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However, the dignified voice on the other end did indeed belong to the headmaster, who announced that the male teacher had just been dismissed by the school and could now move on with the exit procedure. There was no further explanation.

"What on earth happened?" The male teacher looked at Qi Yanxi in disbelief.

Qi Yanxi played with a pen he had robbed from some other student and shrugged innocently. "You got me. Maybe it's because of the way you look, Sir. People just don't like you around them."

The lips of the male teacher quivered as his face drained of all color.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide as she watched the teacher walk out of the cla.s.sroom, utterly shaken. The head of political education tried to comfort him, but there was still this exam he needed to tend to. In the end, he gritted his teeth and didn't chase after the young teacher.

She quickly looked back and glanced at Qi Yanxi, who whistled back at her. "What? Fell for me?"

An Xiaxia was speechless. How could she possibly ever fall for such a violent being!

A devil! That was what that man was!

She restrained her thoughts and focused back on the exam paper, then answered her questions quietly.

However, the cold eyes staring at her back reminded her of a snake and was putting her on edge. Even the questions she could solve felt strange to her.

Piak —

Qi Yanxi suddenly gave her chair a hard kick and An Xiaxia shrieked, causing the head of political education to give a reprimand. "Do not disturb the order of the exam room! Anyone who doesn't want to take the exam is welcome to leave!"

Had this been any other day, An Xiaxia would have left on a whim. However, at the thought of only being able to join Sheng Yize if her grades were in the top 500, she bit her lip and kept answering the questions with trembling fingers.

With Qi Yanxi hara.s.sing her from time to time, An Xiaxia felt her back covered in cold sweat. She barely finished all the questions and couldn't stay any longer to recheck her answers. After handing in her paper, she dashed out of the cla.s.sroom.

That man… was horrible…

Sheng Yize handed in his after her.

Seeing that, Qi Yanxi also handed in his.

The two walked up to the head of political education one after another and the head felt the pressure pushing down on him.

Neither young man was shy about demonstrating their powerful presence. One was aloof and level-headed, while the other was arrogant and domineering.

Taking the exam papers, he couldn't help but let out a sigh.

One was filled with writing and a quick glimpse told him that they were all correct answers.

The other one… had been left completely blank!

This Qi Yanxi had somehow become even more wicked than he had been two years ago!

Walking out of the cla.s.sroom, Sheng Yize immediately spotted An Xiaxia, who was panting by the flower bed. He frowned and was about to go to her, but a pair of long arms blocked his way.

"Aren't you going to say something to your old friend?" Despite the smile on his face, Qi Yanxi's eyes were colder than the winter frost.

Sheng Yize stared into his eyes for a moment and chuckled coldly. "After all these years, you're as hopeless as before at provocation."

Qi Yanxi's face darkened and he clenched his fists involuntarily.

Sheng Yize said in an unhurried voice, "Behave yourself in the next exam, if you don't want to end up having your head bashed in by a chair." He then strode away with his long legs, his voice trailing behind him. "After all, it won't be the first time you lose to me."

"F**k!" Qi Yanxi cursed under his breath and watched Sheng Yize go up to An Xiaxia. He rubbed her head and asked, "Hey, did you finish your paper before you handed it in?"

An Xiaxia looked up at him, her eyes like two shimmering, misty ponds.

"Sheng Yize, I can't even breathe at the thought of not seeing my Rong Che oppa…"

Sheng Yize was silent for two seconds before he bellowed at her in exasperation, "An Xiaxia, you're hopeless!"

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