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Chapter 972 You Can't Take Medicine Randomly (1)

The captain's voice landed in Xu Qing's ears, but he didn't speak. He felt that this storyline was somewhat familiar.

He remembered that back then in the Moon Rebel Hall, he had also encountered an expert who claimed to be cultivating a body that was immune to all poisons. At that time, after the transaction, he had even reminded the other party many times not to directly consume the poison pill.

Afterwards, the other party didn't appear again and he was busy refining pills on Li Youfei, so he didn't pay much attention to this.

'Is it the same person?' Xu Qing mumbled inwardly.

"This guy should be in a hurry, so the reward is extremely generous." The captain took out a peach and took a bite before continuing.

"I'm thinking that with the old sir around, even if the other party is baiting, we won't encounter any danger. If he is really calling for help, Little Qing, your Poison Dao will probably be able to resolve it easily."

"To us, this is like picking up money."

The captain took out an apple and pa.s.sed it to Xu Qing.

"How is it, Little Qing? Are you going to do this or not? Although you can't enter the Moon Rebel Hall, it's fine. I'm here!"

Xu Qing took the apple. After some thought, he agreed.

He planned to go and see if it was that person. If it was really… he would indeed be able to detoxify the poison in pa.s.sing. After all, the curse information the other party had given him back then was genuine. The other party had been poisoned with his poison pill, so he had to help.

Seeing that Xu Qing agreed, the captain was secretly delighted. He glanced at the heir meditating in the distance.

'It'll be a waste not to use the presence of a Soul Acc.u.mulation.'

In reality, he had another motive for this matter, and that was to make a name for himself in the Moon Rebel Hall.

Ever since joining the Moon Rebel Hall, the captain discovered the structure there and understood that in such a trade centered mountain, reputation was crucial. However, he was unwilling to sell his own belongings. So, he planned to take a different approach and create his own reputation by helping others.

'Also, there's that Master Pill Nine. There are too many people waiting outside his temple every day. I can't squeeze in. I have to think of a way.'

The captain's thoughts raced. He looked at Xu Qing and suddenly spoke.

"Little Qing, how's your research on curses?"

"I have some ideas," said Xu Qing, his gaze fixed on the captain. The captain's earlier pride and excitement about joining the Moon Rebel Hall had made Xu Qing hesitant to mention his own membership, fearing it might dampen the captain's joy.

"It's fine. How can the curse be removed so easily? However, when you have time, you can study the curse-resolving pill."

As the captain spoke, his eyes revealed longing.

"Little Qing, you don't know but the curse-resolving pill is too significant to the people from the Moon Rebel Hall."

"Didn't I tell you that something major happened in the Moon Rebel Hall recently and a Master appeared? It's that good friend of mine."

Xu Qing nodded.

"This person isn't simple. He's a genius in alchemy and can make a large number of curse-resolving pills. I was also lucky enough to get to know him some time ago and have a long chat. I admire his talent and he admires my erudition, so the two of us became good friends."

"Through that conversation, I gained a deeper understanding of this Master's talent."

The captain's eyes revealed reminiscence as he sighed with emotion.

Xu Qing blinked but didn't speak.

"Little Qing, don't be discouraged. It's fine. I've spoken to Master and he promised to give me a curse-resolving pill. When the time comes, I'll bring it for you to study and see if we can crack it and make some."

The captain's words attracted the attention of Ning Yan and Wu Jianwu. Li Youfei also looked over curiously. They hadn't joined the Moon Rebel Hall and didn't know what had happened inside.

However, when he heard the words 'Master' and the large number of concoctions of curse-resolving pills, Li Youfei instinctively stole a glance at Xu Qing.

Ning Yan couldn't help but ask.

"Senior Brother Erniu, is that Moon Rebel Hall's Master that amazing? He can make a large number of curse-resolving pills?"

After arriving at the Moon Worship Region, Ning Yan and Wu Jianwu had gained some understanding of the value of the curse-resolving pills through the Yin Yang Flower Sect's wanted list. When they heard the captain's words, they were both very shocked.

The captain lifted his chin and smiled proudly.

"Not just amazing!"

"When that Master Pill Nine appeared, the temple he was in shook for two months and a supreme Dao voice rang out. His neighbors were lucky. After they heard about it, their curses were suppressed."

"Therefore, some people speculate that the Moon Rebel Hall took the initiative to invite this master."

As soon as he said this, Ning Yan gasped. Wu Jianwu's eyes widened, and Li Youfei's expression changed.

Seeing everyone like this, the captain became even more excited.

"The most shocking thing is that the price of his curse-resolving pill is only about 10% of the market price. The effect is even more astonishing. All the buyers are shocked."

"You guys aren't from the Moon Rebel Hall, so you can't see that there are hundreds of people waiting bitterly outside that Master's residence every day!"

"As long as Master releases a pill, a large number of cultivators will fight to obtain it."

"That scene is extremely spectacular."

The captain sighed with emotion. Wu Jianwu and Ning Yan's minds shook. Only Li Youfei's heart started churning. The more he listened, the more he felt that this Master seemed to be Xu Qing.

Xu Qing thought about it and also put on an incredulous expression.

"However, there are many troubles when one is popular. My good friend is also very troubled now." The captain coughed and sighed.

"The price of his curse-resolving pills is too low and it has affected other people's business. Previously, because his popularity in the Moon Rebel Hall was too high, even though those people were unhappy, they couldn't say anything."

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