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  Have you all been waiting long? Probably not. LOL. I've been lazy, then fatigued with a cold, then lazy and fatigued. Hope you've all been well. It's R18, so don't blame me if your eyes melt out of their sockets, >.

7 Sat.u.r.day and Sunday

I cried that night. I thought he would call me, so I cried while holding my phone all night.

It was the first time I had cried over someone I liked. I don’t remember being this sad when I broke up with my last boyfriend, or when I found out he was cheating. But when I thought about Kana-san and Shacho - my tears just over flowed.

Before I knew it, morning came, and I realised it was Sat.u.r.day. We were usually closed over the weekends, so I had two days to organise my feelings.

I turned off my phone.

When I opened the curtains, the sun was bright and the sky was blue, ‘What nice weather,’ I said to myself. My head hurt from the lack of sleep and the crying, but I felt a little positive because the weather was nice.

I washed and cleaned my apartment. I thought I should go and see a tear-jerker movie. And then, look for a new job.

My heart hurt when I thought about not being able to see him, but if I stayed, I would not be able to move forward.

I dressed and left my apartment. On the rocking train, I closed my eyes. Shacho’s smiling face appeared, and the tears flowed without check.

Because it was Sat.u.r.day the train was empty, so I left the tears to dry on their own. The lady at the cinema counter looked pitifully at my teary face, but she didn’t say anything as she gave me my ticket.  (Zuben: Give me one for the most tearful movie available!)

I do not remember much about the movie I watched. However, the actor in the movie resembled Shacho somehow and the tears came again.

‘It could not be true,’ (Zuben: Don’t ask me what this line is about, cos I do not know, desu)

I saw three more movies. I was rather suspicious of the ticket lady. My eyes became pretty swollen because I cried through all three movies.

It was embarra.s.sing to get on the train like this, I thought. So I went to the bathroom to cool down my eyes with a cold wet towel. Then I decided to kill time at a manga café; reading comics.

I cried at the café, so much so I could not leave. But the time I could, it was nearly time for the last train.

‘It’s good tomorrow is a day off.’ I said to myself as I climbed up the stairs to my apartment. I yawned,

‘You’re slow…’

There was a shadow at the top of the stairs. Was I hallucinating? I thought as I blinked owlishly at the form.

Why? What was he doing here?

‘What were you doing out until so late?’


‘No matter how old you are, you’re still a girl. Shouldn’t there be a limit?


‘And why isn’t your phone charged?’

Because I switched it off.

‘But…how come you are at my house?’ I asked.

‘I looked on your resume, and used the sat-nav.’

Why are you at my house, not how come! My head hurt looking at him.

He looked like his usual self. I wonder if it worked out with Kana-san. So was he here to give me a report?

If that was the case, I was going to be very annoyed. Did he have no delicacy? Well, this was Shacho we’re talking about here, so no.

His expression seemed to be back to normal for the first this week, my suspicions could not be wrong.

‘So, did it go well?’ I asked.

‘Yes, thanks to you Maki.’

Tears welled up, ‘Ah, that is good, isn’t it?’

It was normal for Shacho to be un.o.bservant, unable to read the mood. Was it normal for an ex to come and report the end of a relationship – albeit it was only a week, and the start of a new one?

Was I allowed to be hurt, to cry, even a little bit? (Zuben: Melodrama-much?) I was getting irritated and frustrated. I remembered all the things Shacho and I talked about in the past, but this Shacho; he really didn’t realise he was hurting me.

I could not help it because I came to like such s person.

‘Please get along well in the future,’ I said through sobs.

‘Yeah, being able to meet her after a long time really made things clear- Ma-Maki! Why are you crying?’ he exclaimed as rushed to her.

The tears flowed. I had already cried so much, but more tears still rushed out. The human body is so strange.

‘I’m happy for you. Shacho and Kana-san could reconcile. I am very happy.’

I wanted to be home in my bed.

‘Thank you, Maki…’

‘Well then, I will go in. See you on Monday.’

 I wiped my tears and brushed past Shacho and opened my door. But as I moved to close it, Shacho slipped in.

‘What are you doing?’ I exclaimed.

‘Can’t I come into your apartment?’ he asked innocently.


This guy is really stupid!

Why are you coming into your ex-girlfriend’s apartment?

‘Shacho, it’s kinda late…’

‘Don’t you want me in your apartment?’

Ah…this is…

‘I bathe properly and change my socks everyday…’

What do I care about that?

