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Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee

Chapter 123 – Fighting With One’s Entire Body Pt. 1

Under Suo Jia’s orders, the 36 fire wind warriors entered the underwater training area one after another. It has already been 3 months since they had last returned. Seeing the familiar environment of the training area, as well as the serious-faced Suo Jia, all the girls could feel their noses smart, and they almost began to cry.

To the fire wind warriors, this place was their roots, their home. Aside from their own sisters, Suo Jia was the only close relationship that the girls had. He was like a father or mother figure to them. Suo Jia had given these girls new lives, and genuine freedom. Moreover, he had always cared for them, and organized all of their actions, just like a parent would.

Unfortunately, although the girls felt this way, whenever they saw Suo Jia’s childish appearance and his solemn face, it was impossible to label him as a father.

As the group of girls was evaluating Suo Jia, Suo Jia was also evaluating them. Seven months had already pa.s.sed since the inter-championship compet.i.tion. During this time, they had only met a few times in rushed pa.s.sing. Suo Jia couldn’t even remember anymore when the last time everyone had sat down without any rush to actually chat, and when he had last actually properly looked at the girls.

It had already been a year since the fire wind warriors had broken away from the Holy Light Empire. During this period, the girls had gone through quite a lot of changes. During the beginning half of the year, they had all been running all over the place to deliver certain merchandise. However, in the most recent half year, they had been continuously fighting against powerful magical beasts. The past year had made the originally young and immature girls grow quite a bit. Suo Jia could now see the murderous aura from them; a very profound murderous aura!

Some people might find it strange that killing magical beast could generate a murderous aura. This is true…if one only killed normal magical beasts, no murderous aura would appear. However, the ones that the girls had faced were far more formidable, and the 36 sisters had to rely on their teamwork to tire the magical beast to death.

It could be said that every battle had been fought with the feeling of embracing death. Hovering at the brink of death each of the girls had experienced countless life or death trials. They had felt the death G.o.d brush past their shoulders numerous times. Although they hadn’t personally killed a person yet, they’d let out the same murderous aura as if they were. The only thing was…this murderous aura wasn’t sinister or cold. Rather, it was as fiery as a raging inferno! This was the murderous aura akin to the raging flames that a phoenix bathes in that the fire wind warriors had gained after discarding their thoughts of life and death away!

Gazing intently at the 36 girls that he had long since become familiar with, Suo Jia knew that he could now advance to the second step of his plans. For the sake of turning these girls into battle G.o.ddesses not only in name, but in reality, Suo Jia, as a warrior, knew that he couldn’t avoid staining his own hands red, even if he didn’t want to.

While thinking, Suo Jia said in a heavy voice, “I believe that everyone has gained a lot from the recent fights in the past half year. This is something that I can tell from reading everyone’s expressions and postures.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “For the following period of time, I think everyone should just stay here for a while. Don’t go anywhere, and properly organize, absorb, and digest through what you have gained the past year. Afterwards—-I have a new task to give you girls!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, all the girls curled their hands into fists in excitement. During the past year, they spent the entire time wandering around outside. Although they weren’t dest.i.tute or homeless, they had been aimlessly drifting about like leaves in the wind; they hadn’t stopped for a single moment. They were currently so weary of this wandering lifestyle that they really needed to properly rest for a bit, and recover the fatigue that they could feel down to their bones.

They sighed in admiration at Suo Jia. These plans really couldn’t be any better. If Suo Jia continued to sent them outside to do tasks, they definitely wouldn’t reject. However, they would’ve felt extremely vexed. It was not only extremely easy to get into accidents, but more importantly, they were at the point where they could no longer gain much from the experiences anymore. Moreover, the things they had gained earlier could easily be forgotten by this point.

Under Suo Jia’s urging, the girls all left to start their one month of closed door training. After experiencing so much during the past year, they had to organize, digest and absorb it. According to Suo Jia’s arrangements, they all had to come out once a week and discuss and share what they learned with each other. They needed to help each other with their confusions and difficult problems. Only this type of environment would help them the most.

After finishing his arrangements for the girls, Suo Jia left the White Villa and went straight to find Emma so that they could rush over to the dwarf blacksmith’s shop. With Emma as a witness, the dwarf that valued promises even more important than his life wouldn’t be able to take back his words even if he died.

It had been half a year since they had met, but Emma was still as lively and adorable, youthful and pretty, as before. This was really all thanks to Suo Jia’s skill. However….recently, Suo Jia had been engrossed in training, so Emma had already gone over 3 months without any touch up treatments. Although she was still beautiful, it was clear that she had grown slightly chubbier. If any more time pa.s.sed, the Shar Pei lady would most likely make her appearance once more.

That’s why Emma had been happy to death after learning that Suo Jia had come to find her. She immediately agreed with his request. No matter what, that dwarf would have to honor his word. However, as compensation, Suo Jia would have to help Emma touch up her appearance after the matter was over.

Something like this was as easy as lifting a finger, so Suo Jia had no reason to reject her request. At the moment….Suo Jia and Emma were rushing over to the dwarf’s blacksmith shop, and they were able to find Master Han Sa smoothly without a hitch.

Hearing that Suo Jia unexpectedly managed to gather all of the materials, Master Han Sa could not help but be dumbstruck. There was no way he would believe such a thing; you have to understand, even if it was an entire country using its strength to find these materials, it would still be extremely difficult. However, within the timespan of only half a year, Suo Jia had managed to completely gather the materials. Wasn’t this simply an impossible task?

Confronted by Master Han Sa who was currently in disbelief, Suo Jia decided not to say too much. He directly took out ten cases from his interspatial ring and allowed Master Han Sa to inspect it. At this point, Master Han Sa was finally without words.

After confirming that everything was there, Master Han Sa in the end really did live up to his t.i.tle as the dwarf race’s most outstanding master. Overjoyed, he promised Suo Jia that not only would he make the 40 armor sets, the most important thing was that he was willing to take measurements and make them into an all new half Epic-ranked set!

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