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Chapter 11- Fight the Sky, Fight the Earth, Fight the People, still need to Fight the Guide! You're Funny!

When Yan Mo suddenly dropped down, Yuan Diao and them were frightened and jumped.

Cao Ting's reaction was not the fastest, but she understood Yan Mo's leg injury and immediately shouted, "Hold down his injured leg! Don't let the bones shift!"

Yuan Shan instantly became focused and quickly ran up to Yan Mo to hold him in his arms. Yuan Diao came slightly later, but also came over to hold onto Yan Mo's injured leg.

"What's wrong with him?" Yuan Diao asked Cao Ting.

Cao Ting shook her head, entire face was full of worry for the youth.

Yuan Shan had a guess, but did not say anything.

He Tu was keeping watch over her husband. Yuan He also had a guess and for this reason his heart felt very uneasy.

Yuan Diao thought more. What is Wo Bufu (1)? Is it the the name of the G.o.d the youth's priest’s worshiped?

10 minutes was a short and long time.

When the youth stopped twitching, his entire body was drenched, as if he had just gotten out of the water.

Yuan Shan gestured towards He Tu, "Water."

He Tu jumped to action and brought the already cooled water to the youth's mouth.

Yan Mo used both hands to raise it, holding the scoop he gulped it down. After taking 2-3 gulps his speed slowed down until all the water was gone and his mentality also began to gradually clear up.

"Xiao Mo?" He Tu called to him.

Yan Mo slowly turned his eyes and lightly struggled for a bit to sit up in Yuan Shan's arms. It’s so hot! And this Yuan Shan probably didn't even shower. Taking a whiff, a variety of smells all added up together into a dense body odor, having the hot air steam it off his body was enough.

"Xiao Mo, what happened just now? Did you get sick?" He Tu asked.

Yan Mo 's heart beat, shaking his then suddenly stopping. He curled his lip as his eyes swept over Yuan He's body, immediately being on guard, like afraid of being discovered by others.

"No, nothing is wrong."

But this kind of "childish" behavior, how could He Tu and the others not see it?

The bone needle on Da He's body had still not been taken off, his body could not move but his mouth could still speak, weakly asked, "Good child, don't worry, I know it is because of me, right?"

The youth with the simple and honest looking face raised his hand to scratch at his head —– his scalp was so itchy. He must shave all of his head, giggling, "Master Da He, nothing is wrong, you are a good person, I won't let you die."

Da He felt touched while in his awful state and felt remorseful and endless grat.i.tude for the youth.

"Is this the cost of saving other people's lives? This is the G.o.d, Wo Bufu's, punishment for you?" Yuan Diao suddenly asked.

The corners of the youth's mouth shrunk for a moment, pretending to be hesitant for a long time, then slowly nodded his head, while also subtracting 20 points off of his initial negative impression of  Yuan Diao.

"Yes, this necessary condition, even my tribe priest cannot think of a way. Being able to bring you back from the dead, how can there not be a price." Yuan He's lips quivered, looked at his own wife.

He Tu heavily nodded her head so Yuan He turned his face towards the youth, "Xiao Mo, If you are willing, we'll wait for Yuan Zhan to come back. I'll talk to him and have you come into my household. It’s good that you haven’t been marked as a slave yet. In the future, as long as my household has food to eat, we will never let you go hungry. Regarding your status… I'll find a solution!"

Yan Mo's heartbeat, if he waited until he got into Yuan He's family, his freedom would be huge. With no slave status, he could do so many more things, and he could leave at any time. But…

Yuan Diao took one look at the youth's expression, already knew his intention. He suddenly felt flames of fury and hurriedly whispered angrily to Yuan He, "Xiao Mo belongs to Yuan Zhan! He's the one that brought him back! That’s his future a.s.sistant! Yuan Zhan treats Xiao Mo fairly well, just ask him. Yuan Zhan isn't home and also has my Cao Ting take care of him. Also wants me to give him as much meat as possible, saying that when he comes back he'll repay me. This is the boy that Yuan Zhan rescued! What's your meaning of robbing someone halfway?"

Yan Mo bowed his head and erased the rest of Yuan Diao's negative impression points. It wasn't good for him to reject the couple, but Yuan Diao opening his mouth was not the same.

Yuan He was stunned, he only wanted to repay the teen and actually overlooked a very important detail. This youth had such skill, if he let the youth come to his house, to other people it would definitely be more rewarding than payment. If he was the original master of this youth, he would certainly not agree.

If Yuan Zhan did not treat the teen well, he would trade food for the youth and could also say it was repayment. If Yuan Zhan had originally treated the youth very well, if he opened his mouth then it really was taking advantage.

"Sorry, I'm not trying to kidnap people from Da Zhan, was just trying to…."

Yuan Diao interrupted Yuan He, "Wait until Yuan Zhan comes back and you're better. The best way to repay Xiao Mo is to give him more meat to pa.s.s the winter."

Yuan He repeated, "Of course, wait until Im better, I will definitely give Da Zhan half of everything I hunt. From now on, all the winter meat that Xiao Mo needs, I'll give him!"