‘I’ve missed you. I wanted to touch you…’

What was he talking about? I knew he was stupid, I did not think he was a total buffoon!

Before I knew it, my hand moved and I slapped Shacho.

He blinked at me aghast.

‘How insensitive are you?! You love Kana-san and want to be with her, but want to make me your s.e.x friend? Such a thing – I never thought you were this kind of a person!’

‘Maki, what?’

‘Because I still like you, Shacho? Because s.e.x was pleasant, you think I will agree to your proposal?’

‘What a moment-‘

‘How could I move on with my life if I do that? How can I get over you?’

‘Maki!’ he barked loudly.

I was crying and slumped down in the entryway of my apartment.

Shacho closed the door behind him and hugged me.

‘Maki, I was wrong.’

Didn’t this guy know such a kindness was cruel to me?

‘The way I said things was wrong.’ He stepped away once I stopped crying.

‘What I you talking about?’ I asked.

‘Well, when I said things worked out with Kana, I didn’t mean we were now a couple.’

It was my turn to blink.

‘Do you now understand?’

Tears welled up again. The big hands that wiped my tears were warms.

‘Ah, I am at fault for making you cry like this.’

I shook my head. It was my fault for running into conclusions. (Zuben: Indeed)

And Shacho came back, and he put my heart back together (Zuben: Silly moo). I could hope for nothing more.


He held my face in his hands and looked into my eyes, ‘Can’t you call me by my name already?’

‘Masaya-san…’ but before I could say more, he was kissing me. Even though my head was still a mess, and nothing was settled yet, once he kissed me and his tongue entwined with mine, I could think of nothing.

‘Maki…Maki,’ he whispered against my lips. My chest tightened at sound of my name. I was still crying but it was because I was happy.

Masaya licked my tears and caressed me through my clothes; from my back to my stomach up to my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

‘Do you want to continue?’ he asked. I wondered what kind of expression I had that made him worried and hesitant.

‘I want to.’ I kissed him and Masaya became fierce. His hand climbed up under my sweater and stroked my b.r.e.a.s.t.s and pinched my nipples. I cried out.

The tension, the tightness, the crushing pain and the sweet numbness spreading from it. My womb ached with need.

‘I wouldn’t be able to hold back, Maki,’ he said his voice thick with desire.

I wanted to answer but I couldn’t, I could only pant and moan as he teased my nipples and the pleasure expanded filling my body.

I wanted him inside me, as soon as possible. I wanted him to rub my insides with his hot thing. I knew what deep pleasure he gave me, teasing my nipples was not enough.

‘Quickly, put it in…n~’

‘We’re in the door way.’

‘It doesn’t matter, touch me here~ put it in~’ I said indicating the place between my legs that was aching.

As though my words ignited him, he practically ripped off my jeans. Taking off my underwear, he laid me down on the floor. He rubbed the blunt head of his p.e.n.i.s against my sensitive c.l.i.t and along the wet entrance; he gradually got wet and sunk into me. My wet cavern was stimulated and suddenly swallowed him.

I moaned loudly.

His drew his deeply buried out in and out, going deeper with each thrust. (Zuben: How deep can you go? It’s not a black hole, ya know) It seems that he was aiming for that place inside me that he caught during our affair a week ago. The head of his p.e.n.i.s was. .h.i.tting it.

‘Oh~, not good, ah~ ah~ aan~’

‘You’re tightening around me, how can you say it’s not good?’ he teased.

‘Well, ah~…n….annn~ annn~!’

Was it because it was the first time in a week? I thought, or because our hearts connected properly? It felt so good; I thought I was going to lose consciousness.

‘You’re about to come, aren’t you? I can feel you squeezing me so deliciously.’ He said in my ear

‘Ah~ n~ ah~ ah~’ I could not reply coherently.

‘I’m sure everyone outside can hear you moaning while I f.u.c.k you in your door way,’

Masaya’s naughty words pushed me over the edge. The evidence of my crowning, my love juice was overflowing from within.

I could not describe the feeling with words…

Despite being embarra.s.sed, I still wanted more. Feeling my v.a.g.i.n.a tighten around him again, Masaya laughed,

‘Let’s go to the bed, we’ll get the floor dirty.’

‘Oh gosh, yes. Sorry.’ I said and we rose off the floor. Masaya kissed lightly me on my forehead and replied,

‘It’s alright, I am happy you wanted me that much.’

I guided him to my bed and we continued in earnest. He pushed me into the bed and his hot rod was inserted without ado.

