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「By the way, Fal-san seems to be a rare guest in this country of beastmen~」

The moderator speaks.

「Well……I am from another continent after all…… I moved to this continent just a few years ago……」

What I've said was not a lie.

I don't want to be a G.o.d who obviously lies to humans.

「Well then, everyone, if you want to show any appeal points, it's now time to show it here!」

「Well, in regards to the development of the beastman kingdom, I would like everyone to work hard」(Me)

「More, to all devotees, please bring more offerings to Intanyu's temples」(Intanyu)

「In regards to Celude's temple. Devotion and offerings are fine, but please minimize the offering of beasts because they may cause corruption, and be sure to clean them up immediately. I would also like some Aburage and food from other continents」(Celude)

Other than me, the two other G.o.ds are just doing what they want.

I could clearly hear the voices of the audience shouting「We'll offer more~! 」.

「Iya~, you people are really acting like G.o.ds! That was entry number 8! Thank you very much!」

In the waiting room, Intanyu said 「This, won't it be possible to increase devotees and offering by doing more things like this? 」. Ah this one is no good.

「I have a better idea. Let's do an event we will call proof of faith. Humans will have to collect up to ten of these and they will be granted permission to shake hands with a G.o.d's incarnation. We could sell something like this, right? I think that it will definitely bring in a lot of money」

「Stop it, and shut up for a moment G.o.d of Commerce」

After that, we were declared as the winners and was given the honor to be called The Most Beautiful Trio in the Beastmnan Kingdom.

Also, a portrait of the winners will be painted by a national artist, and it seems like it will also be offered to the temple――that means, we could decorate the temple with our pictures!

「Well, I'm glad I was given the opportunity to make an announcement to increase the offerings」

「Right. It's not bad receiving support from the people in this way」

These two G.o.ddesses, weren't they taught the concept of embarra.s.sment, and it's only making things more awkward.

Right now, the sun is gradually fading already.

「It should be time for the Parade soon」


「The Queen Shrine Maiden will be on the Parade later riding on a large open carriage.」

「Oh, you also didn't know about that. You really didn't hear anything about this festival huh.」

「That's why, you must also get over there」

After saying that, Intanyu smiled at me.

「Rione is your priestess, right. Just hide yourself already and rione will be the only one to see you」

「Oh, that's right, I'll do so!」

It's exactly as what Intanyu says. Rione's existence is directly linked to me. I also need to do something to boost Rione's value.

「Ah, and about that, you should be thinking about what day it is today for you and Rione. After all, that's one of the reasons why Rione didn't talk about the festival」

「??? What do you mean?」

「You dull idiot! You may be the guardian deity of this country, but at the same time, what are you?」

Thinking about it, I finally understood what they are trying to tell me.

「Could it be, the reason why Rione didn't inform me a lot about the festival is because of that……?」

「I'm only giving you hints, because she wanted you to discover it on your own, but what do you think. I wonder if you are confusing it with something else in your memory.」

I really was about to forget about it.

「I'll be going then!」

In front of the temple, I found Rione who was waiting on an open carriage.

「Sorry, I was late!」

「Ah, Faltear-sama, you have finally returned」

The moment our eyes met, Rione looked very relieved. She didn't say anything, but she was definitely waiting for me.

「I'll be joining Rione in the parade. Of course, I'll be invisible to everyone else.」

Behind Rione are a number of attendants and apprentices, but there's no one else who could see me. Of course, it's the same with other people.

And then, the Parade started.

「Queen Miko-sama!」「Queen Miko-sama!」「Long live Queen Miko-sama!」

The people were praising their ruler. Yes, they were the once tattered and devastated beastman refugees that have regrouped and reunited under the rule of Rione. They were now witnessing the 「Face」 of the young and wise shrine maiden ruler who had enough power to give the beastmen hopes and dreams.

Just three years ago, all beastmen were living in small villages. There was no solidarity among them, even with people of the same race. Then Rione came and united everyone. Not all accomplishments have been made by Rione alone, but Rione did her best.

From that point, many villages joined together, and facilities like irrigation systems were created. In regards to currency, the economy is still a mess and the circulation of goods is still not that stable, but those things will be stabilized in due time.

「Actually, one of the reasons why this festival was a success is because of the demands of the people. They want to praise and give thanks to the G.o.ds who saved the beastmen by holding this festival」

Because we were in a higher position, we could clearly see it. On the roof of house, we could see messages like 「Faltear-sama of Mercy」「Intanyu of Courage」「Thank you」「We will continue to live strong」 and more.

It seems like this festival is not only to celebrate the founding of this country, but also to show grat.i.tude to the G.o.ds.

「Thank you」

I then gently held Rione's hand.

「And also, well done, Rione. You are a splendid ruler. The beastman country will definitely continue to evolve」

「No, It was only because I followed Faltear-sama's guidance」

Rione humbly declines my praise. Just as I have expected.

She is a splendid ruler after all, Riuone.

Then, I hugged her from behind, and whispered into her ears.

「It's also the third year of our marriage anniversary. I wonder if I was able to become a good husband?」

「Oh, you remembered……」

Rione's words were filled with emotions.

「Please treat me well from here on once more」

「Yes, gladly……」

It's not only because Rione was serious at doing her best that she was able to stay as a ruler for a long time.

It was because she believed in me as a partner in our marriage. Be it a married couple, a senior and junior, or best friends――any of those answers could be accepted to describe our relationship. From that day onwards, Rione swore to follow me and by my side.

I couldn't have expected to receive such a wonderful wife.

「If things becomes too hard for you to handle, don't hesitate to tell me, your husband. Becoming a ruler is a very hard task after all. Moreover, the country is still young, and the system has not yet firmly been settled.  You have to do everything in trial and error. It's not something that a single individual could carry on their own.」

「I will be alright. I am thinking of this as my fate since that day that I've met Faltear-sama」

Because of the loud cheers, our voices couldn't be heard by the public. There is no point for them to listen to it anyway. After all, it was a conversation between couples.

「Un. But it's also a husband's job to reward the hardworking wife to accept any of her request.」

「Then……will you let me have a lep pillow later……? We haven't done that for a really long time, and for some reason, I've been dreaming about my mom from time to time nowadays……」

Rione's parents died in a war when she was still young. I've only heard about it that one time. After that, she never really talked about it since then.

Even if she toughens up, she will still get tired. I want to be someone that Rione could rely on at those times.

「I do as much as you want later」

The parade ended without any troubles. A ceremony was then held to pray for the further development of the country at my and Intanyu's temple. Naturally, it was not the same as the one in the continent I was preciously in. But I still appreciated it.

That day, Rione fell asleep on my lap.

Rione would usually show a stoic or strict face, but her sleeping face has now turned into a face that was more relieved and lovely.

Rest as much as you want.

I sent an oracle to a Jeweler telling them to offer a splendid ring to celebrate our third wedding anniversary.

This will be my little present for our third year of being a married couple.

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