He Tu's hands were clenched a little tight, but she did not open her mouth to prevent Yuan He's promise. If Yuan He died, she didn't know if her children and her could even get past this winter. If they don't pa.s.s then they'll just turn into a bit of meat. But raising an extra person was better than losing her household's man.

"No need." Yan Mo shook his head while re-attaching the wooden board that got loose. "Master Da He focus on getting better, you still have He Tu and two children to take care of, no need to split food with me. Me… my master will let me eat well."

In this era where it completely depended on military strength, a disabled person still wanted to try to care for four people?

How much food would you be able to give me? How many pieces? Wait for you to not even be able to care for your own family. And when your family complains to you every day, my favor to you will turn into hatred. At that time you won’t be grateful anymore, only think that I'm a burden and secretly hope in your heart that I will die early.

Although I will have more freedom in your house, but I don’t want it to suddenly reverse and have me take care of your family.

The youth dealt with his injured leg well, wiped his sweat, lifted his head and smiled. "Master Da He, if it makes your heart feel uncomfortable, if in the future my master hits me because I did something wrong, you have to restrain him."  For example, poisoning him, or getting caught trying to escape.

Yuan He wanted to say more but He Tu grabbed his arm.

He Tu brought her husband close to her and quickly responded, "Xiao Mo, do not worry. From now on you are mine and Da He's younger brother. We will talk with Da Zhan and get him to treat you well. "

"Thank you Sister He Tu. Sister Cao Ting, Is the water ready? Are all the tools prepared?" Yan Mo did not want to keep wasting his saliva on these matters. There’s no harm in leaving behind kindness, he would use this couple in the future.

This time, Yan Mo did not dare hold down Yuan He.

But he did not want to appear cheap to Yuan He, therefore he found an excuse that would benefit himself.

"Master Da He, your injury is too severe. Even though I saved you, you are still very weak. Because it’s too hot, your arm can no longer wait. And because you can’t eat anything for the next two days, your physical strength will be terrible. This is why I wanted to fix your injury today as well."

He Tu and Yuan He were grateful and earnestly listening, didn't dare to interrupt him.

"But you just had a hard surgery, I'm worried that you won’t be able to endure the pain of sc.r.a.ping flesh and bone."

"Doesn't matter. Come, I can withstand it." In the past, were all the warriors were not tough and durable like this? Others can tolerate, then naturally Da He could also endure.

"It will be very very painful, you won't be able to tolerate it." The teen was very worried, "I… I have a way to make you feel no pain. I didn't do it earlier, because I will be forced to endure the repercussions and I will hurt again. Once fallen, I was afraid that I won’t be able to deal with your arm for the next couple days, then you will be delayed."

"You will be forced into repercussions?!" Yuan He hastily replied, "Then it's still better to just let me handle the pain. I can tolerate it, really I can!"

You can endure it, I can't endure it! You think that I want to make the pain stop for you? Idiot! The teen foolishly laughed, "But I can’t bear to look at it. It really is really painful. It doesn't matter, wait for this surgery to finish then I can take a break for a few days and rest. If i suddenly faint, don't be too surprised, haha."

Hesitating for a moment, the youth said again, "it’s just… Master Da He, at that time could you give me an extra piece of meat?"

"Of course, don't even talk about one piece…."

"Then that's fantastic!" The youth interrupted him happily, "One piece is enough, just make it the same size as my two fists."

Everyone around the area, including Yuan Diao, were thinking: This good boy! Can make people feel no pain, what a wonderful sorcery! In exchange, doesn't even know how big the punishment from the youth's G.o.d is, the most important was that the youth refused to let others feel remorseful and uneasy, deliberately only asked for one piece of meat and was satisfied as long as it was as big as his two fists.

The simple and honest Yuan Shan appeared a bit gloomy. Why wasn't it him that b.u.mped into Xiao Mo?  If it was him who saved Xiao Mo, it would be very good.

Yuan Diao was at ease. The youth's talent was brilliant but was also good natured and kind. His brother would definitely gain from taking care of this kid.

Don't even need to mention the other people, even He Tu secretly thought: What a good youth! Why was he not the priest of Yuan Ji Tribe? If he was the tribe priest, maybe her husband would not have needed to cut off his arm at all and more warriors in the tribe would have survived.

But these ideas in their hearts should not be voiced. Yan Mo pulled out the bone needle, and p.r.i.c.ked it into an acupoint again. Yuan He's arm that had just regained consciousness was now blocked off, the blood circulation temporarily stopped.

Yuan He discovered that he really could not feel the pain from his right arm and at that moment was very surprised. Looking at the youth's expression was like looking at the esteem of the tribe priest, but he was closer to and more fond of the youth then the old priest.

The other four people present could clearly see Yan Mo use the scalpel to cut off the rotted meat off Yuan He's arm. Yuan He looked like he felt nothing at all, could even smile at everyone.

He Tu shed tears on the spot. As a wife, how could she bear the watch her husband in pain. Although the price was to have the teen suffer in pain, but… she swore, in the future she would definitely treat the youth as her own child and watch over him!

