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Translated by: FatChinee, Silva, Taffy
Edited by: Comfortabull

Chapter 127 – All-Around a.s.sault Pt. 1

Using his brain to think of an image only needed an instant. However, in order to portray the image, it might need an entire day. With this blue glove in his possession, Suo Jia could skip the process of portraying the image. Anything he imagined could be accomplished! This…… this was just too frightening!

While pondering, Suo Jia tried it out, but unfortunately…… he was awfully disappointed to find out that this blue glove only worked on the Freezing Touch. As for the Ice Sphere, True Ice Sphere and the rest of the ice magic, he would still need to slowly draw out the spell formation like usual!

After a.n.a.lyzing up to this point, Suo Jia finally figured out the origin of this glove. If he was not wrong, then this was part of the Atlantis set! The Atlantis’ Might!

Suo Jia turned his head hastily and looked at the pillar besides him. As expected…… the ice layer on top of the pillar was not only 2 centimeters thick, it reached 4 centimeters instead. The effects of the Freezing Touch was doubled!

As one of the Atlantis’ set, the name of this glove was Atlantis’ Might. Its ability was to instantly activate the Freezing Touch and increase its effect by 100%. Furthermore, this glove made out of the skin of the blue spirits’ queen could accelerate the activation speed of the magic by 100%!

Doubtfully looking at the blue glove on his hand, Suo Jia was deeply moved. He never expected that the glove he obtained before was actually part of the Atlantis set. That was really too ridiculous, he didn’t even spend any effort to get this. The only unfortunate thing was that…… he still hadn’t found the part that was interlinked with this glove. As a result, he could only bring out the ability of this glove by itself.

Suo Jia took a deep breath while he was thinking. He controlled the ice stream at his side by waving his right hand and it whizzed by as it swept by the stone pillar beside him. Immediately…… the rocks scattered all around and the huge stone pillar was instantly frozen!

Suo Jia walked to the side of the stone pillar lightly and rubbed the surface of the thick layer of ice that had reached 4 centimeters. Suo Jia knew his fighting strength would be increased by an entire level with this glove. Although the Freezing Touch couldn’t be casted through the ice stream, it could still instantly freeze any opponent. This was way too important for a mage who was regarded as comparatively weak in close combat.

Furthermore, even if Suo Jia couldn’t use the glove to instantly activate any spell other than the Freezing Touch, that was its only limitation. He could still use it to draw the magic spell formation. Henceforth, Suo Jia didn’t need to exhaust himself by waving his arm rapidly to draw the magic pattern anymore. All he needed to do was to concentrate and portray the image in his mind. In addition…the activation speed would be increased by 100%!

After thinking for a while, Suo Jia lifted his hand. The blue light radiated from the heart of his palm and then three bright blue streaks formed a Six Pointed Star Array on his palm as fast as lightning. Soon after…a few strange symbols appeared within various positions of the Six Pointed Star Array. Then an Ice Sphere covered in thorns all over its surface appeared on top of Suo Jia’s palm.

Looking at the True Ice Sphere that was slowly rotating on top of his palm, Suo Jia shook his head while sighing in admiration. Suo Jia pushed his palm slightly as the True Ice Sphere whizzed towards the stone pillar, turning it into rubble!

Nodding his head satisfied, Suo Jia once again activated another spell rapidly. As his right hand waved, the Glacial Armor began spreading from Suo Jia’s two legs until his entire body was covered. With a bit of effort, a set of valiant Glacial Armor completely covered the surface of Suo Jia’s body.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” A chain of violent noise resounded as the sharp ice thorns shot out from all over the Glacial Armor. They were pointing towards the front and attempted to a.s.sault any enemy.

Suo Jia who was ten and a half years old finally became an Elementary Mage. However, the path he had chosen was still very long. An Elementary Mage couldn’t rely on closed door training to raise their strength anymore. He had to go on a journey to increase his knowledge and grow as he gained more experience.

Despite knowing all this, Suo Jia still could not drop everything to go on a journey and learn through experience. Even though the White Villa was already on the right track, Suo Jia was still unable to be at ease.

Just when Suo Jia was in agony choosing between the two, the Golden Flame Commerce Union’s female warrior returned. Without their helmets and armor, they came back covered in cuts and bruises all over their body. Suo Jia was startled as he looked at the crestfallen female warriors who were sitting within the underwater training ground, just how did that come about? How did it become like this?

After carefully looking around for a long time and making sure that not a single fire wind warrior was missing, Suo Jia slightly exhaled and said in a gloomy voice, “#1, tell me, what exactly happened? How did you guys end up in such a terrible state?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, #1 emotionlessly lifted up her head and blankly spoke, “In the beginning, everything went quite smoothly and we were able to buy and sell many things as well as have a successful transport. However, along with our rise in reputation came an increased amount of people taking notice of us.”

Slightly pausing for a bit, #1 continued. “At first, we merely suffered a small robbery attack, and by relying on our strength, it was still not difficult to defeat them. However afterwards, one bandit corps after another emerged in large numbers and endlessly attacked our caravan. Our losses were huge, and the original staff sent out with the vehicles perished.”

“Gasp!” Listening up to here, Suo Jia could not help but uncomfortably inhaling a breath of cold air. Those hundred transport staff members were all dead? Only three months had pa.s.sed, how could such a thing happen!

While Suo Jia was still in shock, #1 continued, “Although things became like this, we still did not back off and continued to face the enemies’ cruel attacks. We employed another group of staff and continued to move forward!”

“En…” Sighing while nodding in praise, this was precisely what Suo Jia planned for. Not being attacked by any bandits along the way was impossible. Suo Jia’s purpose was to demand that they underwent the blood and fire baptism. The only thing was, Suo Jia could not have possibly have thought that within three months, they would have been defeated to the point of losing their helmets and armor and forced to run away.

While in doubt, Suo jia wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “Since the situation ended that way, how did you guys end up like this?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, #1’s two eyes gradually became hazy and tears began to flow down. “Because our protection was not satisfactory under the enemy’s attack, watching the transport staff get attacked made us feel a lot of suffering. Sooner or later, we all released our killing intent and confronted all the killers and did not let a single one of them off. However, although it was like this, within these three months, we still lost 600.”

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