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Several hours after Alex and Fang-Fang's match had come to an end, Alex was sharing a drink with none other than Touhou and Fei-Hong after everyone else had gone to bed, he and the girls deciding to forego one night's training for once. As the trio of men sat drinking, with Grayfia silently standing behind Alex as if awaiting his order, Touhou commented,

"I was really surprised earlier, to think your strength was so impressive, and that you'd help young Fang-Fang find his true talent." Alex waved away Touhou's words as he took another swig of the excellent whiskey they offered him, while also feeling a little regretful that he couldn't get drunk alongside them, before saying,

"Think nothing of it, if anything I felt like it was a waste for a fellow martial artist to waste his talent away like that. Give it time, and he'll probably even surpa.s.s you in terms of strength and ability." There was an antic.i.p.atory gleam in Touhou's eyes when he imagined the future Alex predicted, before a light chuckle escaped his lips as he took another drink as well. Fei-Hong however smiled proudly as he recalled his son's actions that day, and the drastic difference in his bearing after the match. The three continued drinking in silence for a few more minutes, but, as he was about to raise his mug to his lips once again, Alex couldn't help but notice something through his 'Domain' that made him frown slightly.

Alex then closed his eyes as he focused his intent through his 'Domain', and counted no less than fifty a.s.sa.s.sins that were entering the Huang family estate. Though he didn't doubt that Touhou would notice their pretense eventually, Alex decided not to wait since it was most likely their fault the a.s.sa.s.sins were present, and directed his intent to the room that the girls were currently asleep in. "Kuroka, Shizuku, Kurumu, take care of it." He murmured slightly, causing Kuroka's yellow eyes to shoot open silently in the darkness, while Shizuku started awake suddenly, before realizing what was happening. Kurumu however twitched slightly, but continued to sleep while cuddling a plushy that looked like him until Shizuku silently shook her awake. With the three girls moving to deal with the a.s.sa.s.sins, Alex turned to Touhou and said,

"It appears that some pests are trying to get in, don't worry I have some of my girls dealing with it." Though they had been getting a little tipsy from the whiskey, both Touhou and Fei-Hong sobered up instantly when they heard what he said, but then Alex had to talk them out of acting themselves since he wanted Shizuku and Kurumu to have this experience.


A group of the a.s.sa.s.sins crept through the expansive estate as silently as possible as the leader ignored the various agents of Huang family around, his target being the supposed occupants that were possibly in the main or guest rooms. As good of a chance as this was to thin the forces of the Huang family, their main priority was the being who's power had been felt by every single member of the Miao family, from the head of the family to even the weakest members of the family. As such each of the a.s.sa.s.sins were aware that this was essentially a suicide mission due to the fact that even if they somehow dealt with the being who had released such an aura, there was still Touhou Fuhai and the rest of Huang family who would undoubtedly notice their presence by then, plus there was even the possibility that there was several others who were accompanying the mysterious being.


The leader of the group suddenly turned around as his instincts warned him of danger, only to see that one of his companions had suddenly disappeared into thin air, with not even a whisper to announce his departure. Immediately the group of a.s.sa.s.sins went into alert mode as they searched for the one who had abducted their comrade, however, even with their senses that were superior to humans, they could not sense a single thing around them other than the sleeping Huang family members.


Again the leaders instincts went off as he suddenly turned, only to find yet another member of his group missing. With only two of them left, the leader and the remaining member of the group went back to back as they tried to keep an eye on each side of themselves to catch sight of the mysterious a.s.sailant, even though the area they were in was still deathly quiet. The leader took comfort in the fact that his companion was directly at his back however, as it meant they were still with him, or at least that's what he thought until he turned to ask if he had seen anything, and noticed that the one there was instead a beautiful woman with long black hair, and two pointed cat ears.

"Well h.e.l.lo there~Nya." The second he saw the mysterious woman the leader of the hit squad leaped back and entered a stance as he demanded,

"Who are you?!" With his cover blown there was no more need for stealth and secrecy, and the man decided that collecting information that he could transmit to his comrades was much more important. The cat girl however didn't bother to give him a name, instead merely stating,

"Just someone who's really p.i.s.sed that their beauty sleep was interrupted by a bunch of unwanted pests~Nya!" As she spoke he eyes shone with a s.a.d.i.s.tic glee, making the man realize that she didn't take him seriously at all. Even though he knew he was essentially on a suicide mission, the man still had his pride as an a.s.sa.s.sin and as a member of the Miao family, and so he threw all notions of stealth out of the window as his form started to quickly expand.

