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Nathan was very annoyed at that as he made his way to his car the proceeding of the court he along with Amelia had been summoned to court for the hearing of a certain toad and his ex, just the thought of the woman made him want to invent a time machine just so he could simply slap his younger self silly for making such a fool hardy decision, well he can blame it on 'p.u.b.erty' with a smile on his face.

No sooner did he neared his car he was swarmed by paparazzi who had fired him with tons of questions but he and Amelia avoided them with a small smile on his face, until one of them spoke, "Sir, people are saying that you have acted out of sear jealousy and had those poor love birds send to jail."

Nathan turned towards the reporter who had the look that he had gotten the biggest scoop of the decade as Nathan spoke with a smile, "So you are saying that I purposefully created the entire scenario by making him discharge a gun in a public place with intent to harm others as well as the drugs that were found in his car?"

The reporter, "Sir, they can be fabricated easily by planting that on his person."

Nathan, "So you mean that I put the gun in his pocket then I made him fire it as well planted drugs."

The reporter gave a smirk as he spoke, "Well why not with your influence that is very easy."

Nathan raised one of his eyebrows as he spoke, "But what about the court are saying they have already stated their verdict."

The man with the same smirk spoke, "Well is it not coincident that his poor father got jailed a few weeks prior and then this happened who knows who you have in the pocket."

Nathan let out a laugh as he spoke, "Wow just wow, a person was found cheating on tax money yet the hard working people who found out about the thief are the one to be blamed just wow not to mention the you are pointing fingers at the justice system of our country like that without any proof which means you are stating that our Glorious Nation is CORRUPT!!!"

The man was taken aback as Nathan continued his verbal a.s.sault, "I do not know how much those sc.u.m paid you but slandering your nation the very nation that is provided you food and shelter, the very nation that help you make what you are today you are slandering the Great Nation and for what some Dollars you Sir are the a very definition of traitor."

The person's face turned black as he spoke, "Sir, I have freedom of speech and you are now intruding on it, which can prove fatal to you.", meanwhile all the others were watching their exchange.

Nathan, "Really now so you are saying that you have the freedom to slander our great nation after leeching on it and me the scion of a family that has been entwined with the fate of the Greatest Nation of the Planet since the first settlers have stepped foot here, are telling me the scion of the family whose members have been present at the auspicious hour of creation of our Great Nation, and since then my ancestors have spend sweat, blood and tears for our Great Nation because we believe in her and love so please go ahead and just like you said you have freedom of speech I too have that and as many times you stand by the side of some corrupt person who cheats on his people their money, who evades his taxation, deals with drugs and illegal arms I will stand no I will bow my head and spread my hand so that they may walk on them for all those people who work to keep us safe from the corrupt beings like them, for as long you leech of our nation and try to stab in the back my family and I will always work tirelessly and if require I would take that knife you wish to use to stab our great nation n our back on my heart with smile on my face as has been since the days of my ancestor."

Many were stunned at that as the reporter tried to speak he was stopped by a clap by a teary eyed Amelia who gave him a hug followed by a small peck on his cheeks as she spoke, "I do not care if others call you unjust and villain, especially those who were not present, but to me you are my Hero who braved his life saving me from dying there is no need to speak with someone who would have loved to see me dead rather than a criminal be dealt with, I never thought there will be people who would rejoice my death.", she let lose a few tears as Nathan gave her a comforting hug, as some of the other people gave the paparazzi a stink eye as the duo left.

As they were safely inside their car Amelia let out a huff as she spoke, "I hate this type of journalist always trying to bring other down by creating bad publicity and spreading rumors for to further their career."

Nathan sighed as he ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, "Me too Amelia, I do not know how my family deals with the likes of the on daily basis."
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A couple of hours later he was back in his home after escorting Amelia to her home, as he stepped inside the manor he was greeted by his grandmother Isabella who hugged him as she spoke, "I hope you are fine they b.a.s.t.a.r.d trying to ruin your reputation like that."

Nathan gave a small smile as he spoke with his chest puffed up, "Did you think I would not be able to deal with the likes of him."

Isabella simply tousled his hair as she spoke, "Well then get freshened up as you have some business inside the game if I am not wrong?"

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "Yes grandma see you later.", with that he raced to his room.

As Isabella dialed a number as she spoke in a harshly to the person on the receiving side, "I have an upstart journalist to deal with he is being a pain for my grandchild."

Zeus appeared inside the game as he was greeted by his teammates as BlizzardQueen spoke with a smirk, "Took your sweet time to get here, did doing makeup took all your time."

Zeus gave a deadpanned look as he let out a fake laugh, "Hhhha, very funny I got late because of my doting grandmother."

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