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Ban Lu Qin Jun - Chapter 10

Yi Yun Zhai called out in a low voice : “Zhen Yu……”
Zuo Zhen Yu embarra.s.sed to the utmost, he had never thought they two actually could get married, however, Yi Yun Zhai’s love towards him was such intense, caused him to be unable to refuse his marriage proposal, besides, he was most willing to be his wife. Even if for all his life he had to appear in woman’s apparel, he would never regret it.
“You are so beautiful!”
He gently caressed Zuo Zhen Yu’s cheeks. Yi Yun Zhai’s movement was with so much gentleness and lots of tender loving, made Zuo Zhen Yu embarra.s.sed and unable to lift his head.
Gently put him down, Yi Yun Zhai asked in a whisper: “Every time you and me were being intimate, it was definitely painful that you gritted your teeth. Will you be afraid of tonight’s matter?”

The first time he was indeed so in pain as to not want to live, the second time was Yi Yun Zhai by coincidence was being drunk, the beginning he treated him extremely rough, but afterwards, he finally also could enjoy a little bit of the flavor of making love. Only that this matter was so embarra.s.sing, he didn’t dare to say it out loud. Zuo Zhen Yu was being embarra.s.sed that he totally didn’t dare to verbally express it.
“I will do you with an extraordinary gentleness, with the previous two times absolutely will not be the same.” He guaranteed.
Caught sight of Zuo Zhen Yu’s face floated up with blush, Yi Yun Zhai was fascinated and kissed his lips. Zuo Zhen Yi’s clothes were gradually being taken off to the last piece, in a mess piled up on the other side.
Zuo Zhen Yu moaned in a soft voice, because Yi Yun Zhai not only kissed his lips, his hand also restlessly was going down to explore, holding his already erected place.
He was ashamed that he wanted to pull out his hand, Yi Yun Zhai’s hand was moving rapidly instead.
In a period of time, Zuo Zhen Yu couldn’t restrain from opening his mouth to gasp, the pleasure was flooding his whole body, only that this pleasure was excessively shameful, caused him to resist with great difficulty.
Yi Yun Zhai could see his embarra.s.sment, whispering softly on his ears : “I want you to be happy, at ease. We are husband and wife, there is nothing to be ashamed of, let me touch you, pleasure you. You only need to enjoy the pleasure, that’s all.”
Yi Yun Zhai spoke with the depth of his feeling, Zuo Zhen Yu even more couldn’t resist Yi Yun Zhai, completely immersed in the pleasure he raised for him.
“Yun Zhai, I……I…..” His eyes became red, resisting the urge to release, yet he couldn’t control his unceasing soft moans.
“It’s alright, I love seeing your unrestrained face……”
Zuo Zhen Yu gasped heavily, all of a sudden his whole body jolted, the sense of shame from attaining his climax on Yi Yun Zhai’s hand made him almost cry out.
Yi Yun Zhai saw his flushed with embarra.s.sment face, whole face was like about to cry, his hot blood surged up, suddenly lowered his body, once again madly kissed him.
“So embarra.s.sing….. I am so ashamed……”
Zuo Zhen Yu all of a sudden covered his face, absolutely didn’t dare to see Yi Yun Zhai, caused Yi Yun Zhai almost burst out in laughter.

“You like my service so much, why should you be ashamed? I feel that you are cute as well as fascinating!” He gleefully said.
Zuo Zhen Yu embarra.s.sed to his whole body became red, all the more unwilling to take off the hands that were covering his face.
Yi Yun Zhai suddenly touched his front chest x.x.x, stretching his tongue to lick, unceasingly bit on it.
The just now stopping pa.s.sion, all of a sudden under Yi Yun Zhai’s biting and licking, once again reacted, caused Zuo Zhen Yu to reveal a flushed red face.
His lowered head glancing at Yi Yun Zhai in secret, found out Yi Yun Zhai’s hand had been smeared with didn’t know what, all of a sudden slid to the curve line on his back……

“Yun……Yun Zhai……”
“Apply some lubrication, so later on won’t hurt you.”
He said it so clearly, to the point caused Zuo Zhen Yu’s face flushed red.
He spoke in a soft voice: “I am going to put in a finger.”

