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Chp 7:

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Woo Hyuk was playing with a puppy under the sunshine in the Gapyoung pension(apartment).

Min Hwan entered the backyard.

He met him with a kind expression.

"How did you come here?"

"Torture specialist! I'm Jo Tae Il. CIA agent. Don't you know?"

Woo Hyuk's eyes narrowed.

His expression changed but he quickly put back on his previous expression.

"I think you have the wrong person."

He looked at the scar on Min Hwan's forehead.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h. Do you have any idea how you made my life so miserable?"

"Huhu. You should resent the person who used the ax to scar you. Don't blame the ax. An ax doesn't have its own will and committed no wrong. Why are you blaming the ax?"

Woo Hyuk put on a cruel smile while speaking to himself. "I have something I need to attend to.."

Woo Hyuk tried to move but five young people who were hiding in the background suddenly appeared and blocked his way.

Suddenly Woo Hyuk's eyes changed into a ferocious expression.

One of them threw a punch at Woo Hyuk.

He easily dodged the punch.

After that, Woo Hyuk was supposed to change spots with the stuntman. The stuntman would do the professional fighting parts while Woo Hyuk swapped with him during the middle of the fight whenever he lightly punched the enemy or got hit in the back and fell down.

He was also going to be in the last scene where Min Hwan was supposed to stab him.


You could see the scene where Min Hwan stabbed a blade into Woo Hyuk's stomach. Woo Hyuk and Min Hwan stared at each other.

"Beautiful! Very beautiful! I gave you this scar right?"

Woo Hyuk spoke in a dry tone.

He looked at Min Hwan's scar like he was looking at a beautiful piece of art.

Then he suddenly changed his expression and looked as if he was going to chew him up.

"That's right, you f.u.c.ker!"

Min Hwan, who was furious, stabbed the blade deeper into his body.

Woo Hyuk's expression crumbled.

He looked at Min Hwan with a look of mockery and contempt.

"Apologize. Now! If you call yourself a human, and if you have any conscience, apologize."

Min Hwan yelled at him crazily.

"I'm sorry."

Woo Hyuk whispered in his ear.

Min Hwan's expression wavered.

"I should have made you suffer more back then. Huehuehue!"

Woo Hyuk laughed creepily.

Min Hwan trembled as if he had just seen the devil.

"You're too rash… a torture specialist doesn't do it like this. If you stab a person like this once, they die too quickly. Slowly… you have to enjoy it slowly. Childish!"

Woo Hyuk grabbed Min Hwan's hand that was still holding the knife and stabbed himself deeper.

"NO! You can't die now! I'll do the exact same thing you did to me!"
MIn Hwan shouted.

"I'll wait for you… in h.e.l.l. I'll torture you some more when you're there. Huehue… huehuehue…"

Woo Hyuk's eyes were filled with murderous intent as he died.

With his eyes filled with fear, Min Hwan took a step back.


It would be good if Woo Hyuk hyung does well this time, but his acting is too weak.

Who cares if he's bad at acting? As long as he has a good personality.

That's what White Bear thought.

But now his acting was really good.

Now all that's left was for him to become famous.

He realized how much of a good person Woo Hyuk was after parting ways with Woo Hyuk and working with different actors.

When he entered a new agency, he was happy that he got paid more. He bragged about how he met famous celebrities.

He bragged that he was the manager of a popular girl group was on TV.

He left Woo Hyuk, who didn't have an agency nor a manager, to work by himself.

"Even if the movie doesn't turn out well, Hyung will become famous," White Bear said to himself.

White Bear thought about the movie script.

He heard the summary of the story while he was driving to the movie set.

Min Hwan, who was playing the main character, Jo Tae Il, was the CIA's youngest agent.

One day however, a dirty secret from the CIA was leaked.  The CIA was attacked by all kinds of media, but Jo Tae Il was falsely accused for it.

Jo Tae Il tried to prove his innocence, but he was kidnapped and was tortured by a torture specialist. He was forced to do a false confession.

He was frightened to death about being tortured again by the torture specialist so he confessed that he committed the crime in court.

He was sentenced to probation, so he luckily he didn't have to go to jail. Yet his life was ruined.

His mother, who was shocked by the news, had a stroke and fainted.

His fiancee who had already decided on a date to marry him, left him.

The CIA who was supposed to protect him pressured him instead and he quit his job.

There was no way for him to get an ordinary salary job.

He was also traumatized by the torture that he received and he had flashbacks of the torture whenever he saw ginger.

