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Chapter 24 : Party Formation

「U~hm……….. Which one I should choose I wonder?」

The next afternoon after that duel.

The worrying Aria is placing her index finger on her lips.

SHe is in Vulcan armor shop.

She is in one corner of dagger section.

The result of yesterday duel.

Both of Aria knife has a big chips on it’s blade due to Ka.s.sman fierce a.s.sault.

Since restoring it is impossible, she decided to get a new pair of dagger.

She’s coming to the shop this afternoon due to the hangover from drinking the previous night and because Vulcan, the shop owner is diving into the labyrinth in the morning.

And that Vulcan is………

「NYaaa~! Tamnyan is as cute as usual nya~n! 」

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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