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Translated by: FatChinee


Chapter 136 – The Mysterious Book Pt.2

This auction was rather important as it was only held semi-annually. Moreover….it was the year-end auction; during the year, this second auction was the most grand. Every year, this auction would prepare a large amount of rare and precious treasures to be sold. Only at times like these would many wealthy n.o.bles gather.

The auction progressed in a lively manner, however Suo Jia’s party did not appear too interested. No matter what, Suo Jia and Emma were still calm, as they had partic.i.p.ated in too many auctions already. The things that were brought out first were all small things, and it was impossible for them to attract the attention of influential people.

As Suo Jia chatted with them, he also helped refresh the two girls’ appearances once more. After chatting for a while, the auction finally began to bring out the rare magic equipment one by one. The three people stopped talking and began to solely focus on watching the auction stand.

It is worth mentioning that neither Emma or Wen Ya were warriors. Although they were also here to buy things for personal collections, they couldn’t actually use any of them.

Expensive magical equipment came out one after another, and were sold off in succession and delivered in an ordinary manner. Most of the items sold for double of what they would normally be sold for, and looking at the auctioning atmosphere, Suo Jia could not help but be amazed. In this world, there were simply too many people with a lot of money. When could he become like these people where taking out a few 100 million wasn’t even a big deal!

Although 100 units of currency in Holy Light Empire was only worth about 1 unit of currency outside the empire and the value of that money was worth a lot more, even if it was like this, 100 million was still not a small amount of money. At the very least, it was still worth 1 million outside this empire.

While he was thinking, the auction proceeded smoothly, and he watched disappointingly as magical equipment got sold off one after another. Suo Jia felt extremely gloomy, as the first reason was that the prices were too high, and the second reason was that none of these equipment were what Suo Jia needed.

Typically, all the precious and rare items were equipment which belonged to the elements that were more popular. Fire system held the majority, while wind system came in second. As for the water system items that Suo Jia needed, there simply weren’t that many.

While he was in his gloomy mood, he saw the auctioning items decrease little by little, finally… Suo Jia could not bear it any longer and wanted to take action. At the very least, he didn’t want to have come here for nothing. Although Suo Jia bought a Water Spirit Crown that could improve the effects of meditation by 80 percent and a Water Spirit Ring that could improve the cultivation results of the Ice and Snow Pact by 80 percent after spending 200 million, he still wanted to continue buying.

After returning to the White Villa, the two girls who were currently studying new spells called him over, and he put the two Ideal-ranked magical equipment in front of them.

Although there were only two items, it was enough for them to use. As one girl meditated, the other could cultivate in the Ice and Snow Pact. The one meditating would wear the Water Spirit Crown, and the one cultivating the Ice and Snow Pact would wear the Water Spirit Ring. By sharing it, it was enough, after all… Other than Suo Jia, it was impossible to meditate and cultivate the Ice and Snow Pact at the same time, as “one heart can not be used for two purposes.”

For the sake of quickly promoting the strength of the two girls, Suo Jia went to the academy and requested for their leave of absence. Every day… the two girls both spent eight hours on mediation, eight hours on the Ice and Snow Pact, as well as cultivating the magic casting method for another eight hours. Their schedules were tightly packed, otherwise, they could not meet Suo Jia’s requirements.

After doing the planning for the two girls, Suo Jia forgot about all of his worries. After another year or two of training, these girls would finally be useful. The Heaven’s One Holy Water and the Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons were both extraordinarily powerful innate skills, and they definitely could help in Suo Jia’s plans.

However, Suo Jia felt a sense of crisis. He understood clearly that if he did not work hard and cultivate, a single slip up would cause him to fall behind these two girls. This was something that he definitely would not tolerate, and as he was already aided by the most powerful Epic-ranked outfit. Although his innate talent was average, he was not inferior to those two girls. Since it was like this, there was no reason for him to be overtaken, to the point where he could not even allow them to close the gap by a bit. The distance between them could only grow larger, otherwise, it would prove that Suo Jia’s efforts were in vain. After all, Aimi and Aila did not have the help of the Epic-ranked set, and did not even own any Legendary-ranked items.

While thinking, Suo Jia felt his heart slightly move, and with a slight wave of his right-hand, two perfectly round ice spheres immediately appeared in Suo Jia’s right hand. As if he was an old grandpa on the street, Suo Jia gently began to rotate the two ice spheres as if they were juggling b.a.l.l.s.

