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1408 Squeaky Clean (1)


Omniscience was a concept that belonged solely to G.o.ds.

They were filled with mysteries and couldn’t be fathomed.

In fact, in the hearts of many cultivators, omniscience meant terror.

This was because once one was omniscient, regardless of the past or future, even their fate would be controlled. They wouldn’t be able to break free or change it.

To a certain extent, this was also a term about range.

Before Xu Qing understood the divine authority of sound, although his understanding of omniscience surpa.s.sed that of cultivators, compared to G.o.ds, he was like a young child who had just been enlightened.

It was only at this moment that he truly relied on his comprehension to control this divine authority.

The divine authority of sound was an important part of omniscience.

Grasping all sounds.

This was also one of the keys to opening the gate of omniscience.

Compared to controlling this divine authority, the process in between was an even more precious experience for Xu Qing.

It gave him unprecedented inspiration.

So, this was divine authority.

Divine authority possessed life but also no life. It was like a wandering transcendent existence.

When you tried to sense it, It would possess life and backlash, attempting to invade everything in you.

However, when one didn’t try to sense It but could sense It, Its life would cease to exist.

This statement was a little contradictory.

If one understood, they understood.

If they didn’t understand, they wouldn’t understand no matter what.

Xu Qing mumbled.

Accompanying the divine authority were countless pieces of information that were drifting at the level of divine knowledge.

This information permeated ancient aura. Some of them were useful, while others were completely chaotic and contradictory. However, no matter what, the main function of the influx of information was to inform.

Tell those who were qualified to use this divine authority on how to use it.

This information didn’t exist naturally but was a chaotic will. It came from the sea of consciousness of everyone who had the qualifications to obtain this divine authority.

It instinctively spread out.

Understanding and mastering this information was a long process.

Those who had the qualifications to use it until they grasped its essence and became the only one to master this divine authority would deprive the other G.o.ds of their qualifications regarding this divine authority.

This was the G.o.d’s advancement in divine authority. To a certain extent, it was also the most important backbone of the G.o.d system.

“Divine creatures can be seen to be in the process of acc.u.mulating divine source. When the divine source’s density reaches a certain level, they can ignite the divine fire and become a G.o.d.”

“At this time, based on their previous acc.u.mulation and comprehension, with their divine knowledge, they can vaguely comprehend a divine authority, which is to say, they will possess the qualifications to use it.”

“To grasp and understand the essence of divine authority is the goal of the divine fire stage. The process is difficult and dangerous. Once you accomplish it… you will advance to the Divine Platform realm.”

“The three G.o.ds of the Flame Moon borrowed the help of the Divine Realm to advance to flawlessness. From the looks of it now, the main point of this power of advancement of the Divine Realm was to help Them grasp and understand the essence of Their divine authorities.”

“Now that the path to the Divine Platform has been cleared, this means that They have actually almost completed this point. They have almost completely understood and grasped Their divine authorities.”

“As for the Empress… with Her cultivation at the peak of the half-step peak Ruler realm and the fortune of the human race, she reached the Divine Platform in one step which also means that She crossed the level of usage and directly reached control.”

“It’s extremely difficult to reach the Divine Platform realm. Even with peerless talent, the Ruler realm cultivation is only the foundation for completing this step. Looking at it now, the Empress should have started studying divine authorities a long time ago… Perhaps the Sun of Dawn appeared because of this.”

“That’s why She was able to step onto the Divine Altar.”

“After the Divine Platform is the True G.o.d realm which is at the same level as the Summer Immortal… They are the only one who controls Their divine authorities. That’s why there’s the word ‘true’.”

Xu Qing understood.

He had obtained these insights from the divine knowledge. It might be correct but there was a certain possibility that there were flaws in this understanding.

As for the details, he would have to verify them in the future.

However, there was one thing that was once clear to him and now, it was even clearer.

“Divine creatures are like the Soul Acc.u.mulation of cultivators.”

“The different levels of the holy fire are like the different stages of the Ruler realm.”

“As for the Divine Platform, only the Quasi-Immortal Great Emperor can fight It.”

“True G.o.d is a match for the Summer Immortal.”

“Beyond True G.o.d, above the Summer Immortal, that’s the direction both G.o.ds and immortals pursue. Unfortunately… the G.o.d system has a path beyond the True G.o.d which is Lord G.o.d.”

“And in the cultivator system, there seems to be no one who has treaded past the Summer Immortal Realm. Everything has to be explored by oneself. According to different origins, the direction everyone is taking is also different.”

“The reason why the Summer Immortals disappeared back then was precisely because they each pursued their own paths of advancement.”

“It’s also because of this that this starry sky belongs to G.o.ds.”

Xu Qing drew in a deep breath and opened his eyes, staring at the black jade in front of him.

At that moment, more cracks appeared on this black jade. In the end, it silently turned into dust and dissipated.

“It’s a pity that the divine authority of noise has too many G.o.ds who own it… This is an extremely widespread divine authority.”

“And with the same holy authority, the more qualified individuals there are, the corresponding power will be dispersed.”

“But if there could be a singular possessor of this widespread holy authority, then its divine power would be terrifyingly immense.”

Xu Qing fell into deep thought. He slowly closed his eyes and immersed himself in the fifth authority on the nihility land.

The holy source in his body surged over as well, transforming into a hammer that struck down.

A bell-like noise reverberated in Xu Qing’s mind, yet this sound did not emanate outward.

What did emerge was only a transparent and imperceptible ripple.

With Xu Qing’s body as the center, it spread outwards in all directions, instantly pa.s.sing through the broken paG.o.da, spreading out along the trench, extending towards the boundless Forbidden Sea.

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