"Even if you're stronger than me, even if I die here, I WONT GO DOWN EASILY!" The last part of his declaration was practically roared as he a.s.sumed his true form, that of a twenty foot tall giant. Despite seeing her opponent tower over her by several times, the mysterious a.s.sailant smirked as if she found his declaration humorous, making him roar once more as he drove his fist down at her with all of the force he could muster, causing the surroundings to shake as if an earthquake had just struck.

"Is that all?" A female voice sneered from underneath the Giants hand, making him dumbfounded as he found he couldn't move it by even a centimeter. He then let out a thunderous groan as he felt something sharp penetrate his fingers before poison was injected into him, bringing the giant to his knees as he saw the cat girl standing there with a sneer on her face.

"I don't care about who you are or what you want~Nya, all I know is that my master ordered me to deal with you, and that you disturbed my sleep." As the giant looked into her eyes he was terrified from what he saw, to others he was someone to admire, to the young master he was a reliable soldier; however to the woman in front of him, he was nothing more than a nuisance regardless of how much he tried to be otherwise.


Meanwhile inside of the manor itself, another a.s.sa.s.sin was creeping through the hallways towards the room he hoped his target was in; however due to the shaking from earlier he couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong, especially since no one had even seemed to have woken up from the previous shaking. He knew this because he could smell that each of the rooms he pa.s.sed still had occupants sleeping within, and he could hear their steady breathing as they slept peacefully, making him wonder if there was something at work keeping them asleep.

As the a.s.sa.s.sin pondered the unusual situation, a figure suddenly appeared from a tear in s.p.a.ce behind him seemingly unnoticed, however he could smell her with his enhance senses. Slowly he gripped his sword in a way so as not to alarm his stalker, before turning suddenly and silently to attack, except there had been no one there. Rather than than relax though the a.s.sa.s.sin increased his guard, as his senses had never lied to him before, as he scanned up and down the hallway while listening and smelling intently for any sign of the other person.

Meanwhile Shizuku withheld a sigh as she silently chastised herself for her carelessness, from her current position on the ceiling of the hallway above the a.s.sa.s.sin. As much as she didn't want to admit it, this situation made her decide that she needed to increase her 'Stealth' skill when she returned to the s.p.a.ce-time orb in order to prevent a repeat of this incident, as she could tell this wouldn't be the last time she was required to do something like this.

Shizuku then silently and slowly released the gravity magic that had been keeping her attached to the ceiling, allowing her to drift down silently behind the a.s.sa.s.sin before she used her 'Knights' speed to suddenly grab and raise the mans chin with one hand, while the other used her Tontō to slash open the mans throat. Immediately she felt the hot and sticky blood flow over her fingers, making her stomach churn with revulsion for a split second before her attention was taken by the flames that started pouring out of the a.s.sa.s.sin's opened throat, forcing her to back up and watch as they quickly engulfed the Huodou(demon dog).

Just as Shizuku was about to use her magic to call Alex for help as the flames started spreading, they immediately started to die down instead at an unnatural speed, making a sigh of relief escape her lips before they turned up slightly, a somewhat warm feeling spreading through her knowing that Alex was watching. Shizuku then turned her attention back towards the still warm and sticky sensation on her hands, and shuddered slightly before trying to put the feeling out of her mind as she followed Alex's intent to her next target.


As their comrades were being slaughtered or captured one by one, yet another group of a.s.sa.s.sins silently made their way through the manor with an increasing feeling of dread swelling up inside them, not from the prospect of dying, but of failing their young master. As they silently moved forward, they were dumbfounded to turn a corner and see an inordinately beautiful woman dressed in a simple gown standing there by an open window, the moonlight shining down onto her long pure white hair. Each of the men immediately raised their firearms and were prepared to shoot her, however, as they stared at her and she stared back, they were unable to bring themselves to pull the trigger. Their confusion only increased as the traces of a smile tugged at the corner of the woman's lips, making their hearts thunderously pound in their chests before her melodious voice asked,

"Are you here to play with me?" This made the men even more confused as their hands started getting clammy, and their cheeks started heating up, just like a teenage boy before a beautiful woman for the first time. As if to add to their confusion, the woman's smile became more p.r.o.nounced as she moved her hands to the drawstrings at the front of her gown, before tugging at them slowly and teasingly. As the knot holding her gown closed came undone, it slid off of her shoulders before falling to the ground and pooling around the woman's feet, leaving her completely naked body exposed for them all to see.

