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Chapter 75 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 38


«TN: Trigger warning: doesn’t contain loli»

“Uuu~ … those irritating brats desuyo~ …! I was only being gentle with them at the beginning! They’ve been making light of me every other sentence lately desuyo!”

While saying that, Kirisha pounded my bed again and again.
Unable to continue her twin sisters’ education by ordinary means, she went “Ugaaa” in indignation.

She intended to act scary, but since she was cute to begin with, it lacked impact.
So lovely—♡

“Doesn’t being selfish prove that they trust you? The twins seem to like you very much little lady”

Transformed into the old soldier, I gently pat the raging small animal in the head.

“Uuu — … If they liked me then they should care about me a little more nodesuyo! Those two are like monsters! I want to have them tamed one day nodesuyo!”

Kirisha sat on the bed side, and now she kicked about with her feet.

She’s been coming here a lot to complain but Kirisha’s face looked lively.
She must have cared for her sisters so much after all.

Recently, Kirisha had even taken over half of her useless father’s jobs.
She’s a natural at supporting people, I’m sure of it.

Smiling, I gazed at Kirisha.
Kirisha had visibly grown a lot.

Mentally — and also physically.

In just a few days, Kirisha was markedly taller.

Her body lengthened, and she had more meat on her.
She had given off a childlike impression up until now, but now she looked appropriate for her age.

By losing faith in Yuutarou and leaving his harem, she was set free from being a “Character”.
The checks restraining Kirisha’s growth had been undone.

This girl was at an age where she would normally get married after all.
Just a tad bit younger than Ruby.
She wasn’t really a loli.

Even though she wasn’t that young she stayed young for the convenience of the world’s Narrative, and n.o.body thought it strange — such an unusual scene.

That was why I had always told myself, Kirisha was a “woman”.
That was so I don’t fall for it myself.

Well, at any rate, now that Kirisha had grown and was no longer a loli, I could do her —


But I couldn’t get into the mood.
Not in this form … maybe it was a mistake to turn into an old man.

— I might have to do that after all.

“Little lady, can you close your eyes for a little bit?”

“Hm? Yes desuyo—”

Kirisha stared at me, puzzled, but she still closed her eyes like she was told.

Immediately I gave Kirisha’s lips a kiss — and at the same moment, I transformed into a blonde haired young boy.

Surprised by the feeling in her lips, Kirisha opened her eyes, and became even more surprised.

“… w, who might you be —!?”

“Don’t say who. I’m the guy you’ve been calling Uncle. This is what I actually look like. My body changed because of a curse, and I needed a maiden’s kiss to turn back. You saved me there”

I took Kirisha’s hand, brought my face close to hers, and made an extraordinarily smug smile.

“Sorry for kissing you without asking. I’ll protect you forever in exchange”

An ubakawa unmasked by the kiss of a princess, an old man transformed into a pretty boy.
A typical happy end.
A staple of stories.

“Eh, Ah … eh … um, so sudden … eh, uhm … e, eEEEH—? I, this is happening too fast …! Auu …”

Kirisha darted her eyes around with a face all red, and finally stopped fidgeting.

Blood rushed to her head and she stared blankly at me.

Kirisha, who was trapped in a “Story” just the other day, had a storylike happy end thrown her way — and the result was astounding.

“A, a a a a are you really Uncle …? No, I guess it’s onii-san now … W … what should I do … please don’t stare at me … like that …”

Kirisha was in a daze.

I had been an old man but now I was a prince — the gap drove her crazy.

I held Kirisha’s chin and smugly pulled her to me, giving her another kiss.

Her thin lips and mine were pressed together for some amount of time —

And for the same amount of time, our lips parted.


Kirisha turned doe-eyed, she melted.
Her breathing became quick.
Her small hands gripped the cuff of my shirt, more, she seems to be saying.

I gave her another kiss like she wanted. This time our tongues intertwined.

I kissed her not just on the lips.
Cheeks, eyelids, brows, ears.

I could go all the way with this, but — “well, see you tomorrow then”

I said that and nonchalantly separated myself from Kirisha.

“Eh … ah … no …”

Because of the sudden end, Kirisha had an unsatisfied look on her face.

She must be frustrated. She swelled her cheeks.
She’s fun to tease.

Let’s play with her a little more.

It took so much work this time. It would be a waste to just make her mine right away.

From the next day onwards, Kirisha started making frequent visits to the house.

