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Chapter 1830 - 1830 Jue Wu's Choice

1830 Jue Wu’s Choice

“Doesn’t Demon-slaying Peak like to issue stupid missions? I’ll make sure they can’t leave Thunder Courtyard until they’re willing to hand over Qin Yu!” Tong Guangqing said coldly.

“It’s better not to attack the peak master,” the follower beside him shook his head and said. “It’ll anger the crowd easily.”

Although Tong Guangqing was displeased, he did not forget the purpose of his visit to Thunder Courtyard.

“No matter what, we must kill Jue Wu and Qin Yu. Regardless of the price!” he said coldly.

The few of them came to an agreement and decided to attack the people of Demon-slaying Peak.


In Nanzhou, it once again returned to its previous chaos since the fall of the Tianyun Sect.

The entire sect was fighting for the territory of Nanzhou. Many sects had vigorous fights endlessly.

Not only the sects in Nanzhou,but many in the East Continent also partic.i.p.ated, planning to get a share of the loot.

Being ruled by Tianyun Sect for so long, the strength of the sects in Nanzhou was far inferior to that of the East Continent.

It didn’t take long for the East Continent to defeat most of the sects in Nanzhou.

In the entire Nanzhou, everyone else suffered except Wen Wanchong, Qu Zhu, and the others who kept themselves safe.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, dozens of days had pa.s.sed.

During this time, Tong Guangqing had killed eight people from Demon-slaying Peak with a Saint Weapon!

Eight members had died under the Saint Weapon, and the entire Demon-slaying Peak was furious!

In the cave abode of the peak master in Demon-slaying Peak, everyone gathered here. Their faces were full of anger.

“We can’t allow this Tong Guangqing to continue his misdeeds!”

“That’s right. How can the Tong family bully my Demon-slaying Peak?”

“Everyone, let’s go and borrow the Saint Weapon and kill Tong Guangqing!”

The crowd discussed animatedly. Finally, all the gazes fell on the peak master and Jiu Xiao.

Jiu Xiao was playing with a token in his hand.

And this token contained close to 1,000 points.

“Jiu Xiao, what do you think?” The peak master looked at Jiu Xiao, waiting for his opinion.

Jiu Xiao was silent. He held the token in his hand and did not speak for a long time.

Exchanging for a Saint Weapon required a large number of points. In the entire Demon-slaying Peak, only Jiu Xiao could afford it.

“We need at least 800 points to exchange for a Saint Weapon. Apart from Jiu Xiao, we don’t have enough points even if we gather all of our points,” someone said with a frown.

“It’s rather unfair to let Jiu Xiao fork out his points.”

“Just take it as a loan. We will pay back to you in the future. Jiuxiao, what do you think?”

Just as everyone was discussing, Jue Wu suddenly stood up.

She held the Glided Rake in her hand and said coldly, “He came to Demon-slaying Peak because of me. I’ll go and meet him.”

“Jue Wu, what did you say? How can my Demon-slaying Peak not care for you?” someone said.

“That’s right, Jue Wu. You don’t need to blame yourself. This is no longer your personal matter, but the entire Demon-slaying Peak’s matter.”

“He has killed so many people from Demon-slaying Peak. How can we let him go?”

Despite what the people had said, Jue Wu still felt extremely guilty.

Although she agreed, she planned to look for Tong Guangqing quietly.

“There’s no need to argue. I’ll go and borrow the Saint Weapon tomorrow,” Jiu Xiao stood up and said.

With Jiu Xiao’s words, everyone was relieved.

“Jiu Xiao, don’t worry. We will definitely return the points to you in the future.”

“That’s right. The points are all on us!”

Without saying anything, Jiu Xiao turned around and returned to the cave abode.

Eight people from Demon-slaying Peak had died. Not only that, but Tong Guangqing also dumped their bodies at the entrance.

How could they not be angry at such cruel methods?

Late at night, holding the Glided Rake in her hand, a trace of determination flashed across Jue Wu’s face.

She took advantage of nighttime and quietly left Thunder Courtyard.

After leaving Thunder Courtyard, Jue Wu dashed away at an extremely fast speed.

“Young Master Tong, Jue Wu has left Thunder Courtyard!” a follower noticed Jue Wu’s figure and hurriedly said.

Tong Guangqing narrowed his eyes slightly. He then sneered and said, “You’ve finally come out…”

After saying that, Tong Guangqing stood up slowly and said coldly, “Chase!”

A group of people immediately rushed in the direction of Jue Wu!

Jue Wu fled for hundreds of stars in one go before stopping.

She held the Glided Rake in her hand, and her body emitted a faint purple radiance.

The radiance inter-reflected at each other, and a mysterious color flickered in the darkness.

Soon, Tong Guangqing and the others caught up.

A few people were standing not far away, looking at Jue Wu with vague smiles.

“So it’s just a little girl,” Tong Guangqing said with a vague smile.

“Young Master Tong, don’t underestimate her. Her pet.i.te body contains extremely terrifying power,” the follower beside him reminded.

Tong Guangqing placed his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “To be able to injure the people of my Tong family, you naturally have some ability.”

With that, Tong Guangqing took out his Saint Weapon.

It was a black copper bell. The copper bell in his palm looked ancient and lifeless.

“Where’s Qin Yu?” Tong Guangqing asked.

Jue Wu looked at Tong Guangqing coldly and said, “Qin Yu is in Thunder Courtyard. He won’t be here for a while. Just tell me if you need anything.”

“If he doesn’t come out, I’ll continue to wait!” Tong Guangqing’s expression turned cold.

“I advise you to stop now. You’ve angered Demon-slaying Peak. If you continue, you’ll die,” Jue Wu said coldly.

Tong Guangqing’s brows twitched. He waved the Saint Weapon in his hand and smiled, “With this, what do I fear?”

“It’s just a Saint Weapon. How dare you go against the entire Thunder Courtyard?” Jue Wu coldly rebuked.

Tong Guangqing laughed and said, ” I have no intention of going against Thunder Courtyard. Everything I’ve done is in line with Thunder Courtyard’s rules.

“Also, let me tell you. Qin Yu must die. No matter what price I have to pay, I have to kill him!” Tong Guangqing’s expression instantly turned incomparably vicious.

Jue Wu grabbed the Glided Rake and shouted, “Let’s see if you have the ability to do so!”

After saying that, Jue Wu shouted and waved the Glided Rake in her hand toward Tong Guangqing!

Tong Guangqing knew Jue Wu’s ability. Thus he didn’t dare to act slowly and immediately activated the Saint Weapon in his hand!

The black copper bell flew up from Tong Guangqing’s palm, and then wisps of Holy Power swept across the copper bell!

It was a resurrected Saint Weapon, and its power was unimaginable. Even the White Bone Club in Azure Rock Forest was not comparable to it!

The Holy Power spread out an infinite power. The moment it touched Jue Wu, it directly blasted her away!

Although Jue Wu had placed the Glided Rake in front of her, she was still shaken to the point of spitting out blood. Several of her bones were broken, and half of her body was a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. It was a horrible sight.

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