it had absolutely no means of retaliating?

No! If the Great Frost Wyrm was that easy to defeat, then it wouldn’t be called the world’s strongest creature. Magic attacks weren’t the Great Frost Wyrm’s strength; in reality, its defense was the most powerful! The reason it could live for over a thousand years was mainly because of its defense!

“Qiang! Qiang! Qiang…” A series of resonant sounds rang out as dozens of blades accurately landed on the little Frost Wyrm’s body. Chunks of ice flew outwards, and the little dragon retreated further and further. However, it hadn’t lost control of its body as the enemy had hoped. It could be said that each one of the enemy’s attacks were successfully blocked. From beginning to end, the little Frost Wyrm maintained its body’s equilibrium.

With its powerful defense, the experts could only leave deep lines or gouges in the Glacial Armor. None of them were able to harm the little Frost Wyrm underneath it at all. This was the Great Frost Wyrm’s greatest characteristic!

However, although it was said to be the greatest, it didn’t eliminate other circ.u.mstances. In reality, while the Great Frost Wyrm had the most powerful defense, it also had another trait: extremely formidable physical attacks!

If one just compared defense, it could be said for certain that the Great Frost Wyrm couldn’t possibly defeat the Black Dragon King. However, a mature Great Frost Wyrm could easily defeat a dozen Black Dragons by itself. Why was that?

That’s right. When comparing defense, the Great Frost Wyrm’s physical attacks were definitely the world’s #1. Although the Mengma also had powerful physical attack, it was only the ruler of the earth. However, the Great Frost Wyrm was an absolute power monarch!

After being hit by this chain of attacks, the little Frost Wyrm felt as if its pride had been damaged, and was even about to fly into a rage out of humiliation. The dragon watched as each enemy landed back on the ground after finishing their attacks, and was tempted to just chase after them and bite them to death. Unfortunately…just as they landed, a third wave of enemies jumped into the air to meet the little Frost Wyrm.

“Roar!” The little Frost Wyrm angrily roared at the sky. The next moment…its body turned around in midair, and its long, thick and solid tail whipped outwards like a large whip. With a sweep through the air, all the enemies’ bodies it touched were violently sent flying back hundreds of meters, like baseb.a.l.l.s. They then crashed into the ground with a fierce bang. Although they didn’t die, they were in a very miserable state.

A single whip of its tail sent 17/30 enemies flying outwards. But the remaining enemies quickly charged at the little Frost Wyrm. Once they initiated their attack, they refused to accept the situation if they hadn’t achieved their objective.

Facing the enemy quickly flying towards it, the dragon remained fearless. Its magic power fluctuated, and the outer layers of the Glacial Armor quickly restored themselves. At the same time, the little Frost Wyrm wildly slashed out its sharp front claws. As if it was batting at flies, the enemies were smacked down one after another.

Although the enemies weren’t completely smashed into the ground, the little dragon’s Glacial Armor took the brunt of the remaining attacks. Shards of ice flew around without harming anything, and instantly restored the broken parts of the Glacial Armor.

But although the enemy couldn’t do anything about the little Frost Wyrm, the Frost Wyrm couldn’t really do anything major to the opposite party either (although their situation was slightly worse). For a moment, the battle was deadlocked.

Watching the lively battle, Suo Jia could tell that with these experts present, the little Frost Wyrm wouldn’t have the chance to act. In addition…the dragon consumed ma.s.sive amounts of energy. If this deadlock continued, the little Frost Wyrm would definitely run out of energy first. At that point, even flying back to the city would prove to be an issue.

Suo Jia hurriedly ordered for the dragon to think of some way to leave the battle and return to the city. After all…it had only been sent out today for Suo Jia to get a taste of its strength. The objective wasn’t to decimate many enemies. Now that this goal had already been reached, there was absolutely no need for the dragon to continue fighting.

Receiving the command, the little Frost Wyrm unwillingly spat out a few more Ice Dragon Breaths and some Diamond Charges before flying back to the city walls with its head hung down in reluctance.

The Alliance army couldn’t help but bitterly smile at the sight of the little Frost Wyrm quickly retreating into the distance. The current situation was that the dragon couldn’t defeat them, but it could come and go however it pleased. If it wanted to leave, n.o.body could possibly block it. Although they could chase after it…the result would be the same if they reached the area of the arrow showers again. They couldn’t possibly contend against a sky full of arrows.

After withdrawing the little Frost Wyrm, Suo Jia excitedly summoned the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes back as well. He commanded that from then on, the Frost Wyrm would act together with them. In the mornings, they’d all fight outside the city, and in the nights, they’d free fight amongst each other in the training area, the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes vs the little Frost Wyrm! This would increase their strength while also deepening their understanding of the dragon, and improve their mutual connections with each other.

Suo Jia knew that by the time the little Frost Wyrm evolved once more and entered the long term period, it could become a mount. By then, he could use the mutual relationship between the dragon and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes to harmonize them all together.

When some people are happy, others are worried. While Suo Jia was beyond delighted, the Alliance leader outside the city, as well as Marquis Karuda, had worried frowns on their faces. Originally…the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had already given them quite a headache. Now, a Great Frost Wyrm had joined the mix. The unfavorable situation was getting more difficult to deal with.

After pondering over it for a long time, the Alliance leader said in a heavy voice, “City Lord Karuda, it looks like…we’ll have to execute our pincer attack plans sooner. Although the preparations aren’t yet sufficient, we’ll end up being destroyed if we delay any longer!”

City Lord Karuda considered the Alliance leader’s words for a while, then resolutely stood up and said, “Alright, tomorrow night then. Tomorrow evening at 12am, the troops on either side of the city will attack Dawn simultaneously. I refuse to believe the 400,000 soldiers can’t do anything to that puny Dawn!”


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