“Um … today … do that again …”

“Alright, alright. Come”

Transformed as a pretty boy, I held Kirisha in my arms. I held her chin and gave her a kiss as usual.

Kirisha instantly melted with a fuuaaaa

Nowadays, Kirisha had the job of taking care of the twins and a.s.sisting her father.
She felt accomplished having such a responsibility, but at the same time, it stressed her heavily as well.
Which was why she came to me to relieve the stress.

Kirisha came here wanting sweet dreams, wanting to be a princess.

I slid Kirisha’s sundress down until it almost uncovered her.
A light pink circle peeked out just a little bit.

Kirisha’s meager valley — sweating, heaving up and down.

Take me. Now … Kirisha said with her eyes.

However —.

“I’ll stop after all”

I separated myself from her.

“A, again …!? Why are you so mean …!”

“Well, things like this depend on mood you see”

“U … uuh … teasing Kirisha — teasing me like this … you’ve only gotten meaner when you got younger —! Idiot—!”

Kirisha cried and ran away.

The next day, Kirisha invited me to the forest.

The place where I met her for the first time.

“I’m going to have you take me for real today … I won’t allow you to tease a maiden anymore than this …!”

Kirisha surrounded me with her tamed beasts, glaring at me.

It seems she had gotten quite fed up with being left hanging and toyed with several days in a row.

“So that’s what this is about, so dangerous. You want it that much? Such a lewd girl”

I tried cracking a joke but Kirisha didn’t reply but only glared at me.
This is bad, looks like I teased her too far.

“Can’t be helped — come”

I roughly grabbed Kirisha’s arm and pressed her back against a tree.

Not a kabe-don, but a trunk-don, cutting Kirisha’s way out.

We gazed at each other up close.

“Auu … onii-san…”

Immediately, Kirisha melted. Like cheese.
Looks like she liked the trunk-don.

It seems like she liked being treated roughly better than like a proper princess. A switch, huh.

I slid Kirisha’s dress down and threw it away.

Only underwear covered Kirisha now.
A small-sized bra and string panties.

Even as she looked away in embarra.s.sment, Kirisha sent me a sharp glare.
If you leave me hanging again I’ll never forgive you, she was saying.

No need to worry, I’m also at the limits of my patience.
I’ve never been so high strung like I am now.

I took off Kirisha’s top and bottom underwear in one stroke.

“au …!”

Kirisha, stark naked — still developing twin hills, and pale pink flower buds.

And then between slender legs, a still unsoiled place — a soon soiled place —

“onii … san, I’m already …”

“Yeah, me too”

I flung away my own clothes and went naked.

“Ah, uuh …”

Kirisha covered her eyes in embarra.s.sment, but she was looking at my thing from between her fingers.
She’d be curious at her age.


A naked me carried a naked Kirisha in a princess carry.

I relished in the sight of Kirisha in my arms once more.
A stark naked beauty of n.o.ble lineage.

Her small chest, thighs, and her cute navel — they’re all mine now.
I’m going to stain her now.
Deep into her womb.

I laid Kirisha down next to the black wolf.

“Let’s have your friend watch over you becoming an adult”

Then I hung over Kirisha’s gla.s.sworks-like body and —

Kirisha and I did it again and again — along the way, the sun went down.

“This is bad, we were too into it — Kirisha, time to go home”

However, Kirisha who was laying down on the shrubs didn’t reply.

She slovenly drooled, half unconscious. … looks like she was really entranced.

I hurriedly put clothes on Kirisha and sat her up — then.

“— K, Kirisha … !?”

He appeared in the forest clearing, Yuutarou.

The reincarnator boy looked obviously haggard, even at a glance.

Being suspected of trickery and being called a murderer by people, his ordinarily weak mind completely crumbled.

Yuutarou opened his mouth with a blank look.

“Kirisha … hey, who’s that man … why? Even though I got beaten up this much for you, why are you with another man … hey … HEY!”

His voice finally woke Kirisha up, she turned her eyes towards Yuutarou and —

“Eeek … !”

She paled.

“D, don’t come any closer, murderer … please, I don’t want anything to do with you anymore … I’m going to be happy with him so don’t get in our way, please …!”

“W, why — WHY … !? I worked really hard …”


“— You worked really hard to try and make yourself look good, right!”


Hearing Kirisha, Yuutarou stopped.

I used that chance to take Kirisha and escape —


Yuutarou was probably as good as finished now.


— All that’s left is the clean-up.

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