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Translated by: FatChinee
Edited by: Taffy

Chapter 2- Becoming a Mage

Children are innocent, and they are also the most intelligent. They are like a blank sheet of paper, able to write whatever they want and be whoever they want to be. If an individual wants to have achievements in martial arts, then they must practice while they are young. If they waste their first eight years, then even within their whole lives it will be impossible to achieve unity between heaven and man and reach the realm they want to reach.

However, children are also naughty and playful, so how much benefit do they really receive from this precious period of time? If we weigh this precious time on a scale of ten units, even if the child utilized one or two units, then that child is already considered to be smart!

Suo Jia’s mother looked at Suo Jia with pride. She knew that when she contracted her illness three years ago Sou Jia was still too small, and couldn’t play outside by himself. Ever since then, that stream of water was his only companion, as well as his only form of toy.

She watched Suo Jia with an apologetic look, knowing she owed him too much. Within these three years, Suo Jia had already avoided communicating with others. If he wasn’t sitting on the side practicing with water alone, then he was by his mother’s side listening to stories about his father.

Every day around this time, Suo Jia’s mother would always watch her son perform his water-control techniques and afterwards, give her son encouragement, and fill him with praise. This is why although only three years had pa.s.sed, Suo Jia’s water control techniques can be considered to almost have reached the magic expert level.

However, controlling water is not the same as water magic. Controlling water is like adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing; simply a basic foundation. Water magic, however, was an advanced practice that used high-rank water techniques. Right now, Suo Jia can only be considered to have an exceptional foundation.

Suo Jia’s mother sighed, and embarra.s.singly said while looking at son, “Suo Jia, listen to your mother’s words, mother knows that you want to become a powerful warrior, however the truth is that warrior schools won’t accept any water-controlling warriors. If you aren’t accepted to a school, then you could never become powerful.


After listening to his mother’s words, Suo Jia could not help but sit up and impatiently say, “This cannot be mom! How can they not accept me? I will definitely become powerful and for mother’s sake bring back father!”

Suo Jia’s mother smiled gently, and while softly stroking Suo Jia’s hair said, “Your mother is very pleased with your intention, but the truth is obvious! If you want to become powerful, then you need to become a water mage.”

Suo Jia looked at his mother stubbornly, hoping that she would have an alternative way to solve this problem. However, after looking at her for a long time, she did not say anything, only looking at him helplessly. Suo Jia understood that some things simply could not be changed.

Suo Jia’s mother watched the stubborn Suo Jia who was unwilling to look at her. Finally, she was unable to continue looking at her miserable son, and with a loving hug she gently said, “Child, regardless of other things, just become a water mage okay? If you don’t, then there’s no way of becoming more powerful. Just forget about your dream of becoming the strongest warrior!”

“Is going to school the only way to become stronger?” Suo Jia looked firmly at his mother, with his final effort.

Suo Jia’s mom nodded with difficulty, and reluctantly said, “That’s correct, only by going to a school can you receive the most systematic and well-rounded education. If you don’t go to a school, then then you won’t become strong.”

Suo Jia took a deep breath, and firmly said, “Alright mother. Since it’s like this, for the sake of becoming stronger, I will become a water mage. However, I will never throw away my goal. One day, you will definitely see me become the greatest warrior.” After saying this, Suo Jia jumped off the bed and took large strides out of the room.

Looking at Suo Jia’s stubborn back, Suo Jia’s mother face was bitter. Maybe her child’s wish was naïve and without reason, but at the same time he was stubborn and determined! When Suo Jia returned to his room, he sat unhappily on his bed and once again pulled out that thumb-thick stream of water and skillfully began to control it.

Suo Jia, while looking at the pure and glistening water stream in his hands, secretly wondered why couldn’t water controlling individuals become great warriors. Why did all water controllers need to become mages? This wasn’t fair at all!

While looking at the tricking water in his hands, Suo Jia felt what it meant to be hopeless for the first time. No matter how skilled he was at controlling water, if he could not become a powerful warrior, then what was the point?


After playing with the stream of water for a while, Suo Jia finally put away the water stream and stubbornly said to himself, “Forget it. No matter what happens, I still want to become a strong warrior like my father. Even if I enter school as a mage, I still will work hard to become the strongest warrior.”

After thinking about this alone in his room, Suo Jia finally found peace. With a happy grin, he put his mind to ease and extending both hands, freely began to control the sparkling water stream. The stream moved around both his hands and his body continuously, and after a short period of time, happy laughter could be heard within the house.

Five days later, Suo Jia and his mother arrived at Holy Light Academy’s preliminary a.s.sessment area early in the morning. Only by pa.s.sing the preliminary test could you have a chance to take the formal exam at Holy Light Academy’s Headquarters.

The weather was extremely cold. Even though it had just stopped snowing, it felt even colder than before. Despite the fact that it was dawn, the examination area was already packed with people in groups of twos and threes. Everyone was silently waiting for the start of the exam.

Only after the sunlight had just began to sneak out of the mist and a slight red appeared over the horizon, did Holy Light Academy’s Examiners come out one by one into the already decorated exam room. The children said their goodbyes to their parents, and entered the examination room.

The examination took place at a big building nearby, and since this was a small village, not many children took part, only roughly 200 or 300. Looking at the surrounding decorations and scenery, when Suo Jia saw the nearby children talking and laughing he began to feel awkward and uncomfortable. No one talked to him, and he didn’t try to talk to others either.

Fortunately Suo Jia didn’t have to feel this way for too long, as the exam was going to begin soon. One by one, the children entered the examination room to begin. The exam was extremely fast, lasting about only one minute per person.

Suo Jia didn’t want to come into contact with others too much, so he moved towards the back of the line. Only after almost all of the other children were tested did he get the opportunity to enter the testing room. By now, there were only a few children that haven’t been tested yet.

“Sigh… In this city, there’s not even one talented child. Not only that, none of the parents knew that encouraging them to practice was important. Don’t tell me that they don’t know that spoiling the children can only be bad for their future?” Suo Jia heard this heavy voice upon entering the door.

Suo Jia lifted his head and saw within the examination room, there was a long wooden table. Behind the wooden table sat three examiners who were talking among themselves.

While Suo Jia was observing the room, another voice replied, “You shouldn’t have too high expectations, this is only a small city. If not for that powerful warrior Soros originating from this village, this place wouldn’t be necessary for our selection process. We really only take about one in a million!”

Hearing the examiner’s words, his eyes lit up. Soros was his father! That was the first time Suo Jia heard someone else talk about his father. Super powerful warrior? That was really too cool.

“Alright, alright that’s enough. We can talk about these things after the exam is over. Either way there aren’t many children left, let’s finish early and grab a couple of drinks. The weather is so cold, and there might not be anything that tastes very good.” The examiner said in a serious tone when he saw Suo Jia.

Gesturing his hands towards Suo Jia, the examiner opened his mouth and said, “Kid, come a bit closer. It’s just a test, uncle won’t eat people, you don’t need to be so far away.” (TL: whoa pedo alert)

Suo Jia, hearing those words, turned a little red and stepped forwards obediently. After taking a small step, he immediately stopped again. The examiners could not help but laugh a bit. Standing so far away, how could they test him?

However, after so many failed children, the three examiners did not think too highly of this child. If he wanted to stand far away, so be it! As long as they let him demonstrate for a bit, they could ask him to leave. These three examiners already inwardly thought that they had wasted their time coming to this village.

The examiner smiled and said, “Alright! Demonstrate some of your skills for us! Show us your best techniques so we can evaluate them.”

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