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Chapter 174 – Happiness (End)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The people who tested out the drug did not expect it to actually work!

It was simply too magical.

“My mission is to search for supplies in the neighboring province. Apparently, that place is filled with zombies. It was extremely dangerous to go there but now, there’s no problem!”

“When will you set off? Do you need help with the preparations?”

“Don’t worry. Everything is under control! Although I don’t have any special abilities, I can still complete this mission thanks to the drug!”


Li Ran and Lin Nan were busy with different things.

Lin Nan was dealing with any incidents that occurred due to the drug.

Under certain circ.u.mstances, the drug might not work properly.

Lin Nan would go hands-on to resolve such cases.

As for Li Ran, she was in charge of monitoring the safety base. She would chat with everyone and deal with any concerns that they had.

For example, if a person did not get enough food or water, Li Ran would provide some.

Her actions earned her a lot of praise.

Li Ran became really popular in the safety base. Everyone, including the elder and children, knew her.

Generally, Li Ran got along with everyone.

When Li Ran had some spare time, she would spend them in the mysterious s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, she would be helping at the safety base.

Even the management team would consult Li Ran when they encountered some problems in their plans.

Everyone was more united than ever.

As the days pa.s.sed, Li Ran’s belly grew bigger and bigger.

People would often advise her to rest. One woman even made a note regarding the “do’s” and “don’ts” during pregnancy for Li Ran.

Li Ran was really grateful to the woman. In fact, she even made copies of the note and sent them to the other women in the base!

Just a few days ago, they were short on supplies.

To solve the issue, Li Ran went into the mysterious s.p.a.ce and worked especially hard.

She used the zombies controlled by w.a.n.g Gang and Yang Shao to carry the supplies.

Thanks to her effort, the food crisis was swiftly solved.

She told the people in the base that the supplies were found from the outside world through missions. Only w.a.n.g Gang, Yang Shao, Fang Lin, and Lin Nan knew that the food was personally provided by Li Ran.

After everything they did, Li Ran and Lin Nan had an extremely positive image!

Whenever people saw them, they would greet the couple warmly.

They kept doing what they did and the supplies in the base continued to increase. Additionally, the base had become more transparent and would announce how much stock was left to the public. It made everyone feel more rea.s.sured.

Fruits and vegetables were also planted in the base.

Whenever anyone found some seeds, they would immediately plant them!

Li Ran was shocked when she found out that the vegetables had matured in just half a month. She never expected them to grow so quickly.

However, it was not long before she got an explanation.

“Finally, a mutation that actually benefits us. Developing our powers paid off…”

That answer was more than satisfactory for Li Ran!

Gradually, everyone’s lives began to improve.

The future was bright.

As for Li Ran, she spent every night with her husband.

Lin Nan also took care of her meticulously.

Their days ahead were filled with happiness..

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