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Chapter 227 – Chapter 48 – Myth #2

Hundreds of fragments from the light pillar scattered. Those that collided with the red dragon were destroyed. 


There was a loud burst of thunder. Then the dark blue smoke turned into a person again. In-gong couldn't completely narrow the distance to the red dragon as the magic power of the red dragon had pushed the blue smoke away. 

The red dragon didn't stop there. As a result of his strong will, the black beasts leapt toward In-gong. 

In-gong felt it too and had already been preparing for the next move the moment the blue smoke ended. He grasped the Warrior's Sword in his left hand. 

The black beasts opened their mouths. It seemed like they were going to swallow In-gong in one breath. In-gong held Caitlin's waist tightly. He pulled her to him firmly and rotated his body. Wielding the Warrior's Sword in his hand, In-gong activated its super special move. 

Beta emerged from the Warrior's Sword! 

This was one of the hidden super special moves in Knight Saga. It was a technique which that was a simple thrust attack. 

A white glow exploded from the blade and smashed the black beasts in one strike. The red dragon's magic power which pushed at In-gong was no exception. It left a big scar in the field of magic power. 

In-gong smiled faintly. It was a pleasure to use the Warrior's Sword, but it wasn't just the joy. He was convinced the moment he used it. In-gong felt the mighty power of Guardian Queian from the Warrior's Sword. It was the same as the riders exercising their power through their knights. 


Caitlin suddenly exclaimed. The black beasts were pouncing again. Instead of answering, In-gong triggered Blink and penetrated through the gap in the magic field. 

The red dragon stared at In-gong. Three of the seven heads were pointing at him. As In-gong got closer, he could feel the enormous size of the red dragon more strongly. Magic poured down from the sky. Two of the three heads aiming at In-gong gathered power in their mouths while the remaining one poured thousands of lightning strikes down toward In-gong. 

Caitlin swallowed her breath. In-gong could feel her pulse because they were hugging so tightly. As In-gong raised his head, he didn't try to avoid it or to rush forward. He opened his inventory and released all his swords. 


The swords filled with divine power and collided with the lightning. Of course, it was impossible to aim for each lightning strike. It was a type of barrage—no, it was a sword explosion. The sword duke would've scolded him if he saw it, but In-gong needed to defeat the lightning. 

He was blinded by a brilliant flash of light. It was the same for the red dragon and black beasts as well. 

Then In-gong broke through the rain of lightning. He was now only dozens of meters away from the red dragon. The two heads tried to aim their breaths at In-gong, but he wasn't the only one here. There were others who had been waiting for a chance while making their way through the black beasts. 

"In the name of the light!" 

“I love you!” 

Light Saintess Beatrice shouted. Altesia also shouted nonsense, but her faithfulness to Erebos was heard clearly. 

A giant sword made of light was formed. From the ground, a black giant rose up and roared as it grabbed the sword of light. 

It was the move of the two saintesses which had destroyed Arch Lich Shutenberg's magic circle. This one wasn't as large as the red dragon, but it was still huge. The giant, which was dozens of meters tall, wielded the sword of light and generated an enormous force. 

Once again, the red dragon's magic field was torn. The red dragon had no choice but to shoot a breath at the incarnation of the G.o.ds. The sword of light and light pillar clashed. The black giant jumped as it chopped at the pillar of light, painting a truly spectacular sight. 

The pillar of light struck the ground, and the ground shook while the giant fell and crushed the black beasts. At that moment, something happened which no one had been able to imagine. 

The red dragon, which had been standing still like a statue, moved quickly. He rotated his body and swung his tail like a whip. It was truly a natural disaster. Struck by the tail, the black giant was completely smashed. The ground was also split apart like there was an earthquake. 

Everybody on the ground swallowed hard. They couldn't even scream at the sight. 

However, there were those who maintained their calm. The sword duke saw it clearly with his aura. The red dragon had forgotten about In-gong due to the black giant. The sword duke's eyes followed In-gong's figure moving in midair. 

A sacred green flame was around him. The sacred flame he had received from the last flame burned the air around the red dragon. 

