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Translated by: FatChinee, Silva, Almer

Chapter 125 – A Confusing and Mysterious Method Pt. 1

For the sake of thoroughly eliminating the fire wind warrior’s past, they changed their commerce union’s name to the Golden Flame Corps. The 36 fire wind warrior’s names were also differentiated into the Golden Flame number 1, Golden Flame number 2…

The Golden Flame Commerce Union was represented by a rising Golden Flame. Each and every Golden Flame Chamber of Commerce member all had to wear this badge at the sleeve of their right arms. All of the freight wagons used by the Golden Flame Commerce Union had the Golden Flame insignia as well. Although the Golden Flame Commerce Union had already been established for a bit more than a year, it had not actually dealt with any large scale business operations yet. Strictly speaking, they were simply the White Villa’s supplier, and the world doesn’t even know the existence of this Commerce Union.

However, now it was different. After investing a billion gold, the Commerce Union was directly promoted to Rank B. They were allowed to take on many large scale business operations within Holy Light Empire, and only from then on would the Golden Flame Commerce Union really emerge in front of the rest of the world.

The Golden Flame Commerce Union was currently composed of the 36 Golden Flame warriors. Under their control were ten large freight wagons, and each of the freight wagons had ten staff members that were in charge of the cargo transport and supervising of the goods. As for the Golden Flame warriors, they were the original fire wind warriors, and they were in charge of the escorting.

As for the remaining 100 million from the the 400 million gold, they gave it to Golden Flame number 1. The Golden Flame caravan set out according to a pre-determined business route, and the second part of Suo Jia’s plan also officially began.

After sending off the girls, Suo Jia did not immediately start his closed door training. He returned to the academy to gather information in the library instead. There were many doubts within his mind that he had to carefully investigate.

It had almost been a year since he obtained the Atlantis’ Wisdom, as well as the Faerie’s Soul and Frost’s Sigh. If the effects of these magic items were genuine, then Suo Jia’s meditation right now should have broken through a boundary layer, or maybe even reached the third layer or higher. However in truth, Suo Jia was still stuck at the first layer!

Each layer of meditation had a clear difference. Not only would there be a significant increase in the cultivation speed of Magic and Spirit Power, the most important thing was the upper limit of the Magic and Spirit Power!

Recently, Suo Jia could clearly feel that although he was constantly maintaining the state of meditation, the growth of his Magic and Spirit Power were slowing down. Although he could not say that he was stuck, he still could not break through to the second layer.

Formidable mages could emit powerful and oppressive Magic Power from their entire body at any given time. Especially during a fight , one could completely rely on Magic Power to create a Magic Field to confuse their opponents and disable them during a fight.

Magic Power was a mage’s energy. By relying on Spirit Power to start a spell, once they entered combat, a formidable mage could cause the elements within 10 meters of their surrounding to vibrate. One could tell it possessed an imposing force with just a quick glance, and in order to achieve this goal, one had to raise their meditation to a higher layer.

The foundation of a mage was meditation; mage is a combat occupation that is established by meditation. The higher the layer of one’s meditation, the greater the might of the mage. If one was stuck at the first layer forever, then it was impossible to become formidable.

Meditation had a total of ten layers, and correspondingly separated like the ten ranks of magic. However, although it was divided into ten layers, the last layer was without a limit. Even if both mages were at the tenth rank, their formidability might be worlds apart. It was possible that this disparity might even be greater than between that of a rank 1 mage and a rank 10 mage. A Rank 10 mage was not the end, but rather the beginning!

With the a.s.sistance of the librarian, Suo Jia quickly found some books regarding meditation and grabbed the books with both hands. Suo Jia carefully read the books, and unexpectedly, it was better not to look. After looking, Suo Jia almost cried out.

Relying on external things! That’s right… Suo Jia was overwhelmed to find that even though he always tried to avoid relying on external items, in actuality, he still relied excessively on external items. He had excessively relied on the Atlantis’s Wisdom!

Although the Atlantis’ Wisdom could help Suo Jia preserve meditation indefinitely, was it really that simple? No… this was merely the base. The most important part of meditation was to realize and comprehend the magical elements, as well as communicating with the elements.

Although Suo Jia always maintained the meditative state, he never took the initiative to absorb and communicate with the received information. If this happens, other than an increase in Magic and Spirit Power, it was impossible for him to break through into the second layer.

Regarding this, Suo Jia’s subconscious mind had already interacted with the water elements for more than a year under the a.s.sistance of Atlantis’ Wisdom. He had acc.u.mulated a huge volume of information, but this information was completely stored within the dormant parts of Suo Jia’s consciousness. His subjective consciousness had not proficiently understood it yet, and to breakthrough the second layer, Suo Jia still had to take the initiative to enter the meditative boundary and extract these valuable information hidden within his consciousness.

After he understood everything, Suo Jia impatiently returned home and extended his closed door training to three months. Except for when he came out to have his meal or use the restroom, he spent most of his time in the state of meditation to extract the information from his subconscious mind.

Suo Jia took no less than 3 months to absorb the information that had acc.u.mulated for an entire year. Within those 3 months, Suo Jia’s magic and spiritual power were growing like crazy. Three months later, after Suo Jia came out from the closed doors training, he had already successfully promoted to the 2nd layer of meditation!

Softly opening his eyes, Suo Jia couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, because the information acc.u.mulated for a year was sufficient for him to promote to the 3rd layer of meditation. However, in reality, too much time had pa.s.sed and the information was concealed too deep. It was impossible to draw out the information in a short period of time. Although he would not lose anything, his promotion speed had been drastically reduced.

After pondering for a little while, Suo Jia knew that from now on, he had to spend at least 6 hours everyday to conduct meditation and extract the information regarding the water elements in his subconscious mind. Otherwise, his promotion speed would continue to reduce.

After a short while, Suo Jia flipped through a thick magic book that was covered with a thick layer of dust. At that moment…… Suo Jia was already an Elementary Mage since he broke through the 2nd level of meditation. It was finally the time for him to start practicing the real Ice Sphere Technique!

Even though what the so-called genuine Ice Sphere Technique discharged was still an ice sphere, its strength was incomparable. What the genuine Ice Sphere Technique discharged was an ice sphere that resembles a hedgehog. Its surface was covered with sharp ice thorns, so enemies not only had to brace themselves for the impact of the ice sphere but also the jab of the ice thorns!

That was not all, the core of a genuine Ice Sphere was hollow and cold air was stored up within it that would detonate upon contact. Once the Ice Sphere touched the target, the ice thorns would penetrate the receiving party’s body and then the entire Ice Sphere would explode like a bomb, forming an icy fog around 2 meters in diameter. The icy fog had an extremely low temperature that could instantly freeze the enemy!

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