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I hope you can understand the story through my c.r.a.ppy translations. This arc is full of suspense and yanderes.... the romance part is very, very, VERY far away.
*for those who are wondering, this story is HE
Anyway, hold on to your seats, this is part 2! ?

"Mr. Su, you’re back." The guard handed over a parcel to him. "I don't know who sent it, but it has your name."

Chen Heng’s mind pulled away from his memories and he nodded to the uncle, gently saying: "Thank you."

"You're welcome." The guard waved his hand with a smile on his face.

After bidding farewell to the guard, Chen Heng returned to the apartment and opened the parcel. There was a letter and a red rose lying inside. The fullness of the petals showed that it has only been recently placed in the box.

Oh, it was the first time he received roses.

A smile pulled at the corner of Chen Heng’s mouth and he picked up the thin piece of stationery. There were only a few words on it:

Remember the wonderful evening between us? I pressed you under me and kissed your whole body...

Oh, I forgot, you were drowsy at that time.

But it doesn't matter; we still have a lot of time to do it in the future.

My dear Chen

There was no signature, and the letter was printed by computer.

Chen Heng's figure was fixed in place, the warm orange light rested on his face, then his expression suddenly darkened.

How could someone who is supposed to be dead, still be alive?

At that time, he killed the man who raped him. Although he could not remember the other person's face, he could still remember the sadness and sorrow in the eyes of the man before he died. But then, the other's eyes changed, becoming paranoid and ruthless, emitting a scarlet glow.

"Chen Heng, your heart is made of stone, If I can’t get you, no one will. I want you to taste the feeling of being abused, enjoy the gift that I sent you, you will definitely like it very much, hahahaha."

In the man's desperate and crazy laughter, Chen Heng was forced to bind with a system, constantly moving in different worlds, as an abused dejected shou.

Of course, this is not possible.

A mere cheap system, it does not even enter Chen Heng’s eyes.

He went through a variety of complex system coding, it was easy to find the vulnerability of this cheap system.

The main purpose of the system is to make him an abused shou. No matter how it attacks him, he must keep his body as jade, silently waiting for the small gong for a lifetime, until he is either killed or dies of old age. If he can't satisfy this theme, then he will continue to come back in this world until he succeeds and then he goes to the next world to continue to suffer.

[ugh, I didn’t get that translation right, I tried but.. sorry]

This cycle is endless.

And if Chen Heng wants to get rid of this system, what he needs to do is to rewrite the drama situation under the condition of satisfying the main theme of the cheap system.

He never fears challenges, especially when it comes to interesting experiences. Every world here has an established ending. As long as he moves the drama situation to the opposite direction and rewrites the ending, the system program will have grievous disorders. After acc.u.mulating a certain amount, the system will crash, and he will be able to return to the original world.

However, Chen Heng, who thought he calculated everything, looked at the sudden letter in his hand and fell into deep thought for the first time.

Does the owner of this letter actually exist? Or is it a joke given by the system?

Chen Heng has always known the importance of the situation. Now the most important thing is to get rid of the control of the system and return to reality. Therefore, he quickly put the letter away and devoted himself to planning his victory in this world.

The name of the original owner of his current body is Su Yi, who looks dull and has been bitterly in love with his good friend and cla.s.smate. Ou Yichen's family is rich. He used to be a man of the school. When Ou Yichen was mixed up in a scuffle with the school punks, Su Yi helped him escape and the two became friends.

Su Yi is a good student. He has always admired Ou Yichen who lived his life freely. While the bad student, Ou Yichen, also admires Su Yi’s excellent academic performance and the fact that he is loved by the elders. The two people are complementary, their relationship has been very strong, and their friendship has continued to the present.

It was mentioned earlier that the original owner had a relationship with Ou Yichen for a period of time. It was not long, it lasted for less than a month and they never slept together.

The cause is nothing but a negligible bet.

At that time, Ou Yichen and his friends made a bet on who can get a new school beauty first but because he has always liked others to take the initiative, his experience with chasing people was too little so it seemed likely that he'll lose the bet. His friend joked, saying that Ou Yichen and Su Yi's relationship is so good, he should propose and let the two of them fall in love for a week, during which they must act like they are in a real relationship.

So Ou Yichen confessed to Su Yi, initially he did not have high hopes that Su Yi would accept his confession. The fact that Su Yi agreed was an incredible thing in his own opinion. At that time, the original owner did not know of their bet. He happily fell in love with Ou Yichen, taking care of Ou Yichen every day, being meticulous and thoughtful. Apart from the fact that he is a man, he did everything a girlfriend would do for her boyfriend: cooking, washing, pouring tea, cleaning the room, and simply serving Ou Yichen like his an ancestor.

Ou Yichen looked at Su Yi’s fervent actions, and couldn’t bear to tell him the truth. Not to mention, he also enjoyed Su Yi’s self-dedication, so he dragged the relationship on until he met Song Wenze.

Song Wenze is Su Yi’s nominal younger brother. He is two years younger than him. His parents are very good friends with the parents of the original owner. They died in a landslide. Su Yi’s parents kindly adopted Song Wenze. Su Yi and Song Wenze had a good relationship. After Su Yi’s parents died, Su Yi used the money his parents left behind to live with Song Wenze.

Su Yi treated Song Wenze as his own younger brother and treated him very well. He told the other person about his boyfriend. Song Wenze listened to him, blessed him and asked him to take Ou Yichen for a visit. Su Yi was very moved and brought Ou Yichen home to introduce him to his brother.

This was the start of the original owner’s tragedy..

Ou Yichen fell in love with Song Wenze at first sight. He called Su Shi on that night and said that he wants to break up and told him about his bet with others. He also said that he hoped they could still be friends in the future. Su Yi smiled and promised him while crying, secretly deciding to hide his love of Ou Yichen forever in his heart. As for Ou Yichen and Song Wenze, he was the last one to know, in the third month after he broke up with Ou Yichen. According to a friend of Ou Yichen, the two were together on the second day after Su Yi was dumped.

At that time, Song Wenze took his hand and looked at him: "Brother, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hide my relationship with Yichen. We were afraid that you will be unhappy. I wanted to wait for a while before telling you, you will not blame me. Right?"

Su Yi, who has evolved into the Holy Mother, smiled stiffly: "How can I? You are my brother, he is my good friend, both of you are my favorite people. I am happy for you, how can I blame you?”

After getting Su Yi’s forgiveness, the two began a seven-year marathon-style love. During this period, there were countless times where they broke up; then they would come to Su Yi to seek comfort.

After that, Su Yi continued to bitterly suffer, silently witnessing the love between the two people, until Ou Yichen married Song Wenze, and Su Yi himself died of stomach cancer.

At the age of thirty.

Chen Heng a.n.a.lyzed it and felt that this Su Yi did not value himself enough; he can only say that the original owner was too much of a Holy Mother.

He knows nothing about the feelings of love. He can't understand the thoughts of the original owner, why did he want to hang on to Ou Yichen? Although Chen Heng does not understand love, he hates deception and betrayal. If he was the original owner, he would destroy Ou Yichen and Song Wenze, those pair of dogs, and he’ll enjoy the thrill of revenge.

Getting back to the main point, Chen Heng has a clue about how to destroy the program code of the first world. Since the ending of this world is that Ou Yichen and Song Wenze end up together, then he can achieve his purpose by breaking those two apart.

Oh, of course, he cannot violate the standard rules of going against the small gong. This d.a.m.n system has repeatedly reminded him of that.

Thinking of this, Chen Heng laughed silently in the dark.

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