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After being beaten up, Song Linlin simply told her manager to report the incident to Hai Rui. She had to, at least, notify Hai Rui's PR so they wouldn't be dumbfounded if the media suddenly questioned them.

Bai Qingyi was certainly heavy-handed. For her, teaching someone a lesson was child's play.

Neither Hai Rui nor Tangning could protect Song Linlin. So, in the end, this entire ordeal became a nightmare for her.

She had been tricked of her feelings, she was wounded inside and out and her career had been destroyed. Song Linlin did not think there was another woman in this world that was more pitiful than her. Worst of all, Bai Qingyi was still clinging to her and attacking non-stop.

Song Linlin wanted to immediately kill herself...

When Tangning found out about the incident, she once again visited Song Linlin's home. Upon seeing her lying in bed covered in injuries, Tangning was shocked.

"I only saw you not too long ago..."

"If Bai Qingyi wants to condemn me, you can't stop her. That is, unless you watch over me 24/7," Song Linlin said in self-ridicule. "Tangning, why don't you guys just hand me over. Perhaps, that would make me feel a little better."

"Hand you over? You've surely underestimated Hai Rui..." Tangning said fiercely. "I've already asked Lu Che to arrange two bodyguards for you. If anything happens, immediately call them. At least, that will prevent you from receiving any more injuries."

"But, if you do that, aren't you opposing the Bai Family? Didn't you say that you're afraid of creating more enemies for President Mo?"

"Just because I'm afraid of making enemies, it doesn't mean I'll forget my principles," Tangning replied in seriousness. "All along, I've..."

"You never attack those that don't attack you first!" Song Linlin cut in with a laugh. "But, Tangning, you really can't get involved with this. I know you appear unapproachable and cold on the surface, but you're actually a warm and pa.s.sionate person on the inside that would do anything for your friends. I'm already very fortunate to be your friend..."

"Don't be so depressed. If Bai Qingyi can cause trouble for you, I can also make her into the loser in this situation. Just because she has money, it doesn't mean she can do whatever she wants."

Judging by Bai Qingyi's methods, it seemed, she was forcing Song Linlin towards death.

After all, not many people could withstand the level of beating that Song Linlin received.

But, what about her sc.u.m of a husband?

Originally, Bai Qingyi was also a victim, but now, the tides had changed. Even though Song Linlin hurt her unintentionally, there was no reason for Bai Qingyi to use such harsh methods on her. She was obviously​ aiming for Song Linlin's life with the attack she orchestrated on her.

After visiting Song Linlin, Tangning returned to Hai Rui. As soon as she entered Mo Ting's office, she sat down without a word.

Mo Ting sensed her mood, so he asked, "Was she hurt badly?"

"It wasn't just bad, she practically lost half her life!" Tangning replied unhappily. "Ting, Bai Qingyi's gone overboard."

Thinking from Bai Qingyi's perspective, it wasn't wrong to teach a mistress a lesson, but, she needed to have a bottom line.

Once upon a time, Tangning also despised Han Yufan and Mo Yurou, but she had never hurt them physically. Physical violence couldn't convince anyone.

But, of course, it didn't seem like Bai Qingyi cared about this. She simply cared about her own satisfaction...

"What do you plan to do?" Mo Ting asked gently. "Are you going to do what you always do?"

"Of course..." The couples' conversation was quick and simple because they already understood each other.

Mo Ting knew what Tangning wanted to do and Tangning wanted Mo Ting's support.

The couple instantly understood each other...


Song Linlin was still an artist of Hai Rui's, so Hai Rui had the responsibilty of ensuring her safety.

Since Bai Qingyi didn't know her limits, Tangning had no choice but to strike back.

So what if she was the daughter of a wrestling champion? Those that deserved to be dealt with, should be dealt with! Hai Rui had never been afraid of anyone!

So, Tangning decided to draft a PR plan for Bai Qingyi, just like she used to do when she was in Superstar Media. She was going to treat her like an artist that was at a low point in her career and she was going to help her back on her feet.

Because of this, Tangning, Fang Yu and Hai Rui's PR department met for a meeting.

"We will resolve this matter in three phases. Phase one, we will release a statement all over the internet, explaining that Song Linlin didn't step in between a marriage on purpose. We will accompany this with chat records as evidence."

"Phase two, we need to divert everyone's attention to the a*shole. This is the consequence that he needs to face. After everyone's focus is on the jerk, we will reveal that Bai Qingyi sent someone to hurt Song Linlin."

"Phase three, which is also the most important phase, if the wrestler decides to suppress the news, we will make sure that Bai Qingyi stays in the hottest headlines for an entire week. If Bai Qingyi cries and says that she made a rash decision because she was hurt too badly, we will hold a press conference for Song Linlin and reveal the fact that Bai Qingyi threatened her..."

"This matter may involve the athletic world and the other party may have brought pride to the country, but, they can't use that as an excuse to do evil deeds."

"The good thing about our plan is, exposing it to the public will prevent Bai Qingyi from making a move on Song Linlin again."

"Once again, within the entertainment industry, Hai Rui's people can't be easily toyed with."

After hearing what Tangning said, Fang Yu nodded his head, "Springfall has now expanded in size. They've always had their eyes on us, so we need to be tough with this matter."

"No one can challenge the Big Boss' position."

Following on, Fang Yu's job was to make sure things went as planned while Tangning took note of any changes with Bai Qingyi and her wrestling champion father and grasp onto their intentions.


After Elder Nangong found out about the problem at Hai Rui, he couldn't help but laugh, "If it was another agency, they would have already given up on a mere artist. Today, we say goodbye to this diva, but tomorrow, another one will arise."

After listening to Elder Nangong, Nangong Quan naturally disagreed, "One of the most important factors that contribute to the Hai Rui we see today is their sense of unity. She may be a mere artist, but Hai Rui has no intention of giving up on her. So, the other artists see themselves in her."

"That's why, over the years, no one has ever had a reason to leave Hai Rui."

"Mo Ting has built Hai Rui on the basis of loyalty."

"It may sound like a good idea, but he's offended quite a large number of people," the old man humphed.

"It's hard to avoid compet.i.tion within the industry. No one can do things perfectly. Hai Rui is special because it maintains its righteousness."

"It seems like you agree with the way that the Mo Family run Hai Rui?" Elder Nangong realized what Nangong Quan was saying and felt slightly upset.

"I'm only speaking the truth." After saying this, Nangong Quan turned and left, leaving the old man alone to cure his boredom with wine.
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