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Published at 9th of October 2019 05:36:40 PM Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Slate Contract

After a comfort dance, The Guide jumped out .

The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, above, has no reward or punishment . Yan Mo suspects that the reason for the lack of punishment is probably that the two tribes attacked them first, and everything he did was self-defense and counter-attack . And without rewards, it has a lot to do with the deaths of many people .

But for the dance of consoling the souls, The Guide gives:

—— The Banished Sc.u.m initially mastered the method of communicating the energy of heaven and earth, comforting 2635 dead souls, Sc.u.m VALUE-26350 points .

That's normal . The 2635 figure is probably the sum of all warriors who recently died at the river . But the next one, Yan Mo saw, almost made him have a negative mentality .

—— The Banished Sc.u.m succeeded in soothing the soul of the dead, and the first step of the Reformation of The Banished Sc.u.m was completed . Congratulations were given to The Banished Sc.u.m . Sc.u.m VALUE-1 million points were awarded in particular . Note: The Banished Sc.u.m must have compa.s.sion for the deceased and sincere desire to help them, rather than sacrifice for themselves, in order to successfully comfort the deceased soul .

The Guide then jumped out of several pieces of information .

—— The Banished Sc.u.m was rewarded with more than 4,000 respects and firm faith of human beings, and achieved the 3rd rank achievement of the saints . He is rewarded with double reduction points of Sc.u.m VALUE in the future .

Note 1: It is still the 3rd rank achievement after reaching 10,000 people's faiths . If he can get 10,000 people's firm faiths or more than 100,000 people's faiths, he can achieve the 4th rank achievement . The offspring will be rewarded with a human breeding capsule .

Note 2: Every time an ordinary believer gives a heartfelt blessing to the Banished Sc.u.m, the Banished Sc.u.m person receives a point of faith . Each time a strong believer prays to the Banished Sc.u.m, the Banished Sc.u.m person receives 3 points of faith .

—— Congratulations on the c.u.mulative reduction of Sc.u.m VALUE by more than 5 million points for The Banished Sc.u.m, and now total reduction of Sc.u.m VALUE is by 5824808 points . In order to reward the motivation of the Banished Sc.u.m to reform, and at the same time to make the Banished Sc.u.m better reform, we hereby award two kinds of rewards, has to be chosen .

Reward 1, advanced level training method for warriors, intermediate level training method upgraded version, suitable for 9th rank to 12th rank warrior . Other considerations are the same as the initial and intermediate level training method .

The second reward is to repair and perfect the broken portal of the Bone Sculpting People as a teleporting portal . The coordinates of the portal can be adjusted according to the map coordinates provided by The Guide, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting to the designated coordinate points . The portal has unlimited distances within the planet and weighs carriage of 100,000 kilograms . Note: Repairable . The required Sc.u.m VALUE additions for repair will be determined according to the damage condition .

This time the number is not much, but the amount of information is relatively large .

Yan Mo read the information before he realized that the original faith was still divided into common faith and firm faith . After this support and two dances of the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, others did not say that at least more than 90% of the people of the Jiu Yuan had reached a firm faith in him .

He did not know what other uses of firm faith were, but only after seeing the Sc.u.m VALUE point reduced it would be doubly worthwhile to see that his points of faith were increased . Now he has increased his misfortune . He used to worry if he had less than five thousand points of faith, and now he has more than ten thousand points of faith .

In addition, in order to get the number of faith points, must the believer sincerely pray to him?

No wonder all religions in his previous life created various slogans, some of which directly called the name of G.o.d, some of which were the eternal glory of XX and the eternal spirit of XX . Simple things like XX Mercy, XX be with you .


So in order to increase the number of faith points in the future, will he also make some slogans?

Yan Mo is funny . Does The Guide want him to have a religion?

Religion . . .

Yan Mo heartbeat rose, human beings are spiritually dependent creatures, faith will bring them courage, will let them know fear, but also will add a condom barrier to their behavior . When the world law is not perfect, religious rules often become people's moral and conscience standards .

Faith is not only a faith in G.o.ds or creatures, but also a faith in certain political ideas and even laws .

But religion often intervenes in political power in the future, but he does not want the integration of religion and politics . If religion is really to be practiced, he must think about how to lay down rules to minimize the negative harm of religion to future generations .

