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Chapter 4.2: Playing Outside Calls For Payback

"Mm, before seeing you, I was doing rather well." Qing Yu replied smilingly, her body automatically taking a step back, her hand holding Qing Bei tightening as her eyes quickly surveyed the surroundings.

"Thinking to escape again? You won't be so lucky this time!" Bai Zi Yan said as the corners of his mouth curled up sinisterly. "The Polar Fire Core you stole was meant to be used by our Lord to treat his injury, and if not for you, he would have fully recovered. If you cooperate and hand it over to us here today, your Lord here might just consider allowing you to die with your body in one piece."

Qing Yu lifted up an eyebrow. "You've got to be kidding. It's already been so long. The dregs of the herb has long turned into flower fertilizer. If you had asked me earlier, I might still have a few leaves left over."

Polar Fire Core…..

Qing Bei's eyes sank. Wasn't that the strange flower used for the treatment of his legs?

He had been thinking how strange it was that the upper half of that flower had been scorching hot while its bottom half felt so bitingly cold. So that was actually the legendary Polar Fire Core!

What kind of a price had Qing Yu paid to get her hands on something like that! ?

And she was always saying that she wasn't the real Qing Yu, and she would leave this place one fine day. If that was the case, then why was she risking her life to try to save him! ?

Hearing the news that the Polar Fire Core was gone, Bai Zi Yan's alluring peach blossom eyes lost its smiling twinkle, to be replaced with chilling murder. "You are d.a.m.ned!"

The Polar Fire Core was something they had finally managed to retrieve after so much struggle, at the cost of several hundred lives of their men. They had thought to wait till it bloomed fully, where its medicinal effects would be better, but in the end, it was stolen from them by this kid here!

The Lord did not have all that much time left and if he was still not given the medicine, he would be tormented to death by that force in him that was both extremely fiery and chilly. They had searched for the flower stealing thief throughout the entire world and now it seemed that their efforts were for naught!

They wouldn't feel any relief even if they killed the kid a hundred times! !

Compared to Qing Yu's calm composure, Qing Bei's heart was a complex mix of feelings. With the thought that she had been drawn into such trouble because of him, he was filled with endless remorse and self reproach. In fact, he had been burdening her so much all these years.

No matter whether she was the real Qing Yu, she had fulfilled more than any duty she might have towards him.

He was just thinking to step forward to explain when Qing Yu stretched her hand out to stop him, pulling him behind her. Qing Bei was not all that tall at this moment and Qing Yu was a little more lanky. Standing together like this, it was seen that she was actually slightly taller than him.

She stood in front of him, her stance highly protective.

"Little Lian, your love has turned to hate and you've set this trap for me to fall into? Women are truly frightening." Qing Yu said with a indiscernible smile as she looked at the woman at the side whose head was still lowered.

Lian Ji stared blankly for a moment before her brows furrowed up. She had not known that the Lord would come here today at all. It had been a few years since she had last seen the Lord and even though this was completely unintentional, she must not speak recklessly here or she would escape disaster herself.

There was only frustration in her heart at that moment. If she had known that the youth was the thief that had stolen the Polar Fire Core, she would have delivered a chop of her hand on the back of his neck.

"You person you want is me. This kid here does not know anything but just came here with me today. Let him go." Qing Yu said, and then turned her body to the side to signal Qing Bei with her eyes.

But how could Qing Bei possibly abandon her and run away on his own? They were twins and they had come out from their mother's tummy one after the other with a cup of tea's time in between. She had come out first and it was destined she was the elder sister that had to look after her younger brother.

Regardless of what she was like in the past, but ever since she had saved him out from the fire, she had really changed.

Intelligent, confident, brave, and possessed amazing G.o.dly skills in Medicine. She had done every duty as an elder sister, protecting him, and looking out for him.

But she was afterall still a girl, and he could not possibly always hide behind her.

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