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Chp 8:

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

"a.s.sistant Director, if I don't need a stunt double, will the stunt double get paid?"

Woo Hyuk asked a.s.sistant Director Park Yong Goo this as he walked toward the stunt doubles.

"Since they're already here, they'll get paid anyway."

"That's a relief."

At Woo Hyuk's response, the a.s.sistant director laughed wryly.

I've never seen someone worry about a stunt double like you.

They arrived at the station where the stunt doubles were at.

"Action Director, this is actor Woo Hyuk, he's playing the role of the torture specialist."

a.s.sistant Director Park introduce Woo Hyuk to the action director.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm Kang Woo Hyuk. Please take care of me."

"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Hong Jin Sup. Teacher, I've seen your acting. I don't know much about acting, but your acting is superb. Especially your eye expressions. It's breathtaking. I thought I'd seen that look somewhere before and I remembered that it looks like Bruce Lee's expression. I like Bruce Lee very much."

"You compliment me too much." Woo Hyuk slightly bowed his head towards him.

After they finished their greetings, a.s.sistant Director Park told the action director what they were here for.

"Action Director, Woo Hyuk said that he would like to act out the action scenes himself. Can you practice with him for a bit and see if he's qualified to do an action scene?"

"Ah, is that so? I understand. He's very good at acting, so I think that he'll be able to do an action scene. Today's action scene is a bit touchy, can you handle it?"

"I'll do my best."

"Have you done this type of exercise before?"

"No. I've only done taekwondo in the army."
"Hahaha! We don't consider the taekwondo certificate you earned from the army. When you receive your boots, you're automatically given a white belt."

"Wanting to do this is because of my selfishness. So if you think that I'm not cut out for it, then please be blunt with me."

"Okay. Everyone come here."

The action director called over all the stunt doubles.

"We practiced this scene for a week. We will show you the action scene, so please decide if you can do it or not. This friend will play the torture specialist. Then, let's start."

The stunt doubles started the fight scene after the action director's order.

The staff and viewers gathered to see the action. Director Choi stood away in the sidelines and watched. Standing next to him was Sul Min Hwan.

"Can your friend Kang Woo Hyuk do action too?" Director Choi asked Sul Min Hwan.

"I'm not sure. Since he asked, he should be able to do it. He's not the type to not be able to do something if he asks to do it. He's not a person who specializes in action though."

Min Hwan tried to lower Director Choi's expectations just in case he'd be disappointed.

"Earlier, Kang Woo Hyuk ssi's acting was really good."

"Didn't I say he was good?"

"I thought about that and am thinking about increasing his screen time. Can you ask him if that's fine with him? No, I'll ask him. Just stay behind me for support. But who's Kang Woo Hyuk's manager? Is it that person who looks like a bear?"

Director Choi pointed at White Bear with his chin.

"No, he's his old manager. He just accompanied him today. Woo Hyuk currently doesn't have an agency or a manager."

"He doesn't have an agency? Are the celebrity agencies getting lazy? They're doing a good job by not discovering a talent like him."

Jung Eui Chan's face flushed. He was Min Hwan's manager and was standing behind them.

"I'll have to introduce him to some agencies I know."

Manager Jung put on a solemn expression after hearing Director Choi's words.

"The stunt doubles are doing really well," Min Hwan said with a worried face.

Can Woo Hyuk actually do an action scene?

"They only do action and eat everyday," Director Choi answered.

Woo Hyuk watched the stunt doubles actions. a.s.sistant Director Park stood beside Woo Hyuk.

"Now I see that Woo Hyuk's stunt double's height is a little short. We selected someone who was similar in height to Jang Il Gong."

a.s.sistant Director Park whispered this to Woo Hyuk.

Woo Hyuk, who was too focused on watching the movements of the stunt doubles, didn't pay attention to the a.s.sistant director.


The stunt doubles stopped moving when the action director shouted.

"How is it?"

The action director asked Woo Hyuk if he could do it.

"I don't think I can do as well as the stunt doubles, but I'll try my best," Woo Hyuk replied.

"Please come this way. When the stuntman 1 punches you, you have to dodge by moving backwards. You can kick stuntman 2 who will try to hit you with a stick with your left leg. Then you have to do a spinning roundhouse kick to stuntman 3. Anyway, try it up to this point."

The continuous action looked like one scene, but in the actual film, it would be divided into multiple parts.

They usually practiced one part many times.

