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Chapter 850: Shamelessness is An Art

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Most importantly, after hiding at the edge of the altar, Fang Zhengzhi didn't forget to put on what he thought was a dazzling smile for those disciples who joined the fight and put their lives on the line.

“…” Mu Qingfeng was truly speechless this time. He opened his mouth but his mind went blank and he didn't know what to say.

‘He went to hide?'

‘This kid actually went to hide?!'

Mu Qingfeng had always thought that he knew how shameless Fang Zhengzhi was. However, after witnessing this, he had a strong feeling that his understanding of Fang Zhengzhi was only the tip of the iceberg.

Apart from the tip, there was still an unimaginably ma.s.sive ‘ocean'.

Didn't this kid just say that his leg hurt? How could he run faster than a rabbit now? How could a person be so shameless!

Mu Qingfeng had an urge to drag Fang Zhengzhi out from behind the statue. However, he really couldn't be bothered with Fang Zhengzhi now because the entire situation was completely out of control. Apart from the smaller sects, even Xuanji Sect became entirely involved.

Of course, there was a more important reason.

Fang Zhengzhi had brought Chi Guyan along with him. Mu Qingfeng couldn't say anything or even dared to say anything solely because of that.


“Take the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!”

“Kill Nangong Hao!”

All the disciples went utterly mad thanks to Fang Zhengzhi's incitement. After enduring for so long, they were finally able to unleash all the grudges and unhappiness within themselves.

Sword radiance flew everywhere.



The ma.s.sive bangs and collisions weren't stopping.

The dozen of Sages of Nangong family formed a big circle and did all they could to stop the disciples charging towards Nangong Hao. However, there were too many of them.

Most importantly, the sects that were invited to the Heaven Alliance Meeting had met a certain standard, so their disciples were pretty strong. Those that could join their sect leaders and attend the meeting were definitely considered elites in their respective sects.

Hence, even the weakest amongst these disciples were at Supernatural State.

What was the effect of the combined attacks of hundreds of these disciples? It might not be too impressive, but what if there were tens of thousands of them?

In fact, it couldn't be described as an effect anymore because it was just like a tide. A sudden and shipwrecking tide.

However, there were some exceptions.

For example, Heaven Dao Pavilion didn't join the tide. At the very least, none of Heaven Dao Pavilion's disciples had joined in at the moment, although some of them looked equally excited.

Apart from them, Fu Xi Valley, Yin Yang Hall, and Ling Yun Tower were also exceptions.

In other words, almost none of the Five Sects of the Holy Region moved. However, one of them did, hence the ‘almost'.It was Nine Pinnacles Mountain, which had remained quiet all along.

“Kill him and avenge sect leader Tian Xing!” Under the leadership of one of the elders, a dozen disciples officially joined the tide.

This scene didn't catch the other four sects off-guard. After all, what Nangong Hao had just said was equivalent to admitting that Nangong n.o.bles were behind Tian Xing's murder.

In that case, it was only reasonable that Nine Pinnacles Mountain wanted to avenge Tian Xing.

However, this reasonableness more or less catalyzed the intensity of the tide because if Nine Pinnacles Mountain hadn't joined the tide, there would still be some sort of ‘balance'.

At least the status quo of the Five Sects of the Holy Region would be maintained.

However, once Nine Pinnacles Mountain joined the tide…

The balance was broken. After all, if a small sect obtained the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d, the Five Sects of the Holy Region could still abuse their power and ‘alliance' to ‘rob' it.

However, it would be completely different if Nine Pinnacles Mountain obtained the fruit. The four other sects couldn't take it by force. At the very least, they couldn't do that openly.

Although this seemed like a small problem, it was a critical issue.

“Valley Master, should we?” Fu Xi Valley Elder Gu Yuan looked a little anxious when he saw Nine Pinnacles Mountain joining the tide.

“What do you guys think?” Mo Shanshi knitted his brows tightly. He seemed like he was in a dilemma as well.

