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I've been working on finance research lately and I want to bang my head against a wall.

Later, the three people in the group chatted for a while, and they all avoided the subject of the Tang family and simply talked about the project tacitly.

Looking down at the phone, Tang Li roughly flipped through the chat record in front of him and then pressed the chat box.

The slender fingers fluttered on the screen of the mobile phone and quickly typed out a few words.

[T: It doesn't matter.]

As soon as the message from Tang Li was sent out, the small group that had been silent for some time became lively again in an instant.

[Lin Pingran: Really don't care? I was afraid that they would choose to abandon us for better projects, and then we'd lose the rice with the chicken. [Laugh and cry] [Laugh and cry]]

[Tan Dong: just forget the rice, we can't interfere with their decision, as long as we do our work well it should be fine.]

[Lin Pingran: Okay…]

[Zhou Che: @T, then I will continue to stall with them and see what their limits are.]

[T: Ok.]

[Lin Pingran: @T although I don't know if you can listen to my layman's words, I still want to make a suggestion to you…]

[Lin Ping Ran: If you are aiming at making money, I advise you not to confront the Tang family. The Tang family has a foothold in C city. Now they want to expand into S city. It is a good opportunity for us to have a good relationship with them. If we manage to latch onto Tang family's golden thigh in the future, maybe our company will have less problems.]

Even through the screen of the mobile phone, it was easy to feel Lin Pingran's tone of seriousness.

Zhou Che and Tan Dong did not speak, probably waiting for Tang Li's answer.

Tang Li turned around and leaned gently against the edge of his desk. Behind him was a few clean windows. Outside the sky, a large red cloud spread. The bright red color added a strong flavor to the surrounding air.

The glory of the fiery afterglow poured down on Tang Li.

He stood in the light and shadow, his face contoured with a warm orange glow, but if one looked carefully, they can see that a thin layer of frost has formed in his eyes.

Tang Li raised the corners of his mouth and his face was full of sarcasm.

He knocked out a sentence in the chat box.

[T: @Lin Pingran, since you have so many opinions, why don't you go and talk to those Tang people?]

In short, it was a reply full of gunpowder.

Lin Pingran did not seem to have expected that Tang Li would speak so plainly. This left Lin Pingran unable to respond.

In the end, it was Zhou Che and Tan Dong who came out to play round.

[Chou Che: Brother Tang, don't be too mad. Anyway, this man is good at everything, but his mouth is a bit broken. If he offends you, please don't take it to heart.]

[Tan Dong: You are the great benefactor of our company. This is your project so we will follow your lead and always follow your request. Don't worry.]

Zhou Che and Tan Dong kept slinging flattery at Tang Li. As a result, Tang Li didn't say anything else.

It wasn't long before the group chat returned to silence.

On the other side.

Lin Pingran sat on the sofa in his living room, gripping a cell phone with both hands. His expression was slightly fierce, and he stared at the chat record on the screen of his cell phone for a long time before he gradually recovered.

“You're just a little bit competent. Do you really think of yourself as a great emperor?” Lin Pingran was indignant and said to himself, “Does he think I'm as stupid as a donkey?!”

Lin Pingran spent most of the day scolding Tang Li, but by the evening, he was still angry so he simply dialed Zhou Che's phone.

Zhou Che quickly picked up his phone call.

The other party seemed to guess what he was calling for, and before Lin Pingran could speak out, Zhou Che gave a full rebuke: “Didn't you hear what I said? If it's a project of our company, you just argue with him. It's clearly his own business. What's an outsider like you got to do with it?

Zhou Che and Lin Pingran are university cla.s.smates. They have been cla.s.smates for four years, plus two years of working together. They have known each other for six years and had naturally become best friends.

At this moment, however, his good friend blamed him mercilessly for a person who had not even shown his face before.

Lin Pingran, who had calmed down a little, was completely riled up again.

“I would like to ask you, what ecstasy did Tang Li give you that made you obey him like a dog? That project is indeed his, but it's handled through our company's hands, if there's any mistakes made, the people who have to clean up the mess are us! “

Zhou Che was shocked, baffled, and annoyed. "Are you f.u.c.king sick in the head?"

“You're f.u.c.king sick, your whole family is f.u.c.king sick!” Lin Ping ran jumped up from the sofa and walked around the tea table in anger. He gasped. “I don't deny that Tang Li really helped us a lot, but have you ever thought about how many disasters we would face if we offended the Tang family?”

During Lin Pingran's speech, Zhou Che had calmed down.

After a long silence, Zhou Chen only gave a sneer, and then said without shying away: “You talk so much, but in the end isn't it just that you want to take the Tang Li's project so you can suck up to the Tang family?”

