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Chapter 1.2: Prologue

Her forehead still had blood dripping down with some flowing into her eyes, blurring her sight, but her footsteps did not stop, slow and determined as they move towards the place with the fiery light.

Thick smoke choked the young boy as he coughed incessantly, unable to even open his eyes. He racked his mind thinking up every way he could but it was to no avail. Several overhead beams had fallen down in front of him and if his legs could still walk, he would have risked everything to charge his way out. But now….. though the heart wanted to, his body was powerless.

He was destined to face this calamity.

But….. How he hated his fate!

His ears suddenly detected sounds of movement. After the young boy opened his eyes weakly, what he saw caused him to stare in shock.

The girl was standing right by the well, struggling to draw bucket after bucket of water from the well before pouring them over her own self, till her entire body was completely drenched.

The water in deep autumn was really very cold and if she continued to do that she would definitely fall sick. But her demeanor was so calm that it was terrifying, like she was a machine that had been programmed to carry out a task.

The young boy watched her actions in a stunned daze, amus.e.m.e.nt in his eyes together mixed with bafflement.

Hadn't Qing Yu already left?

Why….. had she come back? And what was she doing?

The next second, he saw that she had found herself a piece of loose and oversized clothing from G.o.d knows where. Soaking it wet with water, she then draped it over herself and charged speedily into the fire.

It shocked the young boy so hard he almost jumped up as a shout tore out from his throat: "Qing Yu, you dumb moron. What are you doing back here? Get away from here now! Go far far away and never come back. I do not need you to save me as you will only burden me….."

The young boy was feeling choked up and he could not say another word.

How could he possibly not see that she had come here wanting to save him? But she was still so young and did not possess the ability to do it at all. Moreover, he was a cripple who was not all that mobile…..

To tell the truth, the fact that Qing Yu had carried things out to this stage already pleased him very much. At least, he would be able to die with a smile.

But in future, no one will be able to talk to her anymore.

Qing Yu looked at his tear filled face which was crying and then smiling where she then unconsciously creased up her brows as she said in a soft voice: "So full of nonsense."

Immediately feeling that something wasn't right, she then quickly said: "Don't worry, I'll be fine, and I will get you out of here."

The young boy's emotions was fluctuating greatly as Qing Yu had never ever shown such an impatient expression before and she was even trying to comfort him. It must be known that she would not even dare to speak a single word once she became nervous.

There wasn't time for him to react at all before Qing Yu had already picked him right off the wheelchair.

He was literally picked right off, grabbed by the collar unceremoniously and with a slight bending of her back, he was firmly slung across her back.

This was about the first time that the young boy found himself being carried on someone's back all his life.

And it was by the elder sister who was so much smaller in size than him.

The person he had always loved and hated at the same time.

But suddenly being carried on her thin back, the young boy's face immediately flushed a deep red.

"You you you….. you put me down now. Really….. How could you possibly be able to carry me….."

How could a girl possibly piggyback a boy? The young boy was humiliated and angry. What would people say if they saw this?

"Shut up."

Qing Yu's brows were furrowed as she looked at the several thick beams in front. She was silent for a while before she freed up one hand, suddenly lashing it forward. A chill light manifested. The blaze quickly shrank, where a layer of frost actually formed.

She was rather annoyed as she cursed in a low voice before she strode over the heavy beams with the boy on her back. In just moments, the blazing fire flared up into a roar once again.

And the boy on her back had already fainted into unconsciousness from having been trapped within the choking smoke for too long.

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