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Translated by: FatChinee and a little bit by p.o.o.p
Edited by: Taffy


Chapter 149 – Change Within the Imperial Palace Pt. 1

Although he was still a child, humanity’s love for gambling was innate in everyone. It didn’t matter if it was the Empress or Suo Jia, both of them were excited over this bet.

With regards to the Empress, she hoped even more that she would lose. Although she would lose her most precious Fire Phoenix Necklace, she would obtain the entire world at the same time.

For Suo Jia, losing was not a possibility, and winning was an inevitability. The results of this grand gamble would grant him the Fire Phoenix Necklace. This was a gamble, if he lost, he had to pay out. Only then would Suo Jia feel that he didn’t owe anything to anyone else. After all… if he were to lose, Suo Jia would have to pay with his life.

Under such a luxurious gamble, Suo Jia concentrated all of his attention to meticulously carry out the procedure of altering the Empress’s appearance. In his entire life, he had never been so focused on a single matter.

Of course, it wasn’t that Suo Jia didn’t do things carefully before, but rather that it’s the first time he did it this carefully. The procedure this time was related to the Fire Phoenix Necklace, and was related to Suo Jia’s life! He definitely could not afford to make even the smallest mistake.

Finally, three days later… Suo Jia finished his work and looked at the Empress, who currently had her eyes closed while lying down on a recliner. With how picky Suo Jia was, her beauty was without a single flaw, and was simply too perfect.

While remaining calm and collected, he retrieved a mirror and placed it in front of the Empress’s face and said while smiling, “Alright, Your Highness, everything is complete. Now… you can take a look at yourself. I think… the gambled results have been revealed.”

Lotus-like outer appearance, beautiful autumn water eyes. Snow-like skin, clear spring-like voice. A willow tree beauty, with a beautiful and clean jade-like heart. Her movements were like the spring breeze, her smile resembled peach blossoms, and her song was like a clear stream. Her eyebrows concealed all of her worries, and her vermilion lips were like autumn. She was a treasure from the heaven and the earth, and naturally alert and elegant. From just a glance, it was truly like the king of flowers, the peony!

(FatChinee: Omg this paragraph… I probably got half of it wrong, but you guys understand what it means right?)

Looking at her image reflected within the mirror, the Empress could not help but turn silly. This was her? This was really her? This was the so-called — Lotus-like outer appearance, willow tree waist, and twin eyes with lovable autumn ripples. Clouds of light wrapped around her beautiful body, and it could have been a G.o.ddess descending.

Bitterly smiling while shaking her head, Holy Light’s number one beauty? Or perhaps… she was embarra.s.sed to claim this, but the Empress knew that if right now, she claimed to be Holy Light’s number two, no one would dare claim that they were number one!

Seeing such a beautiful face within the mirror, mature and yet beautiful, honored yet refined, under such a gorgeous appearance, she did not even have the words to give it justice. Realizing this, the Empress finally understood the meaning behind Suo Jia’s sentence — beauty was without a standard, and every kind of beauty could become the most moving.

In delight, the Empress took out an embroidered jade case and sincerely said, “I lost this bet. I lost, and lost to the point where I am convinced in heart and in word. No matter what, I will remember this friendship, and in the future, I will definitely repay you!”

Hearing the Empress’s words, Suo Jia smiled while shaking his head. Right when he was replying with a few modest words, the studio’s large doors suddenly opened. At the same time,  Wen Ya’s panicked figure rushed in.

“Something terrible has happened, Your Highness. A change has occurred within the chamber of concubines! Imperial Concubine Hua is trying to usurp your Empress position!” Wen Ya’s panicked voice rang out like thunder.

“Hu…” With a gentle voice, the Empress stood up, and said with a baleful gaze, “That la.s.s is actually so brazen and dared to try seize my position in my absence!”

Hearing the Empress’s words, Wen Ya finally snapped out of her daze from looking at the Empress’s peerless appearance and quickly said, “That’s right, Your Highness cannot tarry any longer. Father has already arranged for a Fiery Dragon Knight to promptly send Your Highness back to the palace! We must help Your Highness seize back her power, even if we end up offending the Emperor as a result.”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, the Empress’s eyes could not help but reveal a thankful radiance. She sincerely replied, “Then I must thank the Grand Duke Wen Sha. Since things ended up like so, we don’t have any time to waste. Let’s leave now!”

While speaking, the Empress turned around and said politely, “Lord Suo Jia, your favor will be remembered. I have urgent matters to attend to, so I will take my leave first!” After speaking, the Empress, together with Wen Ya, quickly walked outside.

“Wait!” Just before they took a few steps, Suo Jia’s loud shout rang out from behind them.

Stopping their steps in confusion, the Empress turned her body and impatiently spoke while looking at Suo Jia, “Does Lord Suo Jia need something else? Please hurry, things are too urgent and I really cannot afford to waste any time.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Suo Jia said deeply, “Your Highness does not need to be in such a panic, as it will make you seem like two clowns. With help from me, Suo Jia, Your Highness does not need to worry!”

“What? You…” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the two ladies shouted in shock at the same time.

Unhurriedly returning to his seat, Suo Jia calmly said, “Why are you guys so panicked? Right now, you are still the Empress, and so even if he wanted to abandon you, it wouldn’t be such a simple matter. Come back and sit down. Calm down first, and then we can think of a way to resolve the issue. Once you guys act in a reckless manner, it will only make things worse.”

If it was before, the Empress would definitely not pay attention to a 10 year old child like him. However now, after being in contact for three days, the Empress knew that this child was not simple at all. Although he was young and his experiences weren’t plentiful, his wisdom was something that made those who underestimate him regret doing so.

After going through such a major gamble, in particular, the current Empress’s opinion was that Suo Jia might as well be half G.o.d. Even if Suo Jia said the sky was square, and that the earth was round, she would also believe it. In addition, what Suo Jia said really did make sense, and now was definitely not the time to be muddle-headed. Even if they were in a rush, they could spare a few minutes. Calming down and carefully a.n.a.lyzing the situation to find the right countermeasures for the current situation was the most correct course of action.

Seeing the Empress gradually calming down, and walk away without being in such a hurry, Wen Ya could not help but anxiously say, “Your Highness, the situation is urgent. You can’t sit down like this any longer. Let’s still…”

Without waiting for Wen Ya to finish her sentence, the Empress suddenly lifted her hands to halt Wen Ya’s words. At the same time, she looked intensely at Suo Jia as she said, “Lord Suo Jia, I have already calmed down. Help me think of a way, I need your a.s.sistance.”


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