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"They are nicely produced in good type, on good paper, and contain numerous ill.u.s.trations, are well written, and very cheap. We should imagine architects and students of architecture will be sure to buy the series as they appear, for they contain in brief much valuable information."--_British Architect._

"Each of them contains exactly that amount of information which the intelligent visitor, who is not a specialist, will wish to have. The disposition of the various parts is judiciously proportioned, and the style is very readable. The ill.u.s.trations supply a further important feature; they are both numerous and good. A series which cannot fail to be welcomed by all who are interested in the ecclesiastical buildings of England."--_Glasgow Herald._

"Those who, either for purposes of professional study or for a cultured recreation, find it expedient to 'do' the English cathedrals will welcome the beginning of Bell's 'Cathedral Series.' This set of books is an attempt to consult, more closely, and in greater detail than the usual guide-books do, the needs of visitors to the cathedral towns. The series cannot but prove markedly successful. In each book a business-like description is given of the fabric of the church to which the volume relates, and an interesting history of the relative diocese.

The books are plentifully ill.u.s.trated, and are thus made attractive as well as instructive. They cannot but prove welcome to all cla.s.ses of readers interested either in English Church history or in ecclesiastical architecture."--_Scotsman._

"They have nothing in common with the almost invariably wretched local guides save portability, and their only compet.i.tors in the quality and quant.i.ty of their contents are very expensive and mostly rare works, each of a size that suggests a packing-case rather than a coat-pocket.

The 'Cathedral Series' are important compilations concerning history, architecture, and biography, and quite popular enough for such as take any sincere interest in their subjects."--_Sketch._



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Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Ely Part 12 summary

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