“Mm.” He nodded his head, his whole face flushed red again. Since the beginning he had given all of him to Yi Yun Zhai.
Sensing the slight pressure, Zuo Zhen Yu slightly creased his brows. Yi Yun Zhai’s finger pressing even deeper, until it reached a certain point, he couldn’t help his whole body from jerking, the pa.s.sion once again awaken.
Yi Yun Zhai said in euphoria : “This is it.”
He unceasingly stirred that place, made Zuo Zhen Yu to gasp for breathe, the body was writhing in pleasure.
Zuo Zhen Yu didn’t feel the pain even in the slightest bit, only the unbearable tingling, caused his whole body to give out a slight jolt without stopping. He was dying to…… dying to……
He was dying to have Yi Yun Zhai to enter his body! Zuo Zhen Yu’s face flushed red out of embarra.s.sment, yet hard to restrain his body’s demand, wishing could quickly feel his beloved man.
“Yun Zhai…… you can…..you already can.” When Zuo Zhen Yu was saying this, he was close to tearing up.
He felt that his body was not his body. In Yi Yun Zhai’s hand, being rubbed and kneaded by him, caused him to feel both ashamed and joyous.
Yi Yun Zhai hoisted up his legs, his shameful place was being seen by him perfectly clear. This type of posture caused his face nearly burning up.
Yi Yun Zhai slowly put in his erected manhood. Zuo Zhen Yu initially thought that this would be an extremely painful matter, but not only he didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain, he also was pleasured to the point his whole body simultaneously gave a jolt.
He slowly entered, seemingly afraid to hurt him. The deeper Yi Yun Zhai entered, the more Zuo Zhen Yu wished he could quickly fill up his inner body empty part.
Zuo Zhen Yu stuck closely to Yi Yun Zhai’s arm. Yi Yun Zhai all of a sudden entirely entered his inner body, began to take out from his inner body.
“Ahh……Ahh……ngghh……” Zuo Zhen Yu bit down his lower lip, but still unable to hold down his moaning voice from spilling out.
His whole body almost snapped into two by Yi Yun Zhai, but not only he did not feel the pain, his whole person in this matchless pleasure was also nearly faint.

Yi Yun Zhai kissed his lips, he also couldn’t help but kiss him back. Wrapping in Zuo Zhen Yu’s warmth, Yi Yun Zhai’s whole body abruptly shivered, he released everything in his body.
“Feeling good? Did I hurt you?”
Yi Yun Zhai’s question simply made him ashamed to the point of death. But his anxious eyes made Zuo Zhen Yu unable to not say the truth.
“Not hurt the slightest bit, also……” He said with a flushing face: “Also very good.”
He just finished his words, Yi Yun Zhai’s manhood inside his body actually awakened again. Zuo Zhen Yu widened his eyes out of shock. Yi Yun Zhai simply couldn’t bear it and kissed him.
“Zhen Yu, can I do it one more time? I finally can touch you, love you, I extremely want you……” Yi Yun Zhai’s manner of speaking was rushing.
Yi Yun Zhai was saying such pa.s.sionate honest words, causing Zuo Zhen Yu’s face to become crimson red, the under belly unexpectedly began to stir again.

He lightly nodded his head. Leaning on Yi Yun Zhai’s bosom, enjoying Yi Yun Zhai’s madly pa.s.sionate affection.


“Young Master, can I come in?” Xi Ning knocked the door in advance, and then in an extremely soft voice asked. He was afraid that he would disturb the people inside the room. Since that last time incident, he had come to awareness that he might not just enter without permission.
A spell of a rustling noise, followed by a spell of breathing voice, the standing outside the door Xi Ning could hear Yi Yun Zhai’s whispering voice.
“Don’t mind him, back to sleep!”
Afterwards he also heard Zuo Zhen Yu’s fl.u.s.tered voice.
“Don’t again…… Xi Ning will find out……”
“Without my command, he wouldn’t dare to come in! You see, doesn’t he stand by the door, doesn’t dare to enter?” The Yi Yun Zhai inside the room said as the matter of fact. Zuo Zhen Yu’s beautiful and alluring face only him could see, even if he was his personal attendant, all the same may not look.
“I didn’t know you are such a tyrant.”