Yan Mo thought a lot, but the actual time was only a few seconds . Seeing The Guide urging him to choose which reward, he put his mind on the reward content . He had decided to choose the advanced level training method for warriors . But when he saw the second reward, he was very disheartened . This function is not much different from any other one .

Second, he chose advanced level training for warriors painfully . After all, this is the foundation of his foothold in the Jiu Yuan and the world, and Yuan Zhan's breakthrough is in urgent need of it .

After getting the advanced level training method, Yan Mo laughed very hard . Now nine of the continent's most powerful cities are looking for a 10th rank warrior breakthrough, if they know that he has a training method that can break through to 12th rank . . . Hha!

Yan Mo didn't teach Yuan Zhan immediately after getting advanced level training because he was busy killing the enemy and had no time to calm down and break through .

Battling with The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe lasted a full season, during which half of the time was spent on the road .

Yan Mo did not follow Zhan anymore, but went to the river to pray and inspire the people when warriors set out .

Yuan Zhan seems to hate The Huang Jing Tribe very much, and turn them back in the woods and turn around to attack the Huang Jing Tribe first . This time, not only She-Gu and Da Dda were accompanied, but the Duo-Na Clan Chief NRong also brought 200 warriors and bear support .

The Moer-Gan did not dare to disturb the Jiu Yuan, and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was still sitting at the boundary marker . The boundary marker here is no longer the one at the river's mouth, instead, the Red Ape Forest near the border of the Moer-Gan, where Yuan Zhan has set up a new huge territory mark .

The Moer-Gan brought people to the theory that it was the Moer-Gan site, and then Zhang, who led the team, laughed and threw out a slate .

The original agreement between Qi Hao and Yuan Zhan was clearly stated on the slate .

The Moer-Gan People thinks this is not evidence to divide of the territory . The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu screamed impatiently: I will curse you up if you don't agree to it!

The Moer-Gan People retreated . Although the last curse had disappeared, the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's abilities were all in their eyes . The Jiu Yuan had another bone bird that could spray fire . They had no confidence in winning and could only retreat .

But the Moer-Gan was not willing to retreat . They began recruiting troops from nearby tribes and asked the Louque City for support several times .

Meng, who was in charge of information detection, sensed their movements and sent the Winged Yingzhao back to deliver the message . Yan Mo consulted with Zheng, Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and others who remained behind .

Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe volunteered to take tribesmen to attack The Moer-Gan .

"There's no need to attack, just sit on the edge of the Red Ape Forest . " When it comes to the Red Ape Forest, Yan Mo thinks of the Mandrill father and son who live there . Maybe he should go and meet them and get in touch with them?

But now the Jiu Yuan cannot be separated from him, Yuan Zhan is not there, he cannot leave, can only put this idea in mind .

The Moer-Gan recruited troops and wildebeests from nearby tribes, but he did not want to become enemies of Tu Hou's The Earth Cliff Tribe, The Yufu Tribe and Bianxi tribes .

Yan Mo wrote several letters when he thought about it . The contents of the letter were several comic strips, without a word, but the contents of the picture should be able to understand what he said .

After drawing the letter, Yan Mo asked the Scouts under Meng to ride the Winged Yingzhao to find the tribes . They don't need to know where they live, just follow the Moer-Gan's men .

Just when Yan Mo decided to let Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe take some warriors to support The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Zhang, the Winged Yingzhao sent back the message that The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu had met the snake people on their way to migrating back to Jiu Yuan .

The migrant Snake People heard that the Moer-Gan had attacked the Jiu Yuan . Now the Jiu Yuan was fighting back, but now they all going to stay there, saying that they would fight with the Jiu Yuan against its enemy .

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu said in his letter that the snakes were more excited than Jiu Yuan's warriors when they saw fights .

Yan Mo laughed at the letter .

In fact, coincidentally speaking, the snake migration was led by Bai Yan, Bai Li and Bai Sheng who followed Yan Mo back to the Jiu Yuan . They naturally took the road that Yan Mo had taken before, while the Red Ape Forest border was their only place . In addition, the most suitable time for snake migration in all seasons is during this period, it is inevitable they will meet the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu .

Yuan Zhan heard that there were the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, Zhang, Ying Shi of The, and more than 500 snake people in the Red Ape forest . After being defended, he have no worries .

The dozen hit home . The Huang Jing Tribe was torn to tears by Yuan Zhan and others . They just wanted to kneel on the ground and beg them to leave quickly .