In-gong narrowed the distance to the red dragon, and simultaneously, he began to think. Indeed, he had no solution to this problem if it was a huge red dragon. It was a huge opponent which was 100 times larger than In-gong. Wasn't it like a human stepping on an ant? 

‘But it is different.' 

The red dragon had no flesh. Right now, this was just a giant soul shaped like a red dragon. There was no need to focus on his heads. 

From the very beginning, In-gong had been racing toward the red dragon's chest, instead of his seven heads. He pulled out the Warrior's Sword from his inventory and changed the arm holding Caitlin. He clenched his right fist and shouted happily, 

“The finest princess battery!" 

Caitlin hugged In-gong while feeling several emotions at once. There was a strange joy mixed in with resentment. 

"Shutra is too much!" 

Caitlin declared. At the same time, she focused all her strength on the Starlight Core. Her aura, which had been amplified after she'd been reborn as an apostle, rushed toward the Moonlight Core. 

Currently, In-gong had only one aura heart. It was both the dragon heart and Moonlight Core, meaning it responded to the Starlight Core. This was just a dual core, but its power greatly exceeded that of the past penta-core. 

Recorder Torres' El Ragra showed its strength. At the same time, Earth Quaker roared loudly, and Great Enkidu generously gave In-gong strength. 


It was the roar of a dragon—Enkidu’s call. 


In-gong's fist pierced through the air, executing Earth Quaker’s super special move, True Destruction! The destructive power hit the red dragon's chest. The vortex tore into the red dragon's chest significantly. In an instant, the vortex of destruction reached dozens of meters in diameter. 

The red dragon screamed and wobbled from the pain. However, it was lacking. As In-gong had recognized, the red dragon wasn't a being made of flesh and blood. It was just a huge soul. 

The red dragon emitted magic power. He pushed out with the power of destruction which could make the whole battlefield shatter. In-gong was swept out like he was caught in strong winds. The red dragon with a huge hole in his chest once again used magic. He tried to wipe out the battlefield with all types of disasters. 

Black beasts emerged steadily from the ground, and the soldiers, who were defending the Sanctuary after the shield disappeared, did their best to fight against the beasts. Lightning, explosions, and flames struck these soldiers. 

There was pandemonium everywhere. In the meantime, In-gong was holding Caitlin on the ground. He'd been struck by the red dragon's magic power, so his body was a mess. If Green Wind hadn't caught In-gong, he would've had a few broken bones. 

However, In-gong was sure of something. 

It had an effect. He had confirmed it with that blow. 

'One more time. Just one more time!' 

However, the red dragon didn't allow it. Although he was scattering disasters across the battlefield, the red dragon didn't forget In-gong. All seven heads aimed at In-gong. 


Green Wind shouted hurriedly as she steered White Eagle and the two Black Eagles. She defended against the rain and lightning pouring down on In-gong while pushing out with strong winds against the force trying to choke him. 


Vandal came running while striking at the black beasts. Nayatra, who was riding on Vandal's shoulders, used her magic and cast spells at the attacks on In-gong. 


This was the only thing they could do to buy a few minutes for In-gong. However, it was enough. In-gong was grateful to both of them. He took an elixir out of his inventory and swallowed it while climbing on White Eagle. 

This time, Caitlin wasn't the only one with In-gong. 

Felicia and Silvan followed right behind them. In-gong didn't have to look back to feel both of them. He grabbed Caitlin tightly around the waist and stared straight ahead. The distance of several hundred meters seemed quite far, but he had to cross it once again. 

'Faster… Faster than the wind!' 


White Eagle launched with a roar. The black beasts threw themselves to stop him, but it was unreasonable because there was someone who had run forward to coincide with In-gong. 

The sword duke cut the air. The flash of light cleared away the black beasts, and a path was opened in front of In-gong. 

White Eagle flew. The seven heads of the red dragon focused on In-gong, while three pillars of light aimed straight for In-gong. 

This time, the queens didn't stay still. Chris raised his power of wilderness, while Sylvia cast magic on his back. They rushed along with the Blood Companions. Chris and the Blood Companions blocked their auras, while Sylvia and Elaine crushed the pillars of light. 

