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My body is so hot and seems like burning. Whatever happens, I opened my eyes and saw the Bear about to swing its arm downwards. I’ll get smashed by the Bear just like thatーーーEh? I’m sure that the Bear is swinging its arm but, its movement is so slow!. It feels like it projects a slow playback of an one scene in a movie. After I noticed it, I remember the discomfort in my own body. Its not painful. Just a while ago, my body that was in pain completely disappears. Is it because of the change? A thing like a Red Crest appeared in my body. This looks familiar. That’s right, Its the b.l.o.o.d.y Bear.

When the b.l.o.o.d.y Bear’s HP is shaved up to red zone, a Red Crest would appear in its whole body and increased its power. Offensive , Speed and Defense power would remarkably increase. My body has that thing which resemble it well now. What the h.e.l.l is this thing?

(TLN: So Red Crest skill is something that would cover your would body in Red. Idk why the author used Crest maybe because Crest can be mean as Coat of Arms or something. )

I feel like that there is something suddenly appeared in my brain a while ago. I don’t know what the heck was that, but I understand that its telling me ” what should I do?”. Though I can’t explain it well, something appeared in my mind on what should I do to defeat this bear. I’ll get killed immediately if this go on. If that’s the case, Its not bad to relay the thing that my hunch says.

The moment I thought so, the Bears movement return as before. The swing of the arm makes a sounds as it approached. I hurriedly stand up and jumped sideways using 【Step】. My body is light…. And power seems to be overflowing. This condition is so comfortable.

〈Gururu〉, The Bear growls when it thought that the prey its going to kill is escaping, its body is slowly approaching towards here. This guy’s movement is pretty slow as I expected. Nevertheless, its very dangerous to attack slipping into its bosom .

If that’s the case!


( TLN: Other is Echo and Resonance[ I got Resonance in the anime Terror in resonance] )

I muttered the words that appeared inside my mind and thrust to the bear as it is. I’ll be naturally be torn up like a paper with its claw if I do such thing. I completely receive the attack of the Bear and “Disappears”. I go around on its back while the Bear is still bewildered.

After all, I have no choice but to aim for the vital points to defeat this Bear. It is impossible to cut off its neck and the heart is in front which are the vital points . If so, its better stab the nape in its back with the sword.

「【Sky Walk】」

I jumped once and kick the invisible floor in the air and aim for the nape of the Bear. Though the 【Quadruple Jump】 cant reach this place, it is possible with this. I somehow understand its effects. This is a skill that can keep you jumping as long as the stamina lasts. I saw the stamina decreasing in terrifying momentum. It might probably no room to use another skill. However, Its sufficient. Its sufficient just by stabbing the vital points.


I jumped slightly above the nape and fall downward as it is with the edge if of 『Bloodstained Sakura』. With the impact of falling and power of stabbing. it will probably able to instant death.

The Bear noticed my yell but it is already too late. The edge pierce through the solid fur with a stab in its nape.


The bear raised a scream. However, It didn’t die. The HP is shave by half in a single hit, instant death didn’t happen. The HP decreases little by little as the sword is stuck.

「Not yetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!」

I pushed the 『Bloodstained Sakura』 inside as it is. The blood overflow from the wound as the sword sink thoroughly into the meat. The HP decreasing speed is accelerated. However, It will take time.

The Bear stretches its arm and cut my back with its claws who is in its nape. Though I’ll die if HP becomes 0, I still have Soul’s Fragment. I, who revives immediately, pushes the sword once more. The sword is deepening slowly because of the meat being considerably hard. Even so, the HP decreasing speed is accelerating as pushed it more.

The bear cuts my back. I died and revives again.

I still want to live. I want to go out of here. I want to go back to the real world. There is still a lot of thing I want to do. That is why.

That is why die quickly. Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die; Die ; Die;
Please quickly die!
The sword is pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. My back is cut and died then revive died then revive died then revive died then revive died then revive died then revive !.







The Bear’s HP finally became zero. I already died eight times. Even so, I won. I survived and won against this bear! Yessssssssssssssss!!.

(TLN: actually its says alright, but I change it to yes. tell me if you don’t like it).

The bear is screaming as it fall backwards. E……. I can’t avoid the sword that is hanged in the nape and got crushed by the Bear just like that and.


I died again.




ーーーー You’ve became level 60.

ーーー Skill 【Mikiri Revised】 was learned.

ーーーSkill 【Vacuum Slash】 was learned.

ーーーSkill 【Distance Slash】 was learned.

ーーーSkill 【Overlay Slash】 was learned.

ーーーt.i.tle [ Good Luck ] was obtained.

ーーー Are you going to use Soul’s Fragment? Yes/No




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