“Of course! Last time had been seen clearly by him, I truly wanted to whip him. You didn’t see him staring blankly at you, if not because I know that your beauty basically could cause someone to lose their spirit, thus couldn’t blame him, else since earlier I would beat Xi Ning, or at least punished him by not allowing him to eat for the whole day.”
The standing by the door Xi Ning upon hearing this, his face turned to green and white. But he knew by heart that what Yi Yun Zhai said was true.
On the next day after their wedding, he carried water to wash the face into the room for them to wash their faces. He thought that after all all of them were men, should be no problem, but afterwards he knew that he was wrong.
On that day he finally found out why there was a man with an obvious male body, yet compared to a woman, could even more make a man go limp and powerless. Even though they were of the same s.e.x of male, but still not similar.

That day, he by chance saw Zuo Zhen Yu being embraced by Yi Yun Zhai in his bosom, abruptly opened up his eyes looking at him, afterwards embarra.s.sed to the point both cheeks crimson red, then anxiously pushed away Yi Yun Zhai.
That kind of scene, since earlier he had seen it to the point his body became languid, stupefied on the spot.
Zuo Zhen Yu’s upper body was slightly exposed. The lower part of the body though being covered by the quilt, but his exceptionally erotic part, still caused him to nearly drool.

Last time, although in the little cabin he had seen this expression of Zuo Zhen Yu, but that time he was angry at him for being too shameless. So he actually didn’t have the chance to carefully examine. Unlike this time, he could see clearly, vast and obscure, until he was being loudly scolded by Yi Yun Zhai, till then he finally regained his awareness.
Recalling that time when he entered without permission, it was truly awkward!
He absolutely wouldn’t dare to have an inordinate intention towards Zuo Zhen Yu, and also solely thinking being together with a man, he would have goose b.u.mps and drop on the floor.
However, if he had a wife like Zuo Zhen Yu, he might consider, consider over it. Only that he knew that he wouldn’t have this kind of good luck, so could only daydream.
“I am going to greet Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law.”
From inside, the sound of discussing continued to transmit in broken bits. Every day was such a day. Xi Ning since earlier had been used to it.
“No need to go. We are newly-weds, sleeping for a bit late is normal.”
“But…… But……”
His voice became even more overbearing, “No but but.”
“Wuu…….Ngh…..What are you doing?”
After that was a spell of Zuo Zhen Yu’s alarmed shout, listening until this point, Xi Ning knew that this morning the two didn’t need him to attend to, immediately turned on his heel.
He walked quickly, to avoid hearing the next sound in which he shouldn’t have heard. Possibly, he had to drink a big pot of cooling green gra.s.s tea again. If still couldn’t reduce the heat, he would have to drink that bitter to death cooling down tea.

He really didn’t want to suffer from his own action!


In the room, Yi Yun Zhai was embracing Zuo Zhen Yi’s body. He intended to raise his body, but it was helpless since Yi Yun Zhai’s pair of hands were roaming and wandering on his body.
“May not move, otherwise, I will not be courteous anymore.”

Yi Yun Zhai said it like that, made Zuo Zhen Yu afraid that didn’t dare to move.

Previously he didn’t know that he was such a tyrant, now after they had married, just then he knew that his overbearing and doting on him, compared to in the past caused him to blush even more.
Yi Yun Zhai’s fingers skillfully explored on Zuo Zhen Yu’s lower body. Going through Yi Yun Zhai’s a.s.sail, very quick he already had a reaction, let out a soft groan.
Turning over his body, Yi Yun Zhai continuously printed kisses on his lips. He timidly kissed him back.
Zuo Zhen Yu now finally knew how to kiss him back, made Yi Yun Zhai to be happy incessantly.
Zuo Zhen Yu palpitated endlessly while embracing Yi Yun Zhai on his neck, timidly explored inside his mouth to kiss him.
At the same time while kissing Yi Yun Zhai, Zuo Zhen Yu’s lower body couldn’t help but trembling.
Yi Yun Zhai swiftly laid Zuo Zhen Yu flat on the bed, one straight push movement caused him to nearly cry out loud out of impulse.