One should not look down on these two small Ice Spheres, as one of them was practiced using the water controlling method, and the other was training the Ice and Snow Pact. With the Atlantis’ Wisdom allowing him to stay in a meditative state, this allowed Suo Jia to practice three important techniques. Water control, meditation, Ice and Snow Pact; although it looked like he was doing one thing, he was practicing three different things! It was like that saying, using one to attack three.

As a result of developing a new cultivating technique, Suo Jia only needed to meditate at night for six hours to extract information, and then afterwards spend six hours practicing the Mysterious Ice Arrow, Freezing Touch and the Whip Hammer Technique. The 12 hours of daylight were completely emptied.

Moving around the sparkling crystal-like Ice Spheres in his hand, Suo Jia often loitered around the bazaar and attempted to obtain some treasure from within. You have to understand that the first time he tried to fish out some treasures, he tasted great success. After that time, he always thought of the bazaar like a treasure trove.

With the Vulcan’s Roar as well as fourty million, Suo Jia was able to acquire the Atlantis’ Glove, 44 interspatial rings, as well a dagger. In fact, that dagger was exchanged for the Atlantis’ Earring as well as 36 Semi Epic-ranked armors and a Monarch Battle Armor.

Roughly estimating, the profits of that time equalled to a million times his current income. This was why Suo Jia was rather biased about the market. Suo Jia visited the bazaar day after day for an entire month to the point where everyone there recognized the little guy who walked about with two little swirling spheres.

After a while, Suo Jia had already spent over a billion gold inside of the bazaar, however, he wasn’t able to acquire a single treasure. It is worth mentioning, however, that Suo Jia fished out quite a few ordinary goods. Adding up the value of all the items, not only did he not suffer any deficits, he rather increased by more than ten fold!

In Suo Jia’s eyes, Ideal-ranked items were good things, Excellent-ranked items were not bad, and anything under Excellent-rank had similar strength. To him, they were just ordinary magical equipment and might as well have been trash. Even if someone gave it away he would not want it.

As a result, Suo Jia decided to open a large scale mixed shop in the White Villa front courtyard. All of the treasures that he came home with, he placed it there to sell. Business turned out to be excellent, and gold continuously flowed in. They had already made a name for themselves in Holy Light City.

Early in the morning each day after a night of cultivation, his hands would call forth the ice spheres. While they were swirling about, he would rush towards the bazaar. After coming back with a day’s worth of goods, he would come home in the dark. After eating, he would continue to cultivate an entire night. He felt that the days were extremely fulfilling and incomparably happy; he did not feel that it was repet.i.tive at all.

As long as he paid something, he would receive a profit, finally… after doing this for an entire month, Suo Jia once again discovered treasure. While squatting down near a shabby and remote vendor’s booth, Suo Jia concentrated his gaze on a magical book in poor condition and was carefully trying to a.n.a.lyze its authenticity.

Magical items could also be fake, and there were many counterfeits. There were people who especially made new things look old, and then afterwards they would claim that they dug it up out of an old tomb. Suo Jia fell for these tricks quite a few times, however now, after gaining a bountiful amount of experience, Suo Jia could no longer be tricked so easily. At the very least, he wouldn’t be cheated by such underhanded methods.

Gently picking up the spell book, he carefully browsed through it. After carefully inspecting it, finally, Suo Jia decided that this magical text was definitely not new. This was definitely an ancient text, and looking at its current condition, it had already existed for a long time. Although the book was still rather intact, it was still rather shabby. The traces of time were evident, and it was not something that a counterfeit could replicate.

After a.n.a.lyzing for a long time, Suo Jia finally lifted up his head and looked at a new vendor that Suo Jia had previously never seen before before saying, “How much is this book? I want to buy…”

Coldly glaring at Suo Jia, the vendor obviously did not believe that such a small child had money and indifferently said, “Kid, if you want to buy it, then go back and find your family head. Although this book isn’t worth much, it would at the very least sell for several dozen thousand gold. It’s impossible for you to take out that much money.”

Suo Jia was already used to such att.i.tude. Almost every stall owner treated him in the same way, and so Suo Jia did not explain too much and simply took out a ten thousand gold crystal card and threw it towards the vendor. Afterwards, he did not say a single words and hugged the spell book and walked away. Looking at Suo Jia who was walking into the distance and then looking at the crystal card, the stall owner could not help but stare blankly. This little child really had money!


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