My whole body trembled with pleasure. My head and body was full of Masaya.

He grasped my thighs and held them wide open, he was able to penetrate even further (Zuben: How much further?). The movement of his glans against my v.a.g.i.n.a walls caused a strong pleasure to develop.

 ‘Ah~ it feels so good…’ I cried.

‘For me as well…’ he replied as his thrusts became faster. He suddenly pulled out,

‘Are you alright?’ I asked between pants. He was groaning in ecstasy while holding his c.o.c.k in his hand. The white stuff shot out and he sighed and wiped himself with a tissue. (Zuben: Meh)

But he wasn’t soft despite just coming himself, he was still rock hard as he grabbed by my waist and plunged into me again. As he thrust into me, I could feel him touching the outer parts of my p.u.s.s.y. His finger traced where we were connected and moved upwards to the little projection that stood erect. With one hand he peeled back the hood and the other touch it in a circular motion.

I did not know I could moan so loud or feel so good. My body bowed back from the intensity of the sensations,

‘You’re squeezing me tightly, do you feel good?’

‘Ah~ yes. Stop ahn~ ah..aaahn~’ I lost all coherence, I was getting pleasured from two different places at the same time, my head could not keep up.

I was at the mercy of his fingers squeezing my c.l.i.toris. I came violently; shaking and trembling as he stroked me to completion. Despite my flashy culmination, Masaya was still toying with me prolonging the afterglow. More love juice seeped out of me.

‘The second one is supposed to be amazing,’ he said to me as he moved his waist ever so slightly. I could hear the slimy sound.

‘But…I already came so much…’

‘Are you saying that it is my fault?’ he asked as he began stroking my wet p.u.s.s.y, he had a devious smile on his face, ‘Who was the one who asked me to rub her on the inside?’

‘It was me! It’s my fault!’

I was so embarra.s.sed; I pulled my pillow over my face. I heard Masaya’s happy laughter.

‘That’s not true, it’s because of me, because I like to bully Maki like this.’ He said deviously as he began to stroke me with his hot manhood harder.

My reply was a moan, as he penetrated deeply going for that spot that make me lose my mind.

‘Oh~ Oh~ yes…’

He quickened and even though I just came, I could feel the sensation rising within me again.

I screamed my o.r.g.a.s.m.

‘Oh Maki…’ Masaya groaned and he pulled out of me and shot his turbid fluid over my tummy. It was hot.

We were both sweaty and sticky and I suddenly remembered I had not taken a shower. (Zuben: I think your mind was on more pressing matters)

‘I should go and take a shower, you?’ I asked as I rose from my bed, but Masaya grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

‘Later,’ he said.

I thought I heard wrong and I blinked, but his eyes were heated.

‘Why don’t we continued after we shower?’

‘I’m fine, I will do you properly even after taking a bath.’

I don’t know what he means by properly…

He turned me unto my front and raised my hips, and thrust in again.

Oh goodness, it felt so good.

Even though I thought it was impossible to go one more time, my body reacted. I was greedy for the pleasure his c.o.c.k gave me hitting me so deep inside.

My mouth was saying no, but my honey pot was trembling in pleasure.

‘Oh Masaya, ahn~’ I moaned. He picked up speed at the sound of his name,

‘Maki…Maki…Maki’ he called.

We came together, he pulled out and I felt his come over my back.

I collapsed into bed. I couldn’t move a muscle. I needed to gather my wits and strength.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked.

‘I’m okay…’

Masaya-san had good physical fitness. He is younger than me, isn’t he? I thought.

‘Maki…’ he called, I turned to him. He kissed me.

‘I love you,’ he said. My heart twisted.

‘Let’s go again after we shower.’

This guy, you’re telling me something scary.

I saw the clock, it was midnight. If we kept this up, I would sleep till noon.

I held Masaya’s hand tightly instead of replying. He stroked my head like I was a cat.

8 Uniforms and Molestation

‘Absolutely not!’

‘Eh why not, Maki? It would absolutely suit you.’

‘Whether it would suit me or not is not the issue here. ‘

‘Then what is the problem?’

A sailor style uniform and a maid uniform had been laid out on one of the work desks.

I was beginning to feel like Masaya-shacho just did what he liked during work hours, and since it was only the two of us in the office most of the time; there was no one to censure him

It was now a month since we started dating; there had been many peaceful days without his out of control delusions. Until now…

‘When I was in high school, Kana-san was a member of society, so I sometimes longed for a high-school girlfriend in her uniform and so on,’

‘Well, then go out with a high school girl.’

