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As I fill my mouth with the Red Bear’s raw meat, I’m thinking what am I going to do from now on. Outside became pitch black as its already night. I sensed a presence of something big moving around, I guess its better to not leave until it is morning. I’ll stay inside the cave today.

Red Bear’s raw meat is truly delicious. Though the texture is soft as the raw meat itself, there is a taste of salt and pepper attached to it somehow as it was possible to eat. It would be food poisoning in reality but in this world. such matter is probably safe. The whole body seems to be filled with power whenever I eat a mouthful. Stamina is seen to increase slightly. I’m sure that cooking it by grilling would be delicious I guess, it can’t be helped that there is no equipment. Which remind me, there should have such skill like cooking, I’ll look for it after I escaped this forest.


Can I be able to leave this forest full of monsters?. Despite being in a life and death just by going outside. Its likely that the current me can’t win a Shield Scorpion subspecies needless to say a b.l.o.o.d.y Bear. Though 『Bloodstained Sakura』 is somehow powerful, the current me won’t be able to use it as it requires a high 『Strength』, I may also not be able to use a skill. Although my level went up, status like 「Strength」 and etc. hardly went up. Its a suicidal act if I go out in my current situation.

Sigh. I’ll think about it tomorrow. Thanks for eating the meat that my stomach became full and sleepy. I’ll sleep for today.


The next morning, I who appeased the thirst with spring water and ate the bear’s meat was doing a practice-swinging using 『Bloodstained Sakura』. Though my hand become painful just by swinging for a little while since its considerably heavy, I keep swinging.

There is a proper reason why I suddenly starts practice-swinging, 『Strength』 and 『Endurance』 can be raised just by swinging a sword, it is so that the proficiency level of Long Sword can be raised. Proficiency level is a thing to show how much you mastered a weapon. Although status and proficiency level goes up easily by fighting monsters, Since it seems to be an instant kill when I fight, I can do nothing but steadily train. Let’s do this!.

Noon. I take a rest after eating a small amount of bear’s meat, I’ll start practicing the skills that I obtained this time. Skill also have proficiency level as it increase as one keep using it. Its better to use it more as the skill level goes up, its effectiveness also increased.

I move around in various directions many times over using 【Step】, I take a rest when the Stamina run out to recover. Afterwards, I used 【Second Jump】 Many times again and again. 【Second Jump】 is after you jump once, as if there is a scaffold like thing in the air and once again will be able to jump. It seems to use plenty of Stamina and need to take a rest immediately.

Practicing until stamina is exhausted in one skill and use a different skill after the stamina recovers. I repeat this a number of times.

「【Forth Slash】!!」

The sword shine in blue at the same time as I execute it with a 4 consecutive slash in the s.p.a.ce in front of my eyes. Its power is not that high. Instead it consumed low stamina and can be used many times. even if you say it can be use many times, when used once, skill can’t be used again until the next fixed time which makes it intermittent.

It became night in a blink of an eye when training like this. The whole body is sore because of muscular pain. d.a.m.n, you don’t need a such setting like muscular pain! Its too realistic….

I immediately went to sleep after eating the last bear’s meat and drinking spring water.

The next day, I was hesitant to eat the meat of scorpion and fetch some fruits that grows near the cave. There are three type.


Only one is decent in the 3 kinds of fruits. Though Fire Fruit can restore your stamina , I became in poisoned status when I ate Borero Fruit, and understand that eating Birere Fruit can make you into a paralyzed status, Though I only want to eat Fire Fruit, it seems that this fruit can only be harvest 3 pieces a day. Just having one would not make my stomach full and I can’t escape hunger if I don’t eat Borero Fruit and Birere Fruit.

For now, I will eat Fire Fruit in the morning. since Birere Fruit’s paralyzed status would not affect the stamina, Its no problem if I eat it. Borero Fruit’s poisoned status prabably would continue until the stamina becomes 0. Nevertheless, it will lower my motivation if I don’t eat well in the morning and so I decided to eat two Fire Fruit.

I practice-swinging until noon just like yesterday and ate three Birere Fruit. It became impossible to move the whole body because of numbness for a few minutes, Hunger is perfectly solved. After that is the training of skills.

I ate one Fire Fruit and three Borero Fruit at night. The whole body becomes hot and the chest hurts nastily . Fortunately, the poisoned state was substantially restored if I ate Fire Fruit. The hunger has been solved, I’m going to sleep.

After that, despite eating fruits, I keep practice-swinging and practicing skill everyday. The status increased

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