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Chapter 4 – Guild Master Intends to Hide His Crime

How troublesome.
To think that a letter of recommendation would be needed.

Should I ask Ellen to write me one?
But, we have just met.

However, if I go to the castle that early she would go all「Y, you wanted to see me that much! What an impatient fellow!」with her cheeks dyed red (delusion).

Right. Let’s use that.

First, I create paper and ink with creation magic.
Then, I write a letter of recommendation as accurately as possible with the help of〈Pinnacle of Information〉.

「…… Yosh, it’s done!」

In about ten minutes, a letter of recommendation was in my hands.

〈Pinnacle of Production〉

A skill which allows me to create anything I want in best quality.
If there’s an original, I can produce an exact copy of it.

It’s quite a dangerous skill which allows me to forge anything as long as there are materials.

By the way, the one recommending me is Ellen’s father. In other words, the king himself.
I selfishly used his name.

I walk at the reception right away.

「Beautiful receptionist Oneesan has appeared! Moreover, a demi-human!」

「…… Yes?」

Because the Oneesan behind the desk is a beauty, I ended up shouting unconsciously.
Oneesan is looking at me with ghastly expression.

However, her expression instantly changes when I present her the letter of recommendation.
Her posture instantly becomes straight and she talks to me politely.

「Adventurer registration, I see」

As expected of king’s letter of recommendation. Even though it’s forged.

However, even though this is a letter of recommendation from the king, I still need to take the exam.

Apparently, an examination being conducted in the bas.e.m.e.nt arena right now.
In fact, normally I would have to wait to take the examination tomorrow, but I might be able to specially take the exam today.

I’m glad I made a letter of recommendation from the king.

「Oh, it’s quite wide」

The bas.e.m.e.nt arena looks quite good.

The examination contents are apparently a match against the examiner.

A robust examiner who was apparently an expert adventurer is now fighting against a sword carrying youth in his teens.

The youth seems to be quite desperate, but the examiner is humming. He looks super easygoing.

The youth’s sword is easily repelled and the match is over.
After hearing he failed, the youth crestfallenly hangs his head.

「Now then, was this all?…… N?」

The receptionist Oneesan runs up to the examiner and explains the circ.u.mstances.
It seems the examiner gave a sound OK.

I face the examiner ossan.
He has a bald head and big muscles. A large scar running across his cheek. He looks quite formidable.

「…… Do you plan on fighting bare handed? You are not carrying a staff, you don’t look like a mage to me……」

Ah, c.r.a.p.
I’m completely empty handed.

Oh, well. Let’s suitably deceive him.

「I’m a martial artist」

「Martial artist, huh. You don’t look strong to me, but…… I won’t hold back just because you have the king’s recommendation」

「It’s alright, it’s alright」

With〈Pinnacle of Physique〉and〈Pinnacle of Taijutsu〉I shouldn’t have any problems.

「I understand. Then, come at me whenever you are ready」

Ossan, you are taking this quite leisurely.
In that case, I will take your offer.

tte, is it better to go easy first?
I made the Orc splatter just by kicking it a little.

「What is it? Hesitant?」

「I’m going now」

I decided to try out the taijutsu.



Seeing me appearing suddenly in front of him, the examiner ossan opens his eyes wide.

Shukuchi is a technique that instantly closes the gap between the opponent.
It closes the gap using the opponents awareness to my advantage, it’s in no way similar to warp magic.


As expected of an expert adventurer, ossan instantly moves his body to the side.
Thanks to that, my fist hit only an empty air.

Ah, I might have indeed go too easy on him.
Even though I intended to end it with that.

「Wa, hahahahahaha! You are good! Looks like I have to get serious against this guy!」

Ossan suddenly burst into laughter after witnessing my ability.

This ossan, he’s that, right?
I become excited after seeing a strong person type, right?

「Oooooooh! 〈Aura Blade〉!」

Moreover, something killer move-like is comingーーー!

Yoshi, me too then.

「Sword catchiiiing! ――tte, huh?」

I sense that I have underestimated the opponent too much while trying to catch the sword in both hands.

I couldn’t stop it.

Rather, my hands were repelled by the sword!?
What is this? Ah, fighting spirit? And that is infused in the sword?

No, please tell me that sooner〈Pinnacle of Information〉-san.

The next moment, ossan’s blade splits me up in two.

「You, why did not dodgeeeee!?」ossan screams.

Nonono, you are in the wrong, examiner shouldn’t be using such dangerous technique.

An enormous amount of blood spurts out and dyes ossan’s whole body red.
The receptionist Oneesan’s face who was watching the match went pale.

Thus my new life in the different world has come to――――tte, it still continues?

「You, why did not dodgeeeee!?」

「I thought I could catch it」

「Idiot! There’s no way you could catch a fighting spirit infused sword! Moreover, it was my full power, you know!?」

「That was full power? Give me a break. If I was normal, I would already be dead, you know?」

「Going easy on newcomers would stain my reputation as guild master! Therefore, Ithoughth I should scare you a little bit!」

「You reasoning is a mess!」

Rather, this ossan, he’s a guild master?

「s.h.i.thead, seriously, what should I do! I reduced a candidate recommended by the king to this state…… At this rate, I will have to resign to take responsibility……………… Yosh, let’s bury the corpse in the forest and pretend he never came to the guild……」

「Is concealment all you are thinking of!」

「Your death is your own fault!」

「Are you trying to put the blame on me!?」

「――tte, why are you still aliveee!?」

You have finally noticed? What a slow fellow.

I’m still alive and kicking.

「There, is, no wound……?」

「It healed」

「I see, it has healed―――tte, nonono, there’s no way it healed!? Your body has split in two, didn’t it!? Your intestines flew out of your belly, didn’t they!?」

「No way~ Have you perhaps seen wrong?」

「That can’t be! In the first place, aren’t both you and I stained in your blood! Perhaps, are you healing pract.i.tioner? No, but a wound like that……」

To be frank, that hit was a fatal blow.
But even still, my wounds has fully healed as if nothing has happened.

〈Pinnacle of Survival〉

An ultra-high speed recovery skill.
Rather, if I didn’t have this I would be really dead.

I who possess〈Pinnacle of Healing〉――Apparently healing magic does not exist, instead of that there’s something called Healing Jutsu――Could have used this skill to heal up, but it seems there was no room to activate this skill.
I’m grateful that〈Pinnacle of Survival〉activated instead.

Also,〈Pinnacle of Endurance〉was really helpful.
As long as I have this, the sense of pain will be blocked to some degree.

「Oi, just what is happening!?」

Uun, I don’t really want to reveal too much.

Yosh, let’s deceive him.

「Ossan, the examination didn’t end yet, right?」


「Secret technique, payback from a little while ago fist!」

「…… Gubee!?」

I hit the ossan, the guild master and he falls down unconscious. He’s blowing bubbles, but maa, he will live.

It would be nice if his memories would disappear.

Like this, I have pa.s.sed the examination and officially became an adventurer.

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