In fact, how could he possibly not feel anxious? Having said that, his years of experience of surviving in the Holy Region reminded him that the more chaotic the situation was, the more he had to remain calm.

However, the key to the problem was the fact that he couldn't remain calm at all.

Nine Pinnacles Mountain had already moved. If he kept hesitating and missed this opportunity, then the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d would fall into Nine Pinnacles Mountain's hands.

How could he sit back and watch that happen?

“The other three sects have not moved yet. I feel that it's more appropriate for us to wait and see!” One of Fu Xi Valley's elder quickly voiced his opinion.

“Wait and see? The current situation isn't looking optimistic. With so many sects involved, I doubt that the Nangong n.o.bles could hold on for much longer. Once Nangong Hao is apprehended, the war would be over. At that point in time, how would the sects that have partic.i.p.ated in the war see us?”

“They would definitely say that Fu Xi Valley isn't decisive enough. In that case, Nine Pinnacles Mountain could not just obtain the fruit, but also win the support of more sects.”

“I feel that the Seventh and Eighth elders are right. The tide of the battle is clear and Nangong n.o.bles would definitely lose. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks if we strike now!”

Three other elders shook their heads and expressed their different opinions after they heard the stance of the first elder.

“Valley Master, I feel the same. Regardless of the current situation, we'd join the tide first so that we won't be too pa.s.sive when this ends. Why don't I bring a few disciples and join the tide first, and I will act accordingly afterward. We can't let Nine Pinnacles Mountain obtain the fruit no matter what!” Gu Yuan also nodded and replied.

“Yup, elder Gu is right. Even if we can't get the fruit, we can't let Nine Pinnacles Mountain get it!” The other elders also nodded in agreement when they heard Gu Yuan.

Mo Shanshi's frown finally loosened up. He clenched his fists and glanced at Heaven Dao Pavilion, who hadn't reacted. Then, he smiled and said, “Old man Mu, if Heaven Dao Pavilion is afraid of offending the Nangong n.o.bles and isn't willing to take the lead, Fu Xi Valley will do the honors instead. Elder Gu, go!”

“Yes, Valley Master!” Gu Yuan quickly understood Mo Shanshi's words and he charged out with a dozen disciples.

Mu Qingfeng couldn't sit tight anymore when he saw that.

It was obvious that Mo Shanshi said that on purpose. He wanted to give Fu Xi Valley a valid reason to join the battle, and his other intention was to drag Heaven Dao Pavilion into the ‘mess' together.

“Old man Mo, why can't you hold your horses?” Mu Qingfeng felt a little helpless. Heaven Dao Pavilion and Fu Xi Valley had always moved as one. Although they quarrel once in a while, they were always allies when it came to huge issues.

Hence, now that it had come to this, he didn't have a choice. Since Fu Xi Valley had already moved, Heaven Dao Pavilion couldn't possibly hesitate any longer.


“Yes!” Following Mu Qingfeng's order, one of Heaven Dao Pavilion's elders also rushed out with a dozen disciples.

It was clear that although Fu Xi Valley and Heaven Dao Pavilion had both joined the action, their focus was on ‘partic.i.p.ation' rather than giving it their all. After all, one elder and a dozen disciples couldn't really be considered as a significant force to them.

“Xin, should we?” Dao Hun also asked. His eyes which were hidden beneath the mask looked like he was seeking Dao Xin's opinion.

However, Dao Hun already raised his left hand as he said that. It was obvious that he had made up his mind.

Dao Xin glanced at Dao Hun, and she obviously noticed his left hand. Then, she lowered her head as if she was considering something. However, that didn't last for too long. She raised her head again very quickly and nodded at Dao Hun.

“It's good to take part!”

“Ok, let's do it!” After Dao Hun saw Dao Xin nodding her head, he immediately waved his left hand.

“Yes!” An elder quickly received the order and nodded at the dozen disciples behind him who had already been chosen. Then, he bolted away as well.

