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Chapter 1829 - 1829 Tong Guangqing Versus Peak Master

1829 Tong Guangqing Versus Peak Master

“Thank you, Dean!” Qin Yu bowed again.

The dean waved his hand. He didn’t stay any longer. His body slowly faded and then disappeared completely.

Qin Yu was the only one left in such a huge Mystic Realm.

It was a huge piece of land with immortal graves in the surroundings. Qin Yu’s location was the only safe place.

Looking into the distance, he could only see a vast expanse of white. Other than that, Qin Yu could not see anything clearly.


But Qin Yu did not think so much at this moment.

He only knew that this was his only chance, his only chance to be on par with the people of the aristocratic families in Zhongzhou!

This was the immortal burial, the core of Thunder Courtyard. Qin Yu didn’t dare to pry into it. With his cultivation realm, he wasn’t qualified to do so.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, feeling the Immortal Emperor’s dao from the immortal grave and the traces of dark energy which permeated the dao technique.

With the help of this terrifying dao technique, Qin Yu began his closed-door cultivation.

With the absorption of the dark energy, Qin Yu only took a few days to step into the half-step Reversion Void Stage successfully.

In such a cultivation realm, Qin Yu’s strength naturally advanced tremendously. However, this was not the key. The key was the Huangji Buddha Flame in his palm.

Holding the Huangji Buddha Flame in his palm, Qin Yu took a slight breath.

“After waiting so long, it’s finally time to devour the Huangji Buddha Flame,” Qin Yu thought to himself.

He did not waste time and immediately started devouring the Huangji Buddha Flame.

The Huangji Buddha Flame flickered with a flirtatious flame and slowly rose above Qin Yu’s head.

Rays of light enveloped Qin Yu’s body and seemed to be merging with his physical body.

Instead of saying he had devoured the Huangji Buddha Flame, it would be more accurate to say that he had been devoured by it.

It was an extremely long process. It took at least a year, or several years if it was longer.

Qin Yu’s entire focus was on devouring the Huangji Buddha Flame.

Time pa.s.sed. In the blink of an eye, several days had pa.s.sed. However, only a tiny bit of the Huangji Buddha Flame was devoured.

In the outside world, Demon-slaying Peak continued to accept missions. And the crowd was getting more confused about Qin Yu’s ident.i.ty.

Allowing Qin Yu the opportunity to enter the immortal grave to cultivate made people envious.

On this day, Demon-slaying Peak issued another mission.

Jue Wu ran to the entrance of the cave abode, preparing to accept a new task.

At this moment, the peak master took her to the side, shook his head, and said, “Don’t accept any missions for the time being, or your life will be in danger. This is what Qin Yu has repeatedly reminded me.”

“Why?” Jue Wu frowned and asked.

The peak master didn’t hide anything. He pointed his finger to the distance and said, “The people from the Tong family are waiting outside. They’ve come with Saint Weapons.”

Upon hearing this, Jue Wu’s expression also became serious.

There was no need to elaborate on what a Saint Weapon would mean.

Even someone like Xiao Sheng had been forced to flee from a Saint Weapon, let alone others.

“Am I going to stay here forever?” Jue Wu said, somewhat unhappily.

“Stay here for the time being,” the peak master said with emotion. “I’ll find an opportunity to talk to the Tong family.”

Jue Wu didn’t say anything else. In the current situation, she could only agree.

That day, everyone brought along their respective missions and left Demon-slaying Peak.

Tong Guangqing and the others who were hiding outside Thunder Courtyard, looked coldly at the few people who were leaving Demon-slaying Peak.

“Young Master, it has been so many days. Why hasn’t Qin Yu appeared yet?” someone said.

“He must have gotten the news and is hiding in Thunder Courtyard,” the other follower said coldly.

Tong Guangqing narrowed his eyes, sneered, and said, “I don’t believe he can hide there forever!”

As they were talking, another group of people left Demon-slaying Peak.

This wave of people was none other than the peak master’s team.

The peak master stood on a high spot and looked at Tong Guangqing and the others coldly.

“Peak Master, what’s wrong?” the person beside him asked.

“Wait for me in front,” the peak master said, waving his hand.

After the people around him left, the peak master stomped his feet and walked toward Tong Guangqing.

Tong Guangqing narrowed his eyes slightly as he saw the peak master approaching. He could not help but sneer.

“Who are you from the Tong family? Why do you insist on attacking the cultivators of Thunder Courtyard?” the peak master asked directly.

Tong Guangqing glanced at the peak master and said sarcastically, “Who are you? How are you qualified to talk to me?”

The peak master was not angry. He smiled and said, “I’m the peak master of Demon-slaying Peak. Not long ago, your Tong family attacked my Demon-slaying Peak, causing serious injuries to my members. My Demon-slaying Peak has not demanded your Tong family for an explanation, but you’ve come to Thunder Courtyard again. What do you mean by this?”

Tong Guangqing said with a cold face, “You’re just a peak master. What qualifications do you have to talk to me? Do you think you’re some high-level figure in Thunder Courtyard?”

“The Tong family is only a second-rate aristocratic family in Zhongzhou. Do you think you’re from the nine aristocratic families?” the peak master said sarcastically.

Upon hearing this, Tong Guangqing’s expression turned extremely cold.

“What? You want to attack me?” The peak master narrowed his eyes. “Don’t forget that this is the territory of Thunder Courtyard.”

“So what? I have a Saint Weapon in my hand. Killing you is like stepping on an ant!” Tong Guangqing shouted.

The peak master crossed his arms and said indifferently, “It’s just a Saint Weapon. Do you think that Thunder Courtyard doesn’t have one?”

The atmosphere instantly became tense, as if they would attack each other at any moment.

At this moment, Tong Guangqing’s follower by the side laughed and said, “I remember the rules of Thunder Courtyard. As long as it’s not in Thunder Courtyard, you won’t get involved in any worldly affairs.

“In other words, as long as you leave Thunder Courtyard, Thunder Courtyard won’t care whether you’re alive or dead, right?”

“So what?” the peak master said coldly.

“We’re just waiting here. We didn’t break the rules of Thunder Courtyard. You don’t have the right to question us,” the follower continued.

Tong Guangqing seemed to have been reminded of something. He squinted his eyes and said coldly, “So, even if I kill you at the gate of Thunder Courtyard, you will die in vain, right?” he asked.

“That’s right. But you have to think this through. If you kill me, someone from Demon-slaying Peak will avenge me,” the peak master snorted and said coldly.

Just as Tong Guangqing was about to open his mouth, the follower beside him quickly said, “We naturally won’t attack you, Sir. For every grievance, someone is responsible. For every debit, there is a debtor. I hope you won’t get involved in this matter.”

“So there’s no room for discussion?” the peak master asked.

“No, there isn’t,” Tong Guangqing said without hesitation.

Seeing this, the peak master did not say anything else and turned to leave.

After he left, Tong Guangqing’s expression became even colder.

“Find an opportunity to kill him,” Tong Guangqing said coldly.

“Not only him, but also the members of Demon-slaying Peak. Don’t let a single one of them go!”

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