‘I don’t want to go out with a high school girl. Don’t you see? I want to see what Maki looked like in her school uniform,’ he replied pa.s.sionately.

If only he would apply that pa.s.sion to work. (Zuben: Who has the time to apply that kind of pa.s.sion to work? Play! Play! Play!)

‘Did it really hurt?’

Ah, we were treading on dangerous territory here.

‘Did it not feel good? Is that why you wouldn’t wear it?’

Ah- It has been a long time since I came out of school

‘I just wanna have uniform ecchi with Maki!’ he said finally

That’s just cosplay. Is it not related to admiring people in uniform?

‘…Am I bad?’ he asked with doleful eyes. My heart softened to mush, of course, I knew he was manipulating me. That look ought to be criminalised. (Zuben: Sucker.)

The kind of person I was could not refuse any request with that expression accompanying it. I knew myself very well,

‘Just this once, okay?’

Masaya’s eyes twinkled at my words.

It was only a uniform, nothing bad.

But I really wish he’d use even half this pa.s.sion for work.

I turned to the table and looked at the uniform. The colour and style looked like the one I wore when I was in high school.

‘Do you like it?’

‘I do not! My high school uniform looked like this.’

‘Wow! Is that so? Well then…’

‘Eh? Right now?’

‘Wouldn’t you get used to it easier since you wore something like it for a long time.’


Looking at the uniform I felt a little nostalgic. But then I remembered my high school boyfriend and my face fell.

‘Did you just think about a man?’


‘I knew it.’ Masaya said while shaking his head.

Wait a minute. What was he being arrogant about?

‘I am okay. I am selfish.’ (Zuben: Say what now?)

I looked at him coldly, but I do not understand what he is on about.

‘Well, I will put this on for now.’ I said, then I went to the resting room.

I took off my work clothes and put on the uniform.

After wearing jeans for so long it felt nice to be wearing a skirt. But this skirt was really short. Was it because it was for cosplay? I could see my panties when I bent over.

Just then Masaya came in, ‘You look very cute.’ He said.

‘Is that so?’ I replied. I felt a little shy but it was really nice being told I looked cute. I performed a slow twirl so he could see what it looked like on me.

Masaya hugged me from behind, ‘But this body has been touched by another man.’


He was breathing on my neck as his hands crawled up the hem of my uniform.

‘Did it hurt…your first time?’

I knew that was what he was asking but his fingers were caressing me around my stomach, and I was losing my head a bit.

‘Ah…Well, it was as expected…’

He had been my high school senior. Although he claimed he hadn’t been a virgin himself, it did not seem like it. My first time with him had been painful.

‘I knew it could not be helped, but I couldn’t help but think I wanted to return that pain to him as well.’ (Zuben: I would be nice if we could)

I gripped Masaya arm as he licked my neck, ‘I am surprised at how jealous I am.’ He said. He pulled back and unhooked my bra.

His hands covered my b.r.e.a.s.t.s and my nipples began to harden,

‘Ah~’ I cried out.

His fingered fiddled with my nipples, and they got even more pointed.

‘It really does feel like I am doing a bad thing,’ he whispered hotly in my ear.

He pinched my nipples and my body reacted. The pleasant sensations suffused my body.

I felt strange myself. It was like I had gone into a time slip and went back seven years in time. There was a strange tension.

‘When Maki was 16, I was 26. It would be criminal.’ He said, but his hands kept at my erect nipples. This sweetness was something that could not have tasted when I was sixteen.

‘Have you been this s.l.u.tty from then?’

‘No…ah – I was n - ah~’

‘Are you saying you were like this from when you were sixteen?’ he asked as he crushed my nipples between his fingers. There was pain for a moment, but it soon turned to pleasure.

‘Ah~ Ahn~, it wasn’t long ago.’

‘Is that so? I definitely would have trained you if I had been your first.’ (Zuben: why are  you so obsessed with her first time, Masaya-san. You have her now)

Masaya-san, you’re the special one, I thought.

‘I would have trained your nipples like this…’ he rolled the nipples between his thumb and forefinger, the force was still crushing but pleasure acc.u.mulated at the tips and there was an aching need in my lower abdomen.

How would it have been if Masaya-san had been my first lover? It would have been scary at first, but then the pleasure would have overridden that fear, like now.