Yuan He's arm had about 5 millimeters of rot on both sides. Watching the youth use a stone knife to sc.r.a.pe away the troubles, Yuan Diao asked if he could directly hack off that chunk.

The youth nodded his head and used the needle to gesture for a moment, "But there is only a little. Using the stone knife to chop it off, I fear it will not be accurate…"

Yan Mo did not even finish talking before Yuan He indicated that he was ready. His younger brother brought over a rock with a flat surface to set his cut arm on top of. The portion that needed to be cut off had to be on the stone's exterior.

Yuan Diao had Yan Mo give him the stone, used one hand to hold Yuan He's arm while the other arm was raised high. With a look that granted permission, he began to sc.r.a.pe.

Yan Mo drew a line, and just like this, precisely five millimeters of bone was whittled away. The fracture was also incomparably smooth.

Yan Mo had to recall the word that were already at his mouth. His strength was once again recognized by the people here. Not chopped, it was whittled, and it was with a stone knife. This eye power, and this strength, not even the modern people could match it.

If the Rank Two warriors had these thoughts, then what about the Rank Three Warriors, as well as the Rank Four warriors?

The chopped off arm still needed to be sealed up. Although people skin had a certain amount of elasticity, but because of the poor toughness of the sutures, Yan Mo had to use three strands—- combined these three hairs to increase their toughness.

The wound was sutured with difficulty. Yan Mo had He Tu slather the juices from the thistle onto her husband, then used a large harmless leaf to wrap it up. Using a straw rope to bind up the leaf around the arm, he urged her to change the leaf and juices every day. If the size of the leaf was not big enough, she could overlap them. As for the abdominal wound, she could also do the same thing.

After his reminder finished, Yan Mo prepared to faint. But right before he decided to faint he suddenly thought of something, "That peep, What are you guys planning to do?"

The person who caught him, Yuan Shan, plainly answered, "Naturally we kill him."

"Ah!" The youth's face revealed alarm. "Can you not kill him? Just teach him a lesson don’t let him randomly talk."

Cao Ting walked over. Holding down the youth's shoulder, softly said, "That guy is not a good person. If we let him go, He will definitely tell the priest about your treatment of Master Da He."

Yuan Diao exhaled and patted the youth's head. "This matter, don’t concern yourself with it." They still had to think of a way to explain Da He's death and resurrection. Maybe the Setose Thistle was a good excuse.

But this was not just to protect the teen, but it was also to protect Da He. If the Old priest found out that Da He let another priest save him, then the old priest would no doubt think it was betrayal. When the time comes that the youth ran out of luck, Da He might die again as well.

"But…." the youth still wanted to intercede.

Yuan Shan grinned, "Ok, don't worry, we won't kill him."

The youth could finally be at ease and faint—– that slave was screwed. Soon after he giggled, then suddenly closed his eyes and made a very painful expression as he collapsed.

For the ending to be perfect, in order to avoid hearing things he shouldn't while in a "coma",which would result in the guide to to say he "saw death but did not save"(2), he sneakily s.n.a.t.c.hed the bone needle and p.r.i.c.ked himself.

This time he really fainted. Afterwards no matter what anyone else does, he was incapable of hearing or preventing.

Mr. Guidebook, ah Mr. Guidebook, this time I didn't "see and not save". I tried to save him, but if the others killed him without me knowing, then even I can't do anything about it.

Yuan Shan met the youth head-on.

Looking at the teen, sure enough he fainted for punishment just like he said. Yuan Diao frowned, "Absolutely cannot let that slave go. His owner, Yuan Bing, and Yuan Zhan are not on good terms, you guys know this."

Yuan Shan laughed, "Of course we can't let that slave go. Xiao Momo(3) has a good heart and can't bear to watch someone die. It's best if we handle this situation, just don't let him know. We won't tell him until the future that he's dead."

"This is just about enough." Yuan Diao nodded his head in satisfaction. I'll go kill him, we'll split the meat. Don't give this meat to Xiao Momo, he didn't even want to kill him, will probably not want to eat the human meat."

The original plan was to leave the slave's flesh with Yuan He and He Tu to give to Yan Mo, but they instantly felt like Yuan Diao was 100% reasonable. Henceforth it was confirmed that Yan Mo was a person who did not eat human flesh.


(1)Wo Bufu: This is a reference to the ending of chapter 10. At the end of chapter 10, Yan Mo shouts "I do not accept" which in Chinese is "Wo Bufu".

(2) Seeing death but not saving: This is an idiom that basically means to ignore other people's misfortunes or disasters. You know it's happening but you choose not to do anything.

(3):Xiao Momo: another name for Yan Mo. This might require a bit of explanation, Chinese people usually take the last character of your name and repeat it as a pet name/nickname. You usually use it with people younger than you. For instance, my last character is "Ying", so everyone calls me "Yingying". My sister's is "Qi" so people call her "Qiqi". Yan Mo's last character is "Mo", so they call him "Momo".

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