Yuan Zhan is also very bad . He didn't turn the Huang Jing tribe camp into a flat land just like he did to destroy the Duo Fei tribe . He ran around from time to time, collapsed a house today, cut off your river tomorrow, and destroyed your fields the day after tomorrow . In a word, the Huang Jing Tribe would life could not get better .

She-Gu and others did not understand the meaning of Yuan Zhan at the beginning . Yuan Zhan did not hide from their questions after they asked questions .   He said, "No matter who it is whether it’s the Huang Jing or The Moer-Gan, they should be too far away from us," the he added . "Now we attack them and take the implant . After all, even if we knock down these two tribes, what is the use?  Let them be slaves? I'd rather go to the savages to take them as slaves . If we kill them all, the Louque City and other forces above them will inevitably join forces to attack us for fear of our power . "

She-Gu mused, "Indeed, we need time to grow up . At present, only Chief is strong in the tribe .

She-Gu had other worries, but he did not say, for example, that the Jiu Yuan's powerful warriors were all new people brought back by Chief and The Priest . If there was a war, some of these new people might survive, but those old people who were not very effective in fighting would probably be eliminated .

Yuan Zhan smiles at She-Gu . Without him, he also understands what She-Gu is thinking . This is not only a worry of She-Gu, but also the worries of all warriors before the Jiu Yuan .

Yuan Zhan just understands this and doesn't want to force The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing to death . What he wants is the fear and retreat of the other side, not the enemy in the backwater .

These two tribes are different from Duo Fei . They have existed for a long time . There are many hidden forces in the tribes, not to mention, and many of them have been promoted into the forces of lower cities and middle cities .

No matter how strong he is, he can't wipe out all these people . If these people come back to hara.s.s the Jiu Yuan and make trouble for the Jiu Yuan, the Jiu Yuan will be one with the real headache .

So his purpose is to beat these two tribes to fear, but not to make them want revenge . So they have scruples . They will also consider one or two options when facing the Jiu Yuan .


The Huang Jing Tribe persisted day after day until they found that no matter how much they contacted and pleaded, the Louque City had stopped sending new warriors to support them, and finally they could not support them .

In early July, The Huang Jing Tribe's chief and the priest walked out of the tribe with a bunch of women dressed up and shouted loudly around them that they want to talk to the Jiu Yuan .

Yuan Zhan walked out of the forest surrounded by warriors .

The Huang Jing Chief expressed his willingness to compensate the Jiu Yuan for his loss as long as the Jiu Yuan was willing to leave the territory of the Huang Jing and never cross the river again .

Yuan Zhan looks like a real barbarian, laughing bloodthirsty and spoke fierce, "Wherever I go, the land belongs to the Jiu Yuan, unwilling to give it or not, we will keep fighting!"

The Huang Jing Tribe's warriors were in a riot .

The Huang Jing Chief prevented them . During this time, they had enough warriors die, and wild savages were cruel and cruel . They did not want to end up as captives .

For the sake of the whole tribe, the Huang Jing Chief could only swallow his voice and plead with grievance, "We will not cross the Huang Jing Mountains in the future . "

The Huang Jing Mountain is a mountain range near the Huang Jing Tribe after crossing the river . It is not high, but it is very long and covers a large area .

Yuan Zhan sneered: "All the land to the east, including the Huang Jing Mountains, belongs to the Jiu Yuan . "

"That's impossible!" The Huang Jing Chief cried out in silence .

The Duo-Na Clan chief once stepped on the ground and shouted, "Chief, don’t talk to them, we should just them directly!"

"Yes! Grab it! Take all their women, yuan-crystal and bones!” Warriors on Jiu Yuan's side shouted .

The Huang Jing Tribe was shy and angry, all trembling with anger, but no one dared jump out and fight again .

The Huang Jing Chief hated the Jiu Yuan and the Louque City in his heart . He did not understand why the Louque City suddenly gave up on them as if they were afraid of the Jiu Yuan .

But how can a lower city fear the forces of a barren land? The Huang Jing Chief couldn't figure it out .

Not only the Huang Jing Chief but also the Moer-Gan Chief .

The Louque City suddenly didn't reply to any of their messages from a month ago . No matter how they contacted, even if they found tribesmen who had previously entered the Louque City, they said they didn't know what was going on .

Not only the Louque City, but several powerful tribes in the vicinity did not respond to their request to resist the enemy together . Even if at first some tribes were attracted by the conditions they offered and asked in a few days, all of them turned out to be helpless and unable to help .

