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It seems that the Bear’s HP was really shaved down to the limit. It just died by colliding to a collapsing tree. There is a reason for my terrifying momentum of leveling up. In case when two monsters fight, the victor will be able to get the experience point and few items of the monster that he defeated. Even though no matter how distant our level is, I’m sure that with just the bear alone, I will not leveled up that much. It seems that part of the scorpions were also included.

I organized the event a while ago in the cave I found after that.
Apparently, this cave is a resting site for the players. Inside the cave is warm and spring water acc.u.mulate. Various types of fruits grows in the tree near the entrance, above all is that monster don’t come at all. The map that can be seen in the status is that this cave can’t be invade by monsters, It is  displayed as blue that indicates safety.


I lean in the wall of the cave and take a breather.
There’s a lot of thing happened that I might go crazy. However, its necessary to be calm at time like this.
For the time being, there should be items in the Item Box since I defeated the Bear. First of all, I’ll try to sort it out.
Inside the Item Box are the large amount of recovery medicine. antidote and other things that I bought in the 《Safety Town》, among them are Items that I had never seen before.

Personal Items: Recovery Potion x 10, Antidote x 5, Stamina Drink x 5, Red Bear’s pelt x 2, Red Bear’s Claw, Red Bear’s Raw Meat x 4, Long Sword『 Blood Stained Sakura』 Red Iron Scorpion’s Hard Sh.e.l.l x 7, Red Iron Scorpion’s Pincers x 3, Red Iron Scorpion’s Poisoned Tail, Red Iron Scorpion’s Poisoned Meat and Soul’s Fragment x 10.

It seems that i have obtained a large amount of monster’s parts. this sort of items when brings to a blacksmith who makes weapon and equipment, It can be made a weapon and equipment according to the monsters. Well, since there is no such establishment in an unconquered area yet. Its clearly a garbage for now.
By the way, Although I understood seeing the explanation of the item, That Bear’s name is b.l.o.o.d.y Bear and the Scorpions seems to be subspecies of Shield Scorpion. Subspecies of what species?.
Monster’s parts are simply a garbage for now but the Meat Type Item is different. There is a setting for hunger in this game, you will suffer a penalty in status if you don’t regularly eat something and eventually dies of hunger. I, who doesn’t have anything to eat beside the fruit that I found a while ago, Meat is an important item that saves life. However, If you eat a poisoned meat. you will be in poisoned status for several seconds.


And then the Long Sword 『Bloodstained Sakura』. There is a very little chances of being able to acquire weapon and swords from monsters, I never thought that I would get it suddenly. My current long sword equipment is 『Rusted Katana』. Totally unreliable. It can be said that being able to get it is considerably lucky. However, 『Strength』 is needed to use the weapon.
To equip heavy weapon and swing it, physical strength is naturally needed. 『Strength』 is one in the status that shows the physical strength of the Players. As the 『Strength』 increases, Offensive ability also goes up. There is no disadvantage if it trains.
There is other variety other than『Strength』, 『Agility』, 『Endurance』, 『Stamina』 and 『Dexterity』, All goes up naturally if your level raised and can be trained. There is a method to train other than raising a level, Strength and Endurance is to practice swinging the weapon and weight training, Agility and Stamina is to move around and Dexterity is to make weapon and work as blacksmith as it will be able to make it raise. The thing about raising level and these status are the real pleasure of this game .
Though the talked got derailed. For now, there is no lack of weapon for a while. Though I said that, Its probably necessary to increase『 Strength』.

Next is Soul’s Fragment. This is when the time which you receive an instant death attack… The item can recover the HP up to 10. Though I did not obtain it in the beta-version, I guess perhaps its a considerable scarce rare item. Of course, Its disposable.

I grasp the main point of the Items and next is the Skill and t.i.tle.
Skills is a special technique that decreased the Stamina Bar below the HP Bar when its used. Quick movement, Attack , Defense and others are possible to do that normal human can’t. Some Skill does not consume Stamina but most of the skills uses it.  It becomes impossible to use skill if the stamina is used up and have no choice but to wait for it to recover.
Stamina is the same with HP as it increased as you leveled up. Stamina can be increase with the raise of Strength Value.
At the time when the Stamina is used up, it is possible to recover by drinking the Stamina Drink besides for natural recovery. Because of being in a pinch when Stamina is used up, Stamina Drink is one of the indispensable item.

「Well, then… Let me see quickly what skill that I learned……Oo」

Many of the skill that I acquired are convenient things. 【Samurai’s Spirit】 is a skill which lowers some status of the person which level is lower than mine.
Although I can’t use it in this forest… There are skills that I have seen for the first time. Is it likely to be able to become a Top Ranker if I leave the forest now?

(TLN: Not my fault that its different from chapter 4, Its 【侍の迫力】 in chapter 4 which I translated as 【Force of the Samurai】 while in this chapter, its 【侍の気迫】. )
By the way, I ‘m not be able to know the situation of the other players. The words displayed in the bulletin board is error when I looked at it a while ago. d.a.m.n, Its probably because of the bug. Managementttt…… If you have such free time to use technology to accelerate the time at least erase this bug…….

Next is t.i.tle. When the action of the player meet the requirements of obtaining that t.i.tle, It is possible to acquired. Just by possessing it would increase the status thus having one does have any disadvantage.
However, the t.i.tle that acquired this time, I don’t even do anything but it satisfied the obtaining requirements? Since I came here due to bug, something weird is not that strange.
[ Person who uses traps ] can be obtained in case when you defeat the monster without doing anything with just your intellect. Its a t.i.tle that increased Dexterity. Certainly, I don’t use my own hands to defeat the b.l.o.o.d.y Bear but……
[ Gekokujou ] as the as its name, can be obtained when you defeated a monster or player whose level is higher than yours. Its a convenient t.i.tle where all the status were raised. It can be said that I was lucky to obtained these t.i.tle easily.

TLN: Honyaku gave me a translation of Gekokujou as Social Upheaval lol. Again, Its meaning is Juniors dominating Seniors.
[ Person who spies ] …As for this obtaining requirements, I don’t know since it didn’t appear in the beta-version. It increase Agility, and increased the effect of 【Spy】.
Still, for the last. [ ??? ]. I don’t really know this. There isn’t anything written in the explanation, Is it because of the bug?

For now, with this is the sorting of the items acquired due to luckily defeating the b.l.o.o.d.y bear but.

What should I do from now on?

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