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Chapter 3 – The Female Knight is Mostly a Musclehead

I use flight magic to move to a place that is not submerged and land on the ground.

When I land, I put the female knight on the ground and she falls down without being able to stand up.

「Are you all right?」

「Y, yes. I, I thank you for saving me. B, but, just who the heck are you…..?」

「I’m Karuna. A simple traveller」

「A simple traveller…… After using Ultra Grade Magic one after another, there’s no way you are just a traveller! There’s not a single person in our Imperial Court who can use one!」

Is this magic so great? Well, it had quite the kick.

…… Rather, I intended to use a G.o.d grade magic, but I suppressed myself from doing so.
If I had used G.o.d Grade Magic, the forest might have disappeared. That was close.

By the way, the magic of this world is cla.s.sified by the degree of their difficulty and power starting with Elementary Grade, Intermediate Grade, Advanced Grade, Ultra Grade, up to the G.o.d Grade.

「O, oh well…… I’m Ellen, as you can see I’m a knight」

「Why were you alone in a place like that, princess?」

「Actually, in order to exterminate the Orcs――tte, how did you know I was a princess!?」

Ah, c.r.a.p.
I can’t really tell her that I know because of〈Pinnacle of Information〉skill.

「You have a royalty-like aura around you」


「Also, meeting a woman of high standing in a place like this is obligatory」

Ellen is making「What are you talking about?」expression.
Well, she wouldn’t understand.

According to〈Pinnacle of Information〉, I’m currently in the forest spreading in the west of the capital city of Alsara Kingdom.
And apparently, the third daughter of the current Alsara king is standing in front of me.

In other words, she’s not just a female knight, but a princess knight! (Superior cla.s.s?)

A female with no equal in sword skills serving as head of the knights.

「Although you were supposed to attack with a squad, but because you are quite a musclehead, you have a.s.saulted the Orc’s fort alone and were caught because you underestimated the Orc forces, is what you are saying」

「Why do you know about that!? tte, who’s a musclehead! Also, I haven’t been defeated! It’s just that there was a mage in the Orc ranks and made me sleep with Sleep Magic!」

「That means you were defeated」

「Seriously, they should have fought fair and square! I would put them in their place then!」

That idea itself is completely musclehead.

At this time, a voice resounded from somewhere.

「Wha, the fort has disappeared!?」
「Just what has happened here……?」
「Instead of that, Hime-sa――No, where is Leader Ellen! Leader Ellen! Leader Ellen!」

「Oi, they are calling for you?」

「Mu. It looks like they have caught up」

Ellen is apparently the leader of the Knights. She surely has a hard time.

「You, where do you plan to go now?」

「I will go to the city first, haven’t thought what to do after that yet」

「In that case, definitely come by the castle. I would like to express my grat.i.tude for today」

「It’s alright, I don’t need thanks」

I got to touch her b.o.o.bs a bit, after all.

「Don’t say that. If you weren’t here, I would be…… that…… i, in great trouble!」

「You would be stripped nude and gang-raped by Orcs, huh」

「Don’t say it! Don’t make me recall it!」

Ellen’s face becomes completely red. Cute.

「T, that being the case, definitely come by the castle! You should be okay if you just tell the guards my name!」

「I understand. You will allow me to rub your b.o.o.bs then?」

「I don’t have any plans to thank you like that!」

Ellen turns her back at me and starts walking away.
But, she stops on the way turns around and says,

「Also, it’s not like I’m scared of high places! I was just a little surprised, that’s all!」

She was scared after all.

I arrived in a city.

「Amazing! They have demi-humans! A real kemonomimi! And is that a dwarf over there!? Incredible muscles! Ooo, and is that a halfling!? So cute!」

I walk around like country b.u.mpkin, attracting suspicious gazes of pa.s.sersby.
I’m clearly viewed as a suspicious person.

But, it can’t be helped!
I finally came to a city of my dreams!

The capital city of Alsara Kingdom.

The Alsara Kingdom is a country governed by humans, but because of its deep interchange with other races, there are many demi-humans, dwarves and other races.

I can see a castle in the distance.
A castle so excellent, I can’t imagine that musclehead living there.

Now then.
What to do?
Since this is a different world, an Adventurer guild, after all?

Please tell me,〈Pinnacle of Information〉-san.
Say what? The location of the guild is in the southeast part of the city?

In spite of this being my first time in the city, I soon arrived at the guild because of the〈Pinnacle of Information〉perfect navigation.

「What a gaudy building……」

The guild is three stories tall building with shiny outer walls.
What a great presence. Even a monkey wouldn’t miss it.

The first floor is a reception.
You are apparently able to accept requests here.

The second floor is a bar.
The third floor seems to be for offices.

Oopsy, it seems it also has a bas.e.m.e.nt.
It seems that there is a little arena where adventurers sometimes hold exhibitions.
It also serves as examination ground for people who want to become adventurers.

Rather, there is an entry examination?
Seems like not everyone can join.
A letter of recommendation serving as proof of ident.i.ty is necessary?

tte, I, I don’t have such a thing?

What should I do?

Well, let’s forge one?

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