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Zeus sighed as he killed the last creature before they had finally managed to reach their goal of Level 15. Azi, "We finally did it but now we have to make a run for it, our time is running out.", as such the trio dashed towards the Cathedral as they reached the place a guard hastily escorted them to Cardinal Boudier's study.

Cardinal Boudier did not look up as he was bust writing something on a paper, after sometime he spoke without looking up, "I am glad you three made it, if even any of you failed to meet the mark I would not have killed you because you brave men seems to be immune to death but imprisoning you until the entire fiasco is over is different matter entirely."

[Quest Alert]

[Quest: Help the Church to destroy the tomb for Necromancer Job

Quest Rating:

Quest Reward: ?????

Failure: ????]

Cardinal Boudier: "Well since the time is of an essence I have already arranged for your transportation, a teleportal has been arranged it will teleport you three to the town of Khojila a desert city, normally it would take a month for you all just to reach there but we do not have the liberty to waste such amount of time, I can spare you not more than a little over a month as such you will reach there from that city the Lost City of 'Yafa Esari', again means of transportation has been arranged it will take you across the desert to that place, if my estimation is correct it would take you a little over a week to reach and return from that place. Now you may leave be back here within a three hours time oh also take this bottle with you it is actually an enchanted container, inside the city of 'Yafa Esari', you will find something known as the 'Elder Tree', it is surrounded by a pool of water, the pool is precious as it has been drawing magic from the tree itself, this container would prevent the water from getting contaminated."

Zeus took it as he stored within his inventory as they left, as they were walking back towards their place of residence within Renaissance city, Azi could not help but ask Zeus, "Zeus do you still have nay feelings on your Ex?"

Zeus almost stumbled as Tarasque gave her undivided attention towards him as he spoke with a frown, "What do you mean by that why would I do such a thing?"

Azi sighed as she spoke, "Something I witnessed after watching you, normally people would have torn anyone to asunder when they are slighted against but you did not do such to her, and she broke your heart and then she tried to put you multiple times and I know you very to the point I can say that in normal circ.u.mstances you would have made their life h.e.l.l if someone slighted you yet you let her roam free without suffering any consequences."

Zeus sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair as he spoke with a sigh, "You know what Azi you are right about one thing I loved her a lot, I loved her with everything even after she broke my heart I did not do anything to her because I cannot bare the pain of harming her as such I did not let my family touch her but over time because of her actions I started to feel anger and hatred not only on her but also on myself for falling in love with her."

Azi simply hugged him as she spoke, "It is fine Nathan, no matter what happens we are always with you, I will always be with you.", as Tarasque placed a comforting hand over his shoulder.

Zeus nodded as he spoke with a small smile, "Thank you two."

As they walked Azi's mind went back to the chat she had with Aubriella,

Nikola frowned as she spoke, "What are speaking about aunty? I do not understand."

Aubriella sighed as she spoke, "Since he came back home, we tried to prevent any more such incident as such we tried to make sure that every friends he make every person he knows have their background thoroughly checked."

Yelena's eyes narrowed at that as she spoke, "Sister did you know about the betrayal he was about to suffer."

Aubriella: "Yes I did, I knew she was cheating on him."

Nikola: "But then why, why did you not warn him you could prevent his heartbreak."

Isabella who was listening to then spoke, "Because he was head over hills in love with her, normally we would have tried to break them up but it could have caused him to be depressed and full of angst, as such we let it play, from what we already knew of that child and her family it was a matter of time before she betrayed his trust, we wanted to punish her badly for such an act but we stayed our hands because Nathan did not want to."

Saniyah, "At the end of the day Nathan also learned a valuable lesson on trust, as for the others except that girl they have been dealt with by us and in the next few months they will suffer the repercussions."

Nikola sighed as she sat there with her eyes closed before she spoke, "What if that incident broke him then?"

Isabella: "He is strong very strong and we know something like that will make him stronger, we could have made sure to break their relationship but he was very serious as such we let it play out and very soon the incident happened, we thought about breaking it gently to him with enough proof but she did it herself, there was no need for us to do anything at all except be a shoulder for him to cry."

Aubriella: "At first I brushed it off the entire thing as a silly crush, nothing more nothing less but before long he started to become serious but still it was better late than never because after all I would not have accepted the likes of her as my daughter in law."

Yelena: "Why?"

Aubriella: "The person who would spend her life with my child should be someone who could stand by his side help each other through thick and thin no matter what difficulties life may throw at them they will face it with a smile on their face, I do not care much about age difference well may be not some ridiculous difference, neither do I care about their religion, nationality, their social status, as such I want YOU as my daughter-in-law because I know no matter what happens even if the whole world turns against you two, you will always have each other's back."

Nikola blushed at the praise.

She was broken out of her day dream as Zeus nudged her, "Did you have nice dream Azi?"

Only to get a half hearted glare in return, Zeus laughed at that as he entered his teacher's workshop, he waited for his teacher to finish his work, as he turned Zeus spoke without letting him to speak, "Teacher I need some serious help can you tell me what is this thing, I cannot appraise it.", with that he placed the bottle given to him by Cardinal Boudier.

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