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A dark room where it is illuminated by a large quant.i.ty of floating screen. The screen projects the player, monster and the state of the town area.

There is a chair and desk in front of the screen and several tens of people is. .h.i.tting the keyboard clattering with their hands while looking at the screen.

One of the screen projects Akatsuki being squashed by the Bear. 〈kukuku〉, The man who was looking at it makes a childlike face and let out a smile. There is no sign of hitting the keyboard with his hands. The man have an appearance of around first half of thirties.

「Hoy, Urabe」

The woman sitting next to him frown while calling the man who is looking at the screen. Urabe faced the woman troublesomely.

「Don’t just look at the screen and properly work」

「I know. I’m just looking now because I have nothing to do. How about you Asakura, work properly」

Urabe said it like in displeasure and take a peek again in the screen. The woman called Asakura grab the big arm of Urabe as she got mad at his behavior. And forcefully pull as it is towards her. Urabe said 「What is it」 as he shake off the hands of Asakura.

「Work properly. Think about the worst. Do you understand? Carelessly speak ill of the Long Sword in that place and drag the player into a hidden area, what do you want to do?Not only you’re in charge of here, you’re about to thrown out a restricted boss monster before.」

What is this one saying? is what shown in Urabe’s face and later greatly nods as he understand something. Then, he makes a broadly grinning and grim face in the shape of a smile. And Asakura who saw it grimaced.

「Mixing a little entertainment in this boring job would not have punishment? I for long time ago like a novel about an unparalleled protagonist but being left out by everyone and the so-called weak weapon is actually powerful genre. I read the same type of novel and also wrote one. That is why I speak ill about the Long Swords among the weapons. Isn’t that person is also looking at that place? Isn’t it okay even if I said something that was not in the script?. 」

「I don’t understand it. Its absurd……. You’re not even a kid…… If so, as what was written in walkthrough WIKI for Long Sword being a failure weapon, isn’t it good that it is posted in the bulletin board for players that the Long Sword is so weak. ……Most of the player is confused and believe it but there should have a few people feel something malaise. No matter what you say. you have done a good and bad thing.」

「You really don’t understand. There is no immediate effects, but what I want to see is a situation where an ostracized protagonist and can’t do anything but to move Solo returned and triumph over everyone!. Other Long Sword users are already dead, Shut in, being in a party that they expected but, this guy is currently going forward to what situation that I wished for. That is why don’t interfere since I’m the one taking responsibility if something happens, Vice Admin Asakura Ayaka-san.」

「Just for that reason the player called Akatsuki……. …… For the time being, please don’t destroy the game balance too much. Administrator Urabe Kensei-san」

After Asakura holding her head like enduring a headache, she once again look at the screen and started to hit the keyboard.


Urabe irresponsibly return a reply and resume looking at the screen. Within the square screen is the moving Akatsuki pa.s.sing through the thing that is like a gate that shines in emerald green and disappears from 《b.l.o.o.d.y Forest》.

「Hee…..The destination is there?. 」

Urabe’s face once again let out a smiling appearance.



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