The Moer-Gan managed to send inquiries to find out that the Jiu Yuan had secretly contacted several major tribes, and then they exchanged information with each other and told the other tribes that they had made friends with . In this way, they pa.s.sed on ten or ten times, and eventually turned into a situation where none of the neighbors was willing to support him except the affiliated tribes .

And the price of the Jiu Yuan asking these tribes to remain unmoved is red salt . The Jiu Yuan seems to have committed to exchanges with these tribes, and will start trading red salt with them without them having to go through The Moer-Gan again .

The Moer-Gan was furious at the news, but felt helpless, and the news that really hit them came two days ago . They had a strong blood warrior who went to the Louque City and met a 7th rank warrior from a middle city who told them: "if you say the Jiu Yuan Chief is called "Zhan", their big witch is called "Mo" . When they come back this time, they also brought back an old man named “Curse Witch” . I advise you never to go to trouble this tribe again, because you can't beat them . People, I tell you the truth, these people even The Nine Great Cities’ Tucheng-Earth City and Yincheng-Sound City have no way to defeat them, this has been spread among the forces of the city, what they did we do not know what they did, but Tucheng-Earth City and Yincheng-Sound have eaten a big loss of defeat . ”

“Especially the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, the most powerful curse witch from Wucheng-City of Witches . No one in the Nine Great Cities wants to offend him . Why do you think the Louque City is no longer helping you, or are they worried about those people running to the Louque City? It’s not that they can't beat the Jiu Yuan, but the cost of victory is too high . It's better to leave him alone for the time being . ”

Even the Nine Great Cities have no choice but to bow to the Jiu Yuan . How can their small tribe do the Jiu Yuan?

The Moer-Gan chief, the priest, the elder and others regret, but things have happened . They want to regret, but it’s too late . Now they can only pray to the Water G.o.d in the heart silently, hoping that she will not take the heart of it .

The Jiu Yuan did not really want to capture two distant tribes . They just demanded a lot of compensation, including yuan-crystal, women, slaves, food, Zhan beasts, and bones and so on . By the way, they redrawn the boundary between the Jiu Yuan and the two tribes .

Deterred by Yuan Zhan, the Huang Jing Tribe finally humiliated himself by promising to distribute half of their most important mountain range, the Huang Jing Mountains, which can produce crystals, to the Jiu Yuan .

Yuan Zhan was compensated, and on the same day, without hesitation, he set up a big stone boundary marker on the top of the Huang Jing Mountain . It also depicts a simple topographic map of the vicinity, clearly showing which half belongs to the Jiu Yuan .

The Huang Jing Tribe saw that they could fall halfway to the Huang Jing Mountains . They felt that they were a little lucky that they were actually ready for the whole Huang Jing Mountains to be stolen . But if they were robbed, they would not be willing, just to think that the wild land is so far away from the Huang Jing Mountains that the Jiu Yuan people could not send a large team to guard the mountains . So the Huang Jing Mountains are they not equivalent to theirs in the end?

Unfortunately, the Huang Jing Tribe made a good calculation, but they did not expect that the Jiu Yuan who no intention of actually occupying the land and mountains . Their purpose was to delimit the land first, and then comeback to it back when there were more people .


As for the yuan-crystal mineral deposits buried in the mountains, ah, there are Yuan Zhan and Xi Rang Clan who are soil-control warriors . It's easy to upgrade up some of them, and they can dig wherever they like . They will never be affected by the boundary markers .

The border on the Moer-Gan side has also been re-divided . This time, instead of being near the Red Ape Forest, the border has been pushed a hundred kilometers closer to the Moer-Gan Tribe . The Yufu Tribe and the Bianxi people were divided into the Jiu Yuan boundary without knowing it themselves .

Yuan Zhan formally asked the two tribes to make a slate contract with him for the compensation and border demarcation, and made a pledge of not to attack each other for ten years .

In the negotiations between the Huang Jing Tribe and Yuan Zhan, there was a little interlude after the conclusion of the negotiations and the establishment of the slate contract .

The Huang Jing Tribe's Chief reached for a very beautiful young girl behind him and introduced to Yuan Zhan: "This is my most beautiful daughter, to Chief, the greatest tribe in the wilderness, let serve on you later .  Little He, go meet Chief Yuan Zhan . " 

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