The men's hungry gazes slowly moved down from the woman's beautiful face and ruby-red lips, to her large and flawless b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were tipped by beautiful blood-red nipples, before moving down even further to the well maintained s.e.xy strip of white hair, and the forbidden area just beneath it. With her teasing smile becoming more p.r.o.nounced, the woman sat back onto the small table in front of the window before seductively raising her legs, and spreading them to give the men an un.o.bstructed view of her s.e.x. She then slowly lowered her fingers down to her s.e.x before slowly spreading the now glistening lips apart, revealing the twitching pink flesh within, hungry to filled, before she once again asked,

"Won't you play with me?" Then, despite the fact that whole situation screamed 'trap', and that his instincts were screaming even louder for him not to accept the woman's offer, the man at the forefront of the group slowly stepped forward while lowing the muzzle of his firearm. As he approached her, the woman's smile became even more p.r.o.nounced as she flashed them her perfectly white teeth, and raised her free hand before using a finger to indicate the man to come closer, which he readily obliged with the bulge at his front becoming more prominent.

As he stepped into arms reach of the woman she placed her free hand beneath the mans chin, gently pulling him closer and closer until their lips finally met, and something extended from the woman's fingers as they pierced through his mouth and stabbed into his head. In the brief second before he died, the 'Charm' and illusions were suddenly dispelled for the man alone, revealing there was no beautiful white haired woman, only a beautiful blue haired teenage girl who's face was still almost a foot away from him, still dressed in her purple pajamas. With his rational returning in the split second before he died, the man tried desperately to raise his voice, to use his dying breath to alert his comrades, however the nails that were lodged within his mouth and skull refused to allow him that, and the mans consciousness swiftly slid into darkness.

Even as Kurumu retracted her nails, and allowed the mans body to thud to the ground, the other men didn't even react, her 'Charm' and illusion still in full effect on them, as the beautiful and naked white haired woman stepped over the dead mans body to seductively make her way towards them, asking once more,

"Won't you play with me?"


Back in the room he was in when he first noticed the a.s.sa.s.sins presence, Alex couldn't help but raise his brows as he watched the three girls dispatch the a.s.sa.s.sins one after another while using their own methods. Kuroka was moving swiftly and deadly, as she incapacitated or killed the a.s.sa.s.sins as quickly and efficiently as possible, meanwhile Shizuku was putting her training as a daughter of the Yeagashi to use, and Kurumu was using a fairly slow and roundabout, yet cruelly effective method. Alex had been paying attention to the latter two the most, as he used this opportunity to see how well Shizuku would take killing in cold blood, and how Kurumu would fair fighting and killing actual people compared to the mindless monsters she trained against.

He had been surprised at first by how readily and ruthlessly Kurumu killed the men, but, when he thought about it, Alex realized that as a 'monster' Kurumu might not be as against killing as a normal human would have been, making him realize he probably didn't need to worry about her fighting people as much. Meanwhile Shizuku's reaction to killing in cold blood was along the lines of what he had expected, as until now the only 'people' she had killed were the undead soldiers Eri had used her attempted coup, and the apostles during the final battle against Ehito's in a battle to the death. Seeing how she kept glancing at her blood covered hands, even as she kept killing more people, Alex decided to dedicate a day or two to comforting the ponytailed kunoichi once they returned to the s.p.a.ce-time orb.

He had also been using his Conquerers Haki along with his 'Domain' to ensure that none of Huang family awoke during the attempted a.s.sault, making any who tried to get up pa.s.s out until morning, which incidentally resulted in a couple of accidents as a couple of the people got up for other reasons than the fights occurring around them. He had also been keeping track of, and guiding the girls towards, the remaining groups of a.s.sa.s.sins as they tried to navigate the estate, before his attention was suddenly directed towards the front. After recognizing the person leading the group towards the front gate, Alex stated through his domain,

"Kuroka, head to the front and capture the one in charge alive." Even though she didn't reply, Kuroka immediately used spatial magic to appear at the front gate in order to engage the person leading the adult that had disturbed her sleep. Both Touhou and Fei-Hong stared at Alex in amazement, as he had been updating the two on the advances and defeat of the a.s.sa.s.sins, both in awe of Alex's ability to monitor the entire estate without their enemies knowing. Alex however ignored them as he turned towards Grayfia, who was still standing behind him attentively, and said,

