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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 172 Arrests


Qin Shuang works hard for a long time, but finds that she cannot instill the power of her Sea of Knowledge into the spirit pattern on the little paper man. She raises her hand in doubt and takes down the little paper man, looking carefully, and slowly her eyes become clear. She finally discovers a slight mistake in the drawing of this spirit pattern.

So she puts the spirit pattern aside, picking up the spirit brush and dipping it into the cinnabar, beginning to draw. Qin Shuang has calculated, she can draw eight small paper figures. She has bought five sheets of paper to use.


Her second attempt has failed again. Qin Shuang is not discouraged, she looks again at the spirit pattern on the little paper man, and compares the pattern to the spirit pattern in her memory, as well as the thickness of the lines, the arc, the edges, the corners…

When only the last place is left on the first spirit paper, Qin Shuang feels that she has finally drawn a small paper man perfectly. She confidently cuts the little paper man out with scissors, and then puts it between her eyebrows, operating the power of her Sea of Knowledge.


Qin Shuang feels the power of her Sea of Knowledge pouring towards the little paper man, making Qin Shuang's head feel faintly painful. The pain is not long, just about fifteen breaths.

Although it was only fifteen breaths, Qin Shuang bitterly discovered that nearly one-half of her power was poured into the little paper man.

When Qin Shuang takes the little paper man away from her brows, she immediately feels that her Sea of Knowledge has a connection with the little paper man.

But Qin Shuang doesn't care about it at this time. She jumps up from her chair at once, puts away the spirit brush, spirit paper and cinnabar, then rolls out a sheet of paper, and puts the Confucianism book on the table. Then she takes out another brush and ink again, and in her mind she reads out a set of orders, she immediately sees the little paper man grow up. It's as tall as Qin Shuang, he walks up to the desk, reaches out a hand to start grinding ink. Then picking up a brush full of thick ink, he begins to copy the Confucianism book.

Qin Shuang's eyes open wider and wider. She finds that although the paper man looks different from her, his writing style is exactly the same as her own, and after one page is copied, he knows to turn to the next page.

But Qin Shuang doesn't want to let it continue, because Qin Shuang knows that all the actions of the paper man will consume the power of the Sea of Knowledge through the spirit pattern. He just copied a page through it and consumed some power. Its estimated that if the paper man keeps copying with this kind of consumption rate, he would be able to persist for three days. More than three days and he would need a new injection of power from her Sea of Knowledge.

Qin Shuang immediately stops the paper man, and as soon as she thinks, the paper man shrinks to the size of a palm again. Qin Shuang puts it away and ponders for a moment. Its impossible to study spirit patterns tonight. She needs to restore the power of her Sea of Knowledge, so she returns to her bedroom, takes a sip of jade liquid, and starts practicing Daoism to restore her power.

The next day.

After having breakfast, Qin Shuang goes to cla.s.s, and meets Jiao Huang and Tong Wenchao, who greet her. They appear a lot closer to each other. Not seeing w.a.n.g Song, Qin Shuang asks:

"Brother Jiao, where's Brother w.a.n.g?"

Jiao Huang's face reveals pride: "Brother w.a.n.g has been promoted to Cla.s.s B."

Qin Shuang's face reveals an appropriate look of envy. Nodding, she chats with Jiao Huang, and then returns to her seat to sit down. And just then, Tong Wenchao who is sitting in front of her turns his head and whispers:

"Qin Shimei, did you hear?"

"Hear what?" Qin Shuang looks at Tong Wenchao confusedly.

"An Shicheng was arrested!"

"Who is An Shicheng?"

"From Cla.s.s C, he was caught last night, beaten with a hundred rods, and then expelled from the Confucian Academy."


Tong Wenchao then lowers his voice and says, "He turned out to be a martial arts man, and every night in his house he was cultivating, he was caught by the inspection team."

"The inspection team?"

"You don't know?"

"I don't know!" Qin Shuang shakes her head.

"The inspection team is made up of people with strong souls. They are teachers who have a certain amount of great vital energy, they inspect all students who violate the rules, especially those martial artist who mix into the Confucian Academy. Find one, deal with one."

Qin Shuang frowns and asks: "Since that An Shicheng is cultivating in his room, how did the inspection team teachers find out?"

"That An Shicheng is an idiot. I heard that he was only in the sensing realm. In the sensing realm of cultivation they cultivate the soul. Naturally no one is discovered, because we Confucians also cultivate the soul. But that boy broke through to the Qi-Intake realm in the Confucian Academy, and he still continued to cultivate.

Martial artist cultivate spirit force, we Confucians cultivate the great vital energy.

Qin Shimei, don't you know yet?"

"Know what?"

"Don't look at this Confucian Academy and outside, no difference. In fact, this Confucian Academy has a strong great vital energy. The great vital energy is different from that of reiki. When cultivating during the Qi-Intake realm, one will naturally absorb the spirit of heaven and earth into the body, which may not reveal any obvious changes outside.

But where is this?

This is the Confucian Academy. For three thousand years, I don't know how much great vital energy has precipitated. He was absorbing the spirit force there and was naturally discovered, so he was caught."

Qin Shuang's heart beats violently. It turns out that cultivating in the Confucian Academy is so dangerous. I will soon break into the Qi-Intake realm, if she didn't know such a thing, at that time caught, its really troublesome.

But thinking that she hasn't reached the Qi-Intake period yet, her heart is relaxed. At this time, the teacher comes in. Tong Wenchao hurriedly turns around. Qin Shuang also calms down and starts listening carefully.

After lunch in the canteen, Qin Shuang goes to the Western Painting Inst.i.tute and tells the supervisor that after she finishes the job today she will not return tomorrow. Don't look at that supervisor pulling a long face all the time, now hearing Qin Shuang no longer wanting to work, he is anxious. In the Confucian Academy, wanting to find such a sixth level spirit pattern teacher is not easy, so he hurriedly says:

"Qin Shuang, why won't you do it?"

"Too much time!" Qin Shuang simply says: "It delays my learning time."

The supervisor grits his teeth: "I'll give you another point, making it eleven points."

"I won't do it!"

Every time Qin Shuang meets the supervisor these past few days, he always has a long face, as if someone owes him points, which makes Qin Shuang feel very uncomfortable, so she refuses very decisively.

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