When he was being tortured, the torture specialist used a gag to open his mouth and filled his mouth to the brim with ginger.

After a year pa.s.sed, Jo Tae Il tried to appeal to the court about the unfairness that he had received, but n.o.body listened to his plead.

Friends, coworkers, media, and the country. No one would help him.

Jo Tae Il blamed everything that happened to him on the torture specialist that tortured him.

He made his goal in life to kill the torture specialist and he was able to find him.

After many twists and turns, he found out where the torture specialist lived and he was able to kill him.

He was able to kill the devil, but society now believed that Jo Tae Il was now a murderer.

Jo Tae Il went to prison and met Lee So Yeon, a defense lawyer.

Lee So Yeon was a young lawyer but she was very skilled.

She did her utmost to free Jo Tae Il, but it was not enough.

Lee So Yeon tried to investigate the torture specialist who was killed by Jo Tae Il. However, the records showed that he was just your average, kind, Korean male.

Since the evidence was stacked against him, even Lee So Yeon doubted him and asked Jo Tae Il if he was lying.

Jo Tae Il was furious that she didn't believe him.

He had a dream where he was torturing Lee So Yeon the same way that he had been tortured.

He stuffed ginger into her mouth and tortured her. Jo Tae Il was surprised that the torture specialist was in his dreams.

That monster was slowly invading his mind.

Jo Tae Il made a hit list of the people he was going to torture after his release.

The list included his fiancee and Lee So Yeon — they were all females that were physically weaker than him.

When he tortured them he could use different instruments, but ginger was a must.

He asked his father to send him ginger stock so that he could grow it.

The movie began with Jo Tae Il growing the ginger while in prison.

White Bear, who listened to the movie's script from Woo Hyuk, tilted his head.

He didn't think that the movie would be that successful.

He had conflicting feeling when he saw Woo Hyuk acting his role and actually reading the script.

Even if the movie doesn't succeed, Woo Hyuk will still gain some popularity.

That's what White Bear thought.

When he saw Woo Hyuk acting on the set, the more he believed that Woo Hyuk hyung's acting was the best.

The actors and staff who had gathered to watch the set were mesmerized by Woo Hyuk's acting. They couldn't even swallow their saliva.

Even Director Choi couldn't take his eyes off the monitor.

He wore his headphones and mumbled to himself.

"He's so good at acting, but why isn't he famous yet? Jang Il Gong! You stood me up? I'll invite you to this movie's premier. I'll wait to see your expression."

"Okay, let's go to the fighting scene."

Director Choi said this with a satisfied expression and shouted to the staff.

His voice was happy.

"Woo Hyuk ssi! Please bear with it! We only have a few more scenes left."

Director Choi spoke to Woo Hyuk with a huge smile.

"I understand. But Director, can I try the fighting scene without a stunt double?"

"No stunt double? It'll be dangerous. You need some martial arts skills. Do you think you can do it?"

"I'll just try it. If I can't then I'll use a stunt double."

"If you don't need a stunt double, then that'll be good."

"Yes, Director!"

"Introduce Woo Hyuk to the fighting scene director and let him get some practice. It'll be difficult for him to do the entire fighting scene, but let's have him do as much as he can."

"I understand, please come this way."

a.s.sistant Director Park Yong Goo led the way.

His att.i.tude and posture were really polite.

White Bear followed behind Woo Hyuk.

At that time, somebody called for White Bear.

"Mister Baek Dong Soo!"

It was Min Hwans' manager, Jung Eui Chan.

"Yes, Manager!"

"Are you back to being Kang Woo Hyuk's manager again?"


"Then why are you here with him? What about your agency?"

"I got fired."

White Bear said this in an abashed voice and scratched the back of his head.

"Ah, is that so?"

White Bear looked at Woo Hyuk.

"Can you give me some of your time? It'll be quick."

"Yes, yes. Also, you don't need to speak politely to me. You're older than me."

"That won't do, we're not that familiar yet. I'll speak to you more casually when we get closer."

"Yes Manager, hehehe."

"Has Kang Woo Hyuk decided on an agency?"


"He hasn't said anything about it?"

"I don't know about that."

"I see… okay, thank you."

"Ah, yes. Then…"

White Bear ran over to where Woo Hyuk was.

His running speed was the speed of a normal person's walking speed.

Manager Jung took out his cell phone and opened up the video player app to watch Woo Hyuk's acting on his phone. He watched it over and over.

"I must catch him before someone else steals him."

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