Sylvia swallowed back her pain, and Elaine coughed up blood. This was the last time she could stop it. Another attempt wouldn't work. The two queens fell to the ground. t.i.tania protected both of them as she pushed back the black beasts. She raised her eyes to see the back of the running In-gong. 

The interference continued, but n.o.body managed to interfere with In-gong. 

Felicia and Silvan followed behind him. Then Silvan sprang forward while grabbing Amita's sword. Just like the sword duke, he opened a path. Silvan used the lightning created by the fairy. 

The red dragon's magic power reached out toward In-gong. The red dragon was trying to attack him directly, but Locke didn't allow it. He released all his aura and divine power, producing a great sword. 

The sword was dozens of meters large. It was around the size of the sword of light which Beatrice had created. 

This sword of light struck the red dragon. No matter how powerful the red dragon was, it was impossible to ignore the attack which contained all of Locke's power. The red dragon's attention was drawn away as it used magic power to block the sword. 

The red dragon destroyed the sword with the power of destruction. The distance between In-gong and the red dragon narrowed further. At that moment, Quanta fired her cold breath. The black beasts near the red dragon were frozen. Zephyr, who was standing on Quanta's head, fired at the red dragon. 

It was a beautiful blow. The blow was close to the extreme nothingness the sword duke had shown. Three of the red dragon's seven heads were cut off. Zephyr exhausted all his aura and magic power doing it, but he was satisfied. He smiled faintly and shouted, 


In-gong moved past Zephyr. 

The red dragon roared angrily. Huge flames emerged from the dragon and tried to swallow up In-gong. 

Felicia didn't tolerate it. A wall of her flames opposed the red dragon's flames. It was unreasonable to block the power of destruction, but she didn't care. She just needed to buy time… enough time for In-gong to break through. 

Looking at In-gong's back, Felicia gathered all her magic power and pushed back the red dragon's fire. She used the last of her magic power to use recovery on In-gong. Felicia was more exhausted than all the times she'd used 'faster than the wind', but she was satisfied. 

Caitlin once again delivered aura through the Starlight Core, while Green Wind pushed away the red dragon's flames with strong winds. 

Then finally, In-gong found it. In the midst of the flames, he found the essence of the red dragon's soul which was being guarded by the Death Knight! The Death Knight rushed toward In-gong, and death poured out violent emotions towards Conquest. 

Conquest wrapped herself around In-gong. She was sad to be facing Death who felt both deadly love and hatred for her, but Conquest didn't step back. 

The essence of the red dragon trembled tremendously. A terrible power of destruction could be felt from behind the Death Knight. 

The Death Knight's swung his sword. In-gong stared straight forward and shouted,



It was Call. Carack cried out excitedly as he appeared in front of In-gong. He aimed his axe, which contained the pure power of Conquest, at the Death Knight. This was an unbelievable blow which made it possible for In-gong to go through. As Carack blocked the Death Knight, In-gong sprang off White Eagle! 


Carack shouted. Caitlin remained on White Eagle and cried out the same thing. Green Wind pushed In-gong's back, while the white woman faced the red dragon with the power of Conquest. 

The essence of the red dragon fired the power of destruction at In-gong. It was a tremendous force from the red dragon. However, In-gong wasn't afraid. There was an irreversible wound remaining on the essence of the red dragon. It prevented the red dragon from gaining a new flesh. 

This was what would allow the red dragon to be destroyed. 

In-gong pulled back his fist, and the power of Guardian Queian and Great Enkidu wrapped around In-gong. The power of the Sanctuary defended In-gong from the destructive power. 

Then In-gong remembered. The move he'd been shown previously… 

The last will left behind by the protector of the Demon World… 

It finally sprouted from the depths of his heart. This was the last power given to In-gong who had been reborn as the guardian of the Demon World. 

He only used one thing: The ultimate power which destroyed even destruction! 

In-gong raised his fist and shouted the name of the move which would shatter the destruction that had tried to end the world 10,000 and 1,000 years ago. 

"Extreme nothingness!" 

The white light struck the essence of the red dragon. 

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