"Okay, now let's try to do it in one go. Be careful not to get hurt, please maintain your distance. Ready!"

This was a rehearsal, but Woo Hyuk was putting in 100% of his concentration right now.

He thought that he needed to be more fierce in this scene.

Didn't he experience how fiercely Bruce Lee lived his life last night?

In the meantime, Woo Hyuk thought that his acting was child's play compared to Bruce Lee's.

Woo Hyuk criticized his past.

He fiercely glared at the camera as if he was looking at his pathetic past self and thought to get rid of the image he once had.

You were an actor? How can you act with those dead fish eyes of yours? If you're not going to risk your life then just quit. Just stop if you're not going to put your heart and soul into it.

He berated himself.

This is a life and death situation. Don't even think about putting on a s.h.i.tty act. Fight as if you're about to die. Those stuntmen represent the past Woo Hyuk. If I lose to those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I will never escape from my past.


The action director shouted.

The continuous action scene finished quickly.

The entire set was silent.

You could hear someone whisper, "Did you see Kang Woo Hyuk's eyes?"

"So scary!"

*Clap clap clap clap!*

You could hear someone clap.

It was White Bear clapping.

Others followed along and clapped.

"This isn't the taekwondo skill you learn from the army. Especially that spinning roundhouse kick. That is a work of art."

The action director spoke in a surprised tone.

Of course his skill was not as good as a stuntman's, but he was just as good.

"He looks like someone who only eats and fights," Director Choi said.

"I know right!"

Min Hwan was shocked and couldn't close his mouth.

"I'm the one who brought him over, Director!"

"Aigoo, yes, yes!"

Director Choi answered in a pampered tone to Min Hwan who was trying to act cute.

Min Hwan hit a staff's shoulder who was setting up his stuff and pointed at the action set.

"Look at that! It's so cool!"

The staff member put on an annoyed expression and looked at the action set.

Min Hwan looked at the martial arts scene with a bright smile.

At that moment, someone put their hand over his shoulder.

It was Manager Jung Eui Chan.

"Come see me for a bit."


"I have something to say to you."

"But I have to see…"

"It'll be quick."

Min Hwan followed Manager Jung, but kept on turning his head towards the set.

Manager Jung stopped at a small distance from the set.

"Hyung, what do you need?"

Min Hwan asked Manager Jung.

"I wanna talk about Kang Woo Hyuk."

"Isn't he good at acting?"


"Now do you understand why I kept on recommending him to the agency? He's also good at singing and dancing. If he pursues the musical route then he might really become a big star…"

"I spoke to the team leader. I sent him a video of Kang Woo Hyuk's acting."

"Video? With your cell phone? You should have talked to Director Choi to get a file. Why did you use your cell phone?"

"They saw the video and had already had a meeting about him. They said he's really good."

"They decided to contract him?"

"You know how our company's like. It's not that easy."

"Then you're gonna lose him."

It was then when one man was walking towards them while talking on his phone.

"…I wanna see him in person and talk to him. I will stick to him like glue and bring him to our agency, so hurry and prepare a contract!"

Manager Jung felt threatened and he tried to eavesdrop on the man's phone call.

"Kang Woo Hyuk, that guy, I wanna raise him. I think he has the potential to be a star. I sent rehearsal video so look over it and judge it. Anyway, no matter what, I'll bring him over to the company. If I bring him and you guys refuse, I'm gonna quit the agency."

The man walked by Manager Jung and Min Hwan.

Manager Jung's eyes widened with worry and anxiety.

That man worked for one of the three largest companies: WOW. He was Manager Yoon Dae Sung.

"So cool! A manager should at least be able to do that much. I don't know which company he's from but the company will definitely grow with him."

Min Hwan complimented that man in front of Manager Jung on purpose.

"It'll be an all out war to get Kang Woo Hyuk. Director Choi said that he'll introduce an agency to him. There's a manager that says that he'll quit if he can't get him. Yahoo!"

Min Hwan spoke loud enough for Manager Jung to hear.

Manager Jung had an unsightly expression on his face. He continuously stared at the man that was talking on the phone.

Min Hwan laughed at Manager Jung's worried face.

Aren't you regretting not listening to me when I told you about my recommendation? Hurry up and catch him.

Min Hwan felt good.

He also felt like he was going to cry because his friend was doing so well.

He was glad that heaven was being fair to his friend.

There was a beautiful sky today, without any clouds. It would still be beautiful even if there were clouds.

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