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Yan Liang stood in front of one of the western restaurants in the airport. Holding the cellphone, she looked for Guan Jiu's number.

After Liang Xi Cheng ridiculed her, he refused to say another word. She had no choice but to ask Guan Jiu for help.

Speaking of, she was really unlucky lately. Ever since the situation with Liang Jing Shan and Ning Zhi Yuan happened, she discovered nothing went smoothly for her. Because her hotheadedness met  Liang Xi Cheng, she really felt like she was being raked over coals.

She lightly sighed, finally finding Guan Jiu in her contact list. When she called him, the other party's phone was turned off.

Yan Liang listened to the robotic female voice and felt like crying. It looked like even the heavens wanted her life!

There was no choice. The plane was taking off in an hour. She was just going to have to try anything!

She already knew Liang Xi Cheng liked drinking black coffee. As for breakfast, she thought about it. To go with the coffee, it would have to be sandwiches, cake, bread, these kinds of things.

Walking into the restaurant, she first ordered a cup of coffee. She also explicitly told the waiter there couldn't be any sugar. Then she looked at the display. There were only a few pieces of mousse cake. She ordered one. After the waiter packed it up, she rushed back to find Liang Xi Cheng.

Liang Xi Cheng had already put away his laptop. His two straight legs were gracefully crossed over each other. Today he wore a light gray suit. It showed off his profound personality very well. Him sitting there was a very dazzling picture. They were in the VIP waiting area. Although the people allowed in couldn't be considered a mixed crowed, the amount of women weren't few. When pa.s.sing Liang Xi Cheng, they couldn't help taking a second glance.

Yan Liang walked forward with two bags in hand. "Chairman Liang, breakfast." She thought a bit. To prevent herself from getting lectured again, she added, "I know today I didn't perform well in my job. Actually I called Guan Jiu just now, but his phone was off. So I could only take the matter in my hands and got you this. Next time, I'll take note."

Liang Xi Cheng glanced at her. Probably because he saw the sincerity in her face, he had no way to say any criticisms. In the end he finally reached his hand out and took the two bags from her hand. However the moment he opened the bags, he threw them onto the row of seats.

Yan Liang, speechless and wide-eyed, stared at Liang Xi Cheng's efficient disposal action. It was like what she gave him was completely unbearable. She nearly thought him asking for breakfast was just playing a joke on her.

"Chairman Liang, the coffee is......black coffee." Even if he doesn't like mousse cake, the coffee is his taste. Did he have to be that picky and not spare one's feelings? [1]

"Who told you I want to drink black coffee in the morning?" Liang Xi Cheng's tone compared to his earlier rebuke was even colder. His eyes were displeased and also disgusted. "What I hate most in the mornings is black coffee and these overly sweet things!

OMG Yan Liang! You dummy! Who buys cake for their boss for breakfast???? Did you forget to pack your brain???????

[1] Did he have to be that picky and not spare one's feelings?
I could translate this to "Did he have to be that picky and not give face?". I always felt like using "face" was slightly awkward, but it's pretty common in other people's translations. What do you guys think? Use "face" or translate the meaning?

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