Although he could shut his scream, but he indeed couldn’t hide his body’s quivering.
“Lower your voice! It is daybreak already, outside there are servants walking about……”
Yi Yun Zhai was as if wanted to tease him by saying this kind of talk, caused Zuo Zhen Yu to be ashamed and rammed his arm for a beat. Soon after that once again he was teased by Yi Yun Zhai until his whole body was powerless, sweet-smelling sweat dripping wet, and then could no longer be able to mind whether or not he let out any sound, whether or not the servants outside could hear any weird sound.

Newly-married for not even half a month, the Yi Family received an uninvited guest!! Xiao Hong’r.
Xiao Hong’r upon seeing Zuo Zhen Yu whole body was wearing a woman apparel, couldn’t bear to let out a cold sneer from her nose.
“Shameless! Steal another’s fiance.”
Yi Yun Zhai this morning went out to discuss business. Mistress Yi also went out to burn joss sticks to fulfill her promise. Master Yi was accompanying her to go. The one left in charge in Yi’s Family was only Zuo Zhen Yu.
Xi Ning once caught sight of Xiao Hong’r, said to Zuo Zhen Yu: “Young Mistress, just drive her away! We definitely don’t need to see her.”

“Young Mistress?”
Xiao Hong’r covered her mouth, almost burst out in laughter, caused Zuo Zhen Yi to be afraid of being found out to the point his legs became weak.

“Zuo Zhen Yu, other people aren’t aware of your background, and you think I wouldn’t know? As long as you asked Yun Zhai to take me as his wife, we both have the same status, then I will never tell others about your real status. Otherwise, once your real ident.i.ty is revealed to the outside, the Yi Family would be in very much shame.”
Zuo Zhen Yu was shocked by her words. He didn’t worry for himself, what he worried about was Yi Yun Zhai.
Xi Ning hearing this he really wanted to verbally abuse her.
This brazen Xiao Hong’r, actually dared to come here to threaten, holding on Zuo Zhen Yu’s weakness, still wanted to become Young Master’s wife! Phei. They still hadn’t reported the Xiao Family was perfectly correct. She unexpectedly boldly had this wishful thinking.
Xi Ning was halfway cursing her inwardly, yet he didn’t expect the out to talk about business Yi Yun Zhai was to one’s surprise come home earlier than expected.
He happily came in, probably due to being able to come home earlier to be with his wife thus he was joyful.
As soon as he entered, Xiao Hong’r immediately ran to him, acted spoiled: “Yun Zhai.”
Yi Yun Zhai’s face changed, “Who allowed this person to come in?”
“Yun Zhai, Xiao Lan Xun has what kind of background, we all are fully aware! If you marry me, I will agree to keep the secret. If you don’t agree, I will spread the words to let the whole world know.” Xiao Hong’r maliciously said: “Let your Yi Family be disgraced in this lifetime!”
Yi Yun Zhai coldly smiled, “Fine. Just go and tell them. It will be the best if everyone in this world knew! My father previously wanted me to report the Xiao Family for the crime of hiding the truth. I just wanted to see in the end, who wins and who loses.”
“You!” She gloomily looked at him.