‘I would have teased you c.l.i.tty and your p.u.s.s.y…’

‘Ah, Masa-Masaya ahn~’

‘What’s wrong? Are you unsatisfied because I am only touching your nipples?’ he asked with his evil smile. Even though he nodded, he kept at my nipples. It was getting unsatisfactory.

I wanted his fingers in me as well.

‘Unn~ Please…’

My womb was pulsating in tune with the throbbing of my nipples. My hands grasped blindly behind me at Masaya’s clothes; such frustrating pleasure.

‘Is it not comfortable?’

‘Ah~  it feels good.’

‘Then I can keep doing this.’

‘No-yes, please touch me…please touch me down there.’

I was becoming impatient, but Masaya’s devil mode got switch on whenever that happened. Even if I cried, he would not touch me unless he was good and ready.

‘Ya~a ~ a~a nn, yada ~a~’

When would he touch me?

Was Masaya-san as aroused as I was?

I was on the verge of losing my reason. I rubbed my open palms along Masaya’s thigh. I began to feel him react nicely.

‘Maki is a nympho high school student.’

Even though I should have felt shame at those words, I didn’t. My fingers did not stop stroking his thighs. I moved upwards to the middle where there was a hot bulge.

I could not wait any longer. There was a deep ache in my v.a.g.i.n.a, my c.l.i.toris throbbed. I desperately wanted him inside me.

‘It can’t be helped. Bend over the table and hold the table.’

I did as he commanded. My skirt fluttered with my movement.

‘Spread your legs wide.’

I could feel the air touch my sensitive skin. My underwear was cool and wet.

‘I feel like an old man molesting you.’

My skirt was flipped over, and he pushed my panties to the side. My secret place was exposed to Masaya-san’s eyes (Zuben: Why are we calling it secret place, when you were okay with calling it p.u.s.s.y and v.a.g.i.n.a?)

He traced a finger along my slit, it was slick with love juices, I moaned.

‘You seem to enjoy being molested. You’re so wet.’ He growled in my ear.

Then a rough object traced the same path and scooped up my emissions.

‘Ah don’t~ it’s dirty~ ahnn~’  (My dear, unless he is at the ‘chrysanthemum’, it’s a bit late for it’s dirty or did you not shower?)

As he licked the crevice, I could feel my knees weaken.

Masaya’s tongue eventually pushed through and invaded my wet cavern. The softness and the sense of oppression were different from his finger yet equally pleasurable.

I moaned loudly.

He stuck his finger inside me, and his finger stirred my insides. While he was finger-f.u.c.king me, he was also licking my c.l.i.toris.

‘`Ya a~an, mo stick…it….in~n~nnn.’ I begged him. I could not stand it any longer. His finger and his tongue were making me feel good but they could not compare to the sensation I wanted. My arms trembled.

‘It seems Maki likes being molested.’

‘Ahn, it’s different, it’s different.’ I cried. He suddenly thrust his hot c.o.c.k into me and I lost it. The walls of my wet hole tightened around him.

‘You’re moaning very loudly,’ he said as he began to thrust violently inside me. It felt so good; too good. Each time the glans reached the deepest part, I tightened around him.

‘Oh~ oh~ ah~ ahn~’

‘Are you about to come?’ he asked in a teasing tone. Did he sense the changes inside me? The way I was rocking my hips?

Ah, I’m coming.

‘Ah~ Unn~…’ I could feel my sense rise to the crescendo; I was nearly there…Oh no! He suddenly came out of me,

‘Why did you pull out?’ I cried. Love juice ran down my thighs.

My body smouldered, unable to o.r.g.a.s.m, tears came unbidden. (Zuben: Girrl, why you dey cry?)

‘Hmmm? We are near a station now. The train is about to stop, do you think I can move it?’

‘Ah…quickly please.’

‘There is no rush. Can’t a molester enjoy the thrill as well?’

It’s not fun when you are giving me extreme pleasure and then pull out just before I come. He’s too terrible!

‘The train is moving again…’

‘Oh~ Ooooh~’ I cried as he inserted his thick manhood inside me again.

Because he was standing behind me, it really felt like it was a stranger touching me. His moans were low, but he sounded like a different person.

I got a bit nervous and called to him. ‘Oh Masaya…say ahn~ something~’

There was no reply, instead he f.u.c.ked me harder. I was tightening harder around him and was close to culmination when he stopped again.

‘Ah no, no I was just about to…’

‘Would you like to make yourself come?’ he asked.