So far…

Out of the Five Sects of the Holy Region, Heaven Dao Pavilion, Fu Xi Valley, Yin Yang Hall, and Nine Pinnacles Mountain had all joined the tide. They were like four sharp swords suspending in the ocean and ‘stabbing' at Nangong Hao, who was floating in the air.

Of course, there was still an exception.

It was Ling Yun Tower.

“Tower Master, shouldn't we join them?” Said a woman in a red dress standing behind Qian Yu. She seemed a little nervous when she saw the four other sects joining the battle.

“There's no rush.”

“Well… Understood!” The woman in red wanted to say something, but she held her tongue after seeing Qian Yu's calm demeanor.

Qian Yu's eyes were calm as water.

The faint silvery radiance slowly glittered in her eyes like the moon and made them incredibly bright.

However, she was somewhat glancing at Fang Zhengzhi, who was hiding behind the statues on the edge of the altar, with an unknown intention.

Fang Zhengzhi, on the other hand…

Was watching the ‘intense battle' leisurely.

However, he was kind of disappointed by the intensity of the battle. After all, the Nangong n.o.bles were pretty powerful, especially when a dozen Sages were fighting with all their power under such a situation.

In such a scenario, even if there were some ‘fishes that slipped through the net', they weren't enough to threaten Nangong Hao's life. Thanks to the countless snow-white flowers falling from the sky, all the disciples were blasted away.

Furthermore, the people from Heaven Dao Pavilion, Yin Yang Hall, and Fu Xi Valley weren't trying their best too. They were just strolling amongst the crowd and trying to look as if they were doing something.

This created a stalemate which wouldn't end in a short amount of time.

Snowflakes kept falling.

Every snowflake was sharp as a razor. They would leave cuts on those disciples' bodies when they flew past.



Blood fell from the sky following the disciples' cries of pain.

The leisurely expression on Fang Zhengzhi's face slowly disappeared because he realized that Heaven Dao Pavilion, Fu Xi Valley, and Yin Yang Hall were focusing on ‘partic.i.p.ation'.

“This won't cut it. I've to spice things up!” Fang Zhengzhi glanced around and then saw Qian Yu looking at him. Furthermore, there seemed to be a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

It was a provocation. Although it wasn't too obvious, it was definitely a provocation. It portrayed the composed and unwavering att.i.tude of an expert.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did you think that I'd fall for it?” Qian Yu's lips moved. They showed a clear shape with every movement.

“Lip language?” Fang Zhengzhi was a little startled. Then, he smiled extremely dazzlingly and replied, “It's a treasure. Is auntie really not interested in the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d?”

Since Qian Yu was in the mood, Fang Zhengzhi had to do his best. His lips were also moving but he didn't make a sound. He had clearly comprehended Qian Yu's message.

“Have you heard of the saying ‘There is no technique better than not having a technique'?” Qian Yu's lips moved again and she clearly seemed a little pleased with herself.


“It means that if the enemy doesn't move, I wouldn't move either, and you, are my ‘enemy'.”

“Auntie is so wise!”

“This is nothing. I'm just capable of holding my horses.”

“Haha, auntie, I wonder if you've heard of this sentence before.”

“Which sentence?”

“Shamelessness is actually an art!”

“Shamelessness is an art?” Qian Yu was dazed and she couldn't respond because she didn't understand what Fang Zhengzhi meant.

While she was still trying to figure it out, she heard a loud and clear voice.

“Woah, take a look everyone, Ling Yun Tower wants to sit back and enjoy the benefits of everyone's hard work. They don't understand the concept of sharing both pain and gain, life and death. Do you all think that they are too naive or too selfish?”

This was obviously Fang Zhengzhi's voice.



Qian Yu's temper was definitely good, and she always believed that she had sufficient tolerance. However, she was still dumbfounded after she heard his voice.

Even the disciples behind her were dumbfounded because right after they heard that voice, they discovered that the atmosphere of the entire Heaven's Peak became a little eerie.

Countless eyes stared at them almost in an instant, and all of them contained an obvious ‘hostility'.

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