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"Silly boy, shut up." Zhang Fengnian with a humpback glanced at Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping in turn, "Martial nephew Yin, Ye Chen's only a child. Release him!"

"Release him?" Yin Zhiping snickered, "Zhang Fengnian, are you doited? He applied the Spell of Heaven Thunder in the sect and will be put to death!"

Zhang Fengnian kneeled down before Yin Zhiping.

Facing the groveling and elderly figure, Ye Chen could not hold on tears tumbling down from his bloodshot eyes.

"Sir, how can you kneel down to him?" He yelled after an instant.



He struggled madly to break the fetter of iron chains.

Ye Chen, strong-minded, was not afraid of death but suffered from someone whom he cared kneeling down and begging mercy for him.

Zhang Fangnian trembled in the roar but did not rise.




Zhang Fengnian's forehead hit on the ground.

"Please, release him."

"Please, let him go."

He pleaded with a teary aged face each time he kowtowed.

Sharing the same status of generation as the master of the Zhengyang Sect, he went down on his knees before posterity without dignity.

"He's charged of death. n.o.body can save him." Yin Zhiping glimpsed at Zhang Fengnian, but ignored him with a chin raised high.

"Kill me. Exchange mine for his. Martial nephew Yin, pleases!" Zhang Fengnian held Yin Zhiping's legs abruptly.

Eyebrows knitting and scornful, Yin Zhiping kicked Zhang Fengnian away and growled at him, "You're a worthless man. You dare to bargain with me?"

Zhang Fengnian threw himself to Yin Zhiping's legs unexpectedly, "He's a child. Please, let him go!"

"Get the h.e.l.l away!"

Yin Zhiping seemed to lose patience, raised his leg and kicked Zhang Fengnian to vomit blood.


Ye Chen witnessed everything.

He could no longer squash his anger and yelled hysterically, "Yin Zhiping, I'll grind you to ashes if my life is kept today. I'll get even with you though I become a ghost."

All of a sudden, a trace of hypnotic energy inside his body resurrected.

The demonic energy was triggered by his rage, and his intelligence consumed by furiousness and killing intent.

Driven by Ye Chen's roar, Yin Zhiping screamed, "Kill, kill him."

Sabres were lifted up by the killers beside him at once.

The disciples from the two peaks grinned grimly.

As trace of spirit light flew inside the hall and blocked away the sabers, however, a leisurely voice spread there.

"Dear me, today the Regulation Hall is bustling!"

A ghost-like figure emerged in the middle of the hall before his voice ended.

This slender man carried a free and easy manner with a pair of eyes full of vicissitude and wisdom. His robe swayed without being blown, and spiritual light revolved him all over and the horsetail whisk in hand.

"Who is he?"

The disciples from the two peaks and Yin Zhiping all bowed to him respectfully with their hands folded in front.

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