I shook my head, saying no.

It would be hard to make myself o.r.g.a.s.m like he would. I knew my fingers would not satisfy me. Only the warped one could reach the deepest part of me.

‘No, because I want Masaya’s…’

‘Am I not enough for you, Maki?’

‘You’re enou—ah~’ he started f.u.c.king me again. The pleasure was even more than before. My wet hole was more sensitive to the feel of his c.o.c.k inside me. My juices were like an aphrodisiac.

I was incoherent. As if to diffuse my mutterings, he pulled out again. My v.a.g.i.n.a shed tears of love juice.

I was already at my limit.

I went at myself with my fingers but Masaya grabbed my arm as I was about to reach my v.a.g.i.n.a.

‘I would love to watch you make yourself come.’


‘Is it okay to show you how I touch myself?’

He drew me to the bed and we face each other; was he sure about this?’

Masaya began to stroke himself with his own hands. (Zuben: Which other hands would he use?)

I was transfixed at the sight. A small drop of transparent fluid emerged from the tip. He looked as me as his hand moved up and down his shaft.

‘Maki, do you want to?’ he asked huskily.

His words seemed to inspire something in me, for I reached down and pulled the skirt up and dip my fingers in.

It was moist and warm inside.

I penetrated deeply with my middle and ring fingers, looking for the place that make me feel good the most, and rubbed and rubbed.

‘Does Maki do it like that when you’re alone?’

‘Ahn~ not all the time’

‘But it looks like you’re accustomed to it.’ He said with a narrow eyed laugh.

I could not stop looking at his hands, stroking his c.o.c.k.

I cried out. I was coming. This feeling that I had been impatient for was finally here. In this situation it felt much more pleasant than if I had been masturbating myself.

Masaya’s breathing became rough and he began to moan. Watching his tense face as he came made more excited.



I came again. d.a.m.n, it was not strong enough. I wanted to continue on, gently rubbing my v.a.g.i.n.a meat into small convulsions.

I watched Masaya release his l.u.s.t as well.

I smiled at him.

‘What’s the matter?' He asked, 'Fingers are not enough?’

‘What are you talking about?!’ I bit back and looked away.

‘Am I wrong?’

Not really. I did not reply. Masaya stroked my cheeks and turned my face to his. He kissed me, our tongues quickly entwined.

I closed my eyes enjoying the kisses as he pushed me onto my back on the bed and penetrated me.

‘Oh! So sudden…!’

‘It sounds more like you’re pleased than upset.’ He replied.

This feeling was so much different from a finger. (Zuben: yeah yeah, you don’t have to repeat it over and over again) It was so nice.

‘It is evident you’re getting more and more accustomed to me.’ He said with a self satisfied grin.

Perhaps, I really would only be able to enjoy s.e.x with this person. Even my fingers did not satisfy me anymore

‘Oh, oh~ it feels so good…’

It felt like he was going deeper with every thrust. My abundant love juices mixed with Masaya’s fluids.

‘Oh, I forgot to tell you.’ (Zuben: How does he get to be coherent?)

I really wasn’t in a state to care about what Masaya was saying. I was reaching my limit, and Masaya intensified his thrusts accordingly.

I o.r.g.a.s.med with a loud cry.

‘Kana-san is staying with me.’ (Zuben: What a time to say something like that. Is this a good time or a bad time, you think?)

Wait, what now?! Was I going crazy? I felt like I just heard something ridiculous.

Masaya was smiling at me, while I remained silent.

Perhaps I heard wrong. That was it; he was going to see an otolaryngologist on his way home. (Zuben: LOL, I a.s.sume there is some j.a.panese word pun at play here)

I had to escape reality somehow. But a sense of foreboding settled over me.

Zuben: Apologies for any typos I have missed.

❋ Might go all the way to the end...

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Overgeared Chapter 842 Author(s) : Park Saenal View : 1,944,997
God Level Summoner

God Level Summoner

God Level Summoner Chapter 32-33 Author(s) : Die Zhiling View : 3,225
Old Maid

Old Maid

Old Maid Chapter 3 Author(s) : Tokitou Kaname, 時任要 View : 64
Waiting For You Online

Waiting For You Online

Waiting For You Online Chapter 63 Author(s) : Xi And Qing, 羲和清零 View : 111,546

Being Swayed by the Deluded Shacho Chapter 7-8 summary

You're reading Being Swayed by the Deluded Shacho. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): Riko, 梨子. Already has 1552 views.

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