Yi Yun Zhai embraced Zuo Zhen Yu. Kissed him on his face. Seeing his worried face had become pale, body also slightly trembling, a fit of anger was surging up.
This shameless scoundrel actually dared to pay a visit that caused Zuo Zhen Yu to get frightened. He previously still took into account that at least Zuo Zhen Yu stayed in her family for several years, in addition, Zuo Zhen Yu always said it was him who handed over his hair pin, had nothing to do with the Xiao’s family, thus he regarded this huge matter as petty issue. Never had thought, she would come by herself asking to get married.
“Xi Ning, take Young Mistress to the room, let Young Mistress to rest for a while.” Yi Yun Zhai didn’t want to show how cold and unfeeling a person he was in front of Zuo Zhen Yu.
Seeing Xi Ning led Zuo Zhen Yu to the inner room, Xiao Hong’r was pleased, thought he had agreed on the marriage matter. Just when she was about to step forward to hug him, Yi Yun Zhai said in a low and deep voice: “Xiao Hong’r, I see that you are utterly stupid. Actually dared to threaten me! Don’t you know that I could make you disappear once you step out of the door, for all your life serving guests in red-light district?”
His expression was cruel and cold like ice, caused Xiao Hong’r to be afraid.
Yi Yun Zhai burst out in laughter. The laughter was completely lacking of warmth, “Informing me to return the enmity is too late. If I really wanted to make your Xiao Family impossible to make a living, it would’ve been absolutely as easy as turning my hand!”

He continued his speech : “Your father is not as stupid to come here, still could understand to be worldly-wise and play safe by shutting his mouth. You on the contrary are stupid to the point of causing others to want to vomit! Telling you, even if at that time I couldn’t find Zhen Yu, I will stay the same, never marry you. Solely catch sight of you, already make me want to throw up. Even though you and Zhen Yu’s face in a certain way has some similarity, you absolutely couldn’t be compared with him one thread one hair!”
He was saying such terrible and frightening terror, made Xiao Hong’r’s arrogance completely vanish.
Yi Yun Zhai coldly said : “It is you who provoked my anger. Must get your Xiao family to be dest.i.tute and homeless. I think it is better for you to quickly go back to your house and pack your jewelry, get ready to run for your life!”
Xiao Hong’r was being intimidated by him to the point she started running at once, didn’t dare to step into Yi’s family ever again.


“Zhen Yu, be at ease! I already lectured her and advised her to go back. She will not come to look for trouble anymore.” After he dealt with Xiao Hong’r’s issue, Yi Yun Zhai walked at a quick pace to the inner room to comfort Zuo Zhen Yu. He believed that the Xiao Family, except for the stupid Xiao Hong’r, n.o.body would dare to come here to make a show of one’s strength*.
(t/n : * to make a show of one’s strength (id) : to bluff, to strut around.)
“Real……Really?” Zuo Zhen Yu was still anxious.
“Of course it is real. Come, give me a kiss. Because I shifted to come home earlier, I was laughed at, they said I couldn’t be apart from my newly-wed wife!”
He made a wink, caused Zuo Zhen Yu to laugh out loud. The just now nervous mood was as if being swept away by a fair amount.
He printed a sweet kiss on Yi Yun Zhai’s face.
Yi Yun Zhai’s return the gift by intimately kissing him until he went dizzy from happiness. One hand already explored into Zuo Zhen Yi’s skirt, rubbed and kneaded the snowy-white b.u.t.tocks.
He cried out from the shock : “This morning just……May not……May not.”
“Why is it may not? You just now were sad, as your husband, I am about to comfort you!”
“You are indecent!” Zuo Zhen Yu lightly scolded, but the inside of his waist shuddered, the teased body was completely going soft.
Yi Yun Zhai bent his body to kiss him. their love and pa.s.sion was like fire, only wished that every day would be like this.
“I love you! Zhen Yu, you have been suffering for long time because of me, I will use the rest of my life to love you.”
“I love you too, Yun Zhai.” Zuo Zhen Yu embraced him, gently whispered on his ear the love that even forever would never be enough, just that previously when he told him this, it was difficult to the utmost. Now could easily pour it out was because he believed in Yi Yun Zhai’s love.
Outside the room, Xi Ning was just about to knock the door, all of a sudden heard from inside came through a gasping for breath voice, at lightning speed he started to run away at once.
Heaven! Luckily he could avoid the calamity. Otherwise, after suffering from excessive internal heat, that pot of bitter tea certainly must be drunk!

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