"Grayfia, after Kuroka brings the leader here I want you to-"


While Alex was giving Grayfia orders of what to do next, the largest group of a.s.sa.s.sins yet approached the main entrance to the Huang family estate without trying to hide their presence at all. One of them then turned to the one leading them, a pet.i.te cute looking girl in a sailer dress with ribbons tied around the two short horns that protruded from her hair, and asked,

"Is this really alright lady Routier? Shouldn't we be more discrete?" The girl, Routier, snorted before responding to the man,

"What's the point now? Our men have been disappearing one after another and one of them even went so far as to use his true form to shake the entire estate, why bother trying to hide when they obviously know we're here?" The man was silent as he listened to the deputy leader's reasoning for her actions, deciding it was better than arguing and possibly getting her excited. A futile lack of action however as her cheeks started turning red while her eyes started glossing over, as the pet.i.te woman pulled a chainsaw seemingly out of nowhere and continued, "and besides, now I can chop up all the people I want before we get to our target!"

The men shuddered as the deputy leader's s.a.d.i.s.tic side started showing itself, each of them trying to very subtly shuffle a bit further away from her, before they noticed a figure standing at the main entrance to the Huang family estate. Though it was expected that there'd be guards there, the woman was standing there alone while looking bored, as if she had been specifically waiting for them. Routier looked the solitary woman up and down, focusing specifically on her beautiful features and her ma.s.sive b.r.e.a.s.t.s before looking down at her own as if comparing them. She then looked back up as a taunting voice called out,

"So this little brat is the one in charge~Nya?" Routier looked at the woman irritably, and said while holding up her chainsaw,

"When I cut you down to size, then we'll see who the brat is! And then maybe after that I'll cut up that pretty face before cutting off those lumps of flesh!" Routier then continued detailing what she planned to do to Kuroka, while her cheeks turned even rosier and her breathing became ragged. Seemingly unable to take the antic.i.p.ation anymore, she then leaped forward while swinging her roaring chainsaw, only for it to bounce off of Kuroka's claws in a shower of sparks. Rather than be shocked that her beloved chainsaw was deflected, Routier quickly pivoted and swung it around once more, before another shower of sparks lit up the night.

Alex sat back with a wry smile as he watched the short exchange between Kuroka and Routier, ending of course in the formers victory while the latter was taken prisoner along with her men, who all struggled until the last before Kuroka finally had them restrained. Alex's expression however became a deadpan as he saw the state Routier was in after her fight with Kuroka, with her dress torn enough to perfectly reveal her diminutive b.r.e.a.s.t.s and white panties with pink polka dots, which were also torn to the point that they hardly covered their contents and were on the verge of coming off. He then turned his deadpan stare at Kuroka, who quickly said defensively,

"What~Nya? It's not like I did it on purpose, it just happened~Nya." Alex only sighed in response, as he had watched the fight and knew she was telling the truth, before turning his attention to the still conscious Routier who was muttering,

"The ones who should be tied up are all of you, then I can cut and slice and carve away to my hearts content...." As she continued muttering Kurumu and Shizuku, who had already cleaned herself up after the a.s.sa.s.sins were all dealt with, both backed away slowly while Kuroka sighed as she contemplated simply knocking the little s.a.d.i.s.t out. Alex however ignored the muttering as she got to how she'd pull out their entrails, and asked,

"Routier, why did the head of the Miao family send you here?" The little girl looked up at Alex as she spoke, and stated plainly,

"To kill you of course." Alex nodded as he had expected as much, and looked away even as the girls continued to glare at her alongside Touhou and Fei-Hong. He of course didn't blame the head of the Miao family, as he was well aware that Xei-Long had no choice but to void the peace treaty between the Huang and Miao family's, or risk an even worse punishment than the one his father suffered. Without any other comment at the current situation, Alex turned towards Grayfia and simply said,


Without any clarification of what she was meant to do, the silver haired maid simply bowed slightly before disappearing within a cloud of mist. This left those who hadn't heard Alex give her her earlier orders somewhat confused, until a few minutes later when a magic circle appeared in the center of the room, projecting a sight that made the surviving a.s.sa.s.sins widen their eyes in shock as they looked at a real time projection of the Miao family estate. Before they could get over the shock of what they were seeing, the projection shifted until it was focused on the main entrance of the estate, where a group of women wearing familiar uniforms approached the main gate without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

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