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After the preparation of the Phoenix gra.s.s was completed, the red oil inside the pot was also boiling. Qin Luo placed the now marinated filets into the pot. Once the filets started to curl a little, he poured them back into the tub.

He sprinkled the Phoenix gra.s.s above the filets in the tub and brought the remaining oil to a boil before pouring them over the filets.

Along with the sizzling sound, a small smoke rose above the tub and the aroma of fresh, tasty fish along with the hot spices filled the small yard!

When Chen Yun saw the pink, steaming filets floating in the red, hot oil, her stomach couldn't wait any longer. She immediately reached out, grabbed a piece of the filet, and tossed it into her mouth, only to be burned till tears rolled down her face.

“Spicy poached heng gong fish completed. Color: 4.3 points. Aroma: 4.5 points. Taste: 4.5 points. Inspiration: 3 points. Style: 3.5 points. Total: 19.8 points. Rating: Exceptional!”

“Experience gained: 258 points (Exceptional bonus: 30%). Current experience level: 335/500.”

“Only 100 some odd more experience points to leveling up!” Qin Luo was very pleased with the outcome of his dish.

He suddenly thought of something; if he cooked the fish separately, he would be able to gain the experience points twice!

“I must try that next time, this mystical beast's meat aren't cheap…”

Seeing the beauty next to him was already sweaty from eating his dish and thoroughly enjoying it, Qin Luo quickly picked up his chopsticks to join her. Right when he was about to pick up a piece of filet, there came a loud knocking noise!

“Who is it?” asked Qin Luo.

The person outside replied leisurely, “Someone brought to you by fate.”

“Seriously?” cussed Qin Luo, Fate, my a.s.s! 

He ignored the man outside and picked up a piece of filet

“THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!” came the urgent knock again. It startled Qin Luo so much that he dropped the piece of filet that almost made it way to his mouth.

“s.h.i.t, are you kidding me?!” Qin Luo walked over and pulled open the yard door angrily, “And who the h.e.l.l are you?”

Outside stood a young man in a bamboo hat and a black cape.

He looked up and smiled at Qin Luo, his white teeth reflecting the sunlight was surely a distraction, “And just what is my friend cooking today? It smells so amazing, do you think you can invite me in for some?”

Invite my a.s.s! Why was it that every time he cooked uninvited guests would show up? What's going to be next? A dragon?

Looking at Qin Luo's unfriendly look, the young man said immediately, “But don't you worry, I won't take your food for free. I don't have money, but I have good items for trade!”

“What good times?”

“What would you like? I am the most mysterious merchant in the world of Gen Yuan. I have anything that you can possibly imagine. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!” said the young man, full of confidence.

“Oh wow, that is truly amazing!” said Qin Luo sarcastically. “Then how about a 98K with 8x zoom?”


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