Now that he had been seen through carefully by the other side, Lin Pingran will no longer hide it. He rightly said, “Tang Li is not even a registered employee in our company. We have taken all the risks, helped him out, and not held him to any obligation. Besides, more than half of the eight million dollars that Tang family gave towards the project went directly into his pocket!"

Lin Pingran spoke on and on, trying to convince Zhou Che.

Unfortunately, Zhou Che didn't buy what he was selling. Before he finished speaking, Zhou Che interrupted him impatiently. “Good, you finally told me your real thoughts.”

Lin Ping did not speak, and his face turned ugly.

Zhou Che said, “For the sake of our friendship, I will give you two choices. Either you persuade Tang Li to hand over the project management to you, or you completely stop thinking about it and don't force me to choose a side.”

Lin Pingran: “Hey, I…”


Zhou Che had hung up the phone.

Lin Ping suddenly became angry and slammed his mobile phone to the ground.

“f.u.c.k it.” Lin Pingran stared fiercely at the cell phone lying on the floor and burst out. “I'm the third boss of this company. How can I live so hard? I'm not even living as good as a stranger…”

Before the words were finished, the black screened cell phone suddenly lit up.

Someone was calling.

The word “Tang Li” was displayed on a screen that had been wrecked from Lin Pingran's abuse.

Lin Ping, who was speaking ill of others, felt his heart jump and shrank his neck back in a guilty way. However, when he recalled what Tang Li had said in the group chat, he felt a little angry.

After a moment of hesitation, Lin Pingran went over slowly and picked up his cell phone.

Then he pressed "Accept Call".

In the next second, a middle-aged male voice with low timbre sounded in his ear. Although there was no sound of electric current, Lin Pingran's two years of experience told him that the speaker was using a voice converter.

“Is this Lin Pingran?” Asked the person on the other side.

For the first time in more than two years, Lin Pingran was talking to Tang Li outside of WeChat.

In fact, he did not know Tang Li's age. He heard Zhou Che and Tan Dong call Tang Li, "Brother Tang", so he could only a.s.sume that the other man was older.

“Well…” On a one-to-one phone call, the paper tiger Lin momentarily forgot his previous arrogance. He smiled uneasily. “What do you have to say to me that would make you call so late at night?”

“I have something to speak with you about.” Tang Li spoke in a dull voice without any inflection, as a result, Lin Pingran could not detect any of his emotions.

Lin Pingran swallowed: “What's the matter?”

After two seconds of pause, Tang Li began to laugh, and the calm middle-aged male voice showed a touch of kindness. He said, “I know you're not happy with my decision…”

“No, no, no!” Lin Pingran quickly explained, “Brother Tang, I just have a quick mouth and say whatever I think, but I have no malice and didn't mean to bother you.”

Tang Li said, “I know.”

After that, without giving Lin Pingran an opportunity to speak, Tang Li continued, “In fact, my program is a small project, really just a trivial gadget. I am very moved that you can be so attentive to that gadget with your busy schedule.”

Lin Pingran's head was so confused by Tang Li's words that he scratched his head and felt a little embarra.s.sed: “Brother Tang is overpraising me.”

“So I thought about it and decided to ask you to help me negotiate with them about the project.” Tang Li quickly jumped to another point and said sincerely, “I don't know if you'd like to help with this.”

Lin Pingran was shocked.

Within two seconds, he reacted quickly and nodded with excitement. “Of course, it's my pleasure that you trust me so much!”

Tang Li laughed and said, “I don't mean to trouble you.”

Lin Pingran's heart flew up into his throat from excitement, but on the surface, he spoke calmly and politely, “It's no trouble, no trouble at all.”

It's not easy to hand over a project, but the main agreement has been nailed down and there's no rush.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Pingran excitedly lay down on the carpet and rolled around a few times. His face and body were sweaty with heat. Only then did he find that he had rushed home in a hurry before and forgot to turn on the air conditioner.

Lin Pingran picked up the remote control and turned on the air conditioner. When he put the remote control back on the tea table, his eyes involuntarily fell on the mobile phone.

He bit his lip and his eyes sparkled.

After struggling for a long time, Lin Pingran finally made a decision, picked up his mobile phone, found the unnamed number he had called the other day, and dialed the phone.

Shen Yu had no idea that Tang Li had been involved in so many things. In his eyes, Tang Li was still the same irritable little boy. For this reason, he had been distressed for some time.

Thinking about how the time when Tang Li is supposed to return to the Tang family is approaching gradually, like Tang Li, from time to time, he looks both nervous and frustrated. He was afraid that the little villain would be eaten by